It’s no mystery that Instagram is a powerful tool for real estate agents. Yet, you and I both know that we don’t use it to its full capacity.
That’s exactly why I’m bringing Michelle to the table to explain her Instagram Power Method, a way to upgrade and streamline your IG game.

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Justin Stoddart 0:01
So the big question is this. How do we those of us in the real estate industry with crazy amounts of ambition? How do we think bigger than the building of our own empires? How do we simultaneously see success and significance, income and impact? My name is Justin Stoddard. And this is the Think bigger real estate Show. Today, we are going to talk about what you’re doing wrong with Instagram, why it’s not working for you and some simple changes that you can make to not only make it work today, but make it work every forever into the future. So super excited to be with today’s very special guests. We’ll be right back with the full introduction of her and everything that she brings to the table with her Instagram power method.

Are Welcome back to the Think bigger real estate show. I am your host, Justin Stoddard, very excited to be with you today. To learn all about Instagram. Let’s be honest, you’re in real estate. Instagram matters a lot. And all too often I see people who are doing it incorrectly, there’s times that I’m doing it incorrectly. And today we are here to learn together from an absolute Pro. She teaches and coaches, agents and other professionals how to have success with Instagram. We’re gonna learn all about her Instagram power method and how you can learn even more about it. Be on the show, Michelle Berman. Michael, thank you so much for coming on the show today.

Michelle Berman 1:35
Thanks so much for having me. Justin. I’m excited to be back. It feels fun to come back full circle.

Justin Stoddart 1:41
Yes. Michelle is a repeat guest on the show. She was that good. We had to have her back. For those. Let me just get out of the way. If you want to follow somebody who does it right. At Berman media, go Abra media social on Instagram. Go follow her right now. And be sure that you get some insight based on how she does it. Michelle, let’s get into this. How. Let me let me just jump straight into this. What is one of the biggest mistakes that you see really, real estate agents make when it comes to their Instagram?

Michelle Berman 2:15
Yeah, this is like the the reoccurring question of 2022. I feel like everyone wants to get rid of what’s the one big problem. And my biggest thing that I can say that I’ve seen over the last, you know, three to six months or so that is really my ultimate goal for everyone listening in 2022 is stop posting nothing but your listings and stop posting nothing but how many loans you’ve closed in 2021, right? Like stop showcasing all of you’re looking at me type content, because that doesn’t serve our people, right. So I really want everyone to focus on creating content for your person serving your person not serving yourself. And in serving your people, you actually gain and capture more. So posting your listings, 24/7 is not going to do that I’m trying to show you know number one or top 1% In my state, right? Like, that doesn’t mean anything to our people, right or to the people that we’re trying to serve. So I think that’s the biggest thing that people need to switch their mindset on this year. And and I’m sure we’ll talk about how people can do that.

Justin Stoddart 3:19
And I love what you’re saying, because for anybody here that’s ever read the book story brand, right? I’m studying marketing at a deep level with some with some of the brightest people that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing Michelle actually being one of those people, the reality is, we should not should try and be the hero of the story. do identify our ideal avatar. And our job is not to be Luke Skywalker, our job is not to be the hero, they are the hero, we are the guide. And you’re exactly right. As you’re saying that Michelle, I’m making this connection now that all too often, people want to present themselves as the hero. I’m the hero. I’m the hero hero. Because they believe that that’s how he best serve their people. And what you’re saying is that is not the best way to serve your people, the best way to serve your people is for you to be the guide. So tell us, what would be a better thing that they could post that would have them be the guide, not the hero?

Michelle Berman 4:10
Well, I think that it comes back to this concept of people don’t buy from people that they can’t see. Right. So I did a I did a post about this on Instagram the other day, and I actually put it on my stories as a poll. And I was like, Hey, guys, I want to know, do you believe Do you agree with me? Do you believe that people won’t buy from people that they can’t see? And I’d be I was kind of shocked that some people actually said no, some people believe that that wasn’t true. But the vast majority of people said that that that was accurate to them. And now what does this mean? Right? So when you’re trying to create and I know Justin, you’ll love this right is when you’re trying to create a personal brand something that you and I both do very well. Who are we right? Are we husbands or wives? Are we parents or somebody that takes our kids to soccer practice? Are we somebody that has dogs that come into our office and are annoying, right like are we real people doing Real things every single day while serving our clients at a high level, and that’s what people will want to buy from. Right? So can we focus on the connection piece first? And do it in a way that allows people to feel like, hey, that person’s going through the same thing as me? Can we storytel with our clientele in that process, right? Meaning, hey, I have to go out and show houses and my babies in the backseat, because guess what, hashtag mom life. And that doesn’t mean that I’m not a great, you know, great real estate agent or that I’m not serving my people at a high level, it just means that this is my reality. Right? That creates more connection between me and the other person or the person who I’m consuming that content from then, here’s my most recent listing, I closed a $1.2 million mansion in Gilbert, Arizona, and you know, you’ll never see my face, right? Like you don’t see my face on any of my posts. Does that make sense?

Justin Stoddart 5:54
100%. Let me let me give a, a metaphor here. So today I’ve been thinking about Tom Brady. Now I’ve actually when I had Grant Cardone on the episode, or on my show years ago, he said TVs that Sanford Tom Brady and no, it doesn’t. But because Tom Brady’s announced his retirement today, I’ve been thinking about the goat. Right? Maybe some disagree, but I think few do at this point. He’s the greatest of all time when it comes to football. And it’s interesting to watch how many people go back and watch his old games, versus how many people are watching the Man in the Arena, which is the story of Tom Brady. It’s like interviews him and him telling the story. And I think we as human beings are drawn to people’s real life story, not just me holding the trophy and one of the game. Right, that’s cool and all. But the story of what was actually happening behind the scenes what like wasn’t sexy at all, what was difficult, what was brutal, it was like, super uncomfortable, and even like gnarly that I almost didn’t want to tell people, I think when we tell our real life story, it gives other people their permission to also be real. It gives people this this concept that I don’t have to be something I’m not I can be myself. And you’ve now given because you’re the you’re the person that gave me permission to just be like, okay, good. I’m not the only one. Now of a sudden, we’ve we’ve, there’s some loyalty to that person who helped us to feel that way right to feel like we’re not the only goofball out there. Right, or the only person that had those feelings. So I love that you said that, that social media is about being social. And if you’re not personal, it’s really hard to be social.

Michelle Berman 7:28
Well, I think I think everyone just wants to sell all the time. I think the real estate profession as a whole thinks that that’s our job, right? I mean, I’m not a producing real estate agent, I just, I just booked all y’all for a living. But when people get on Instagram, and they want to produce content, they think that that’s what they have to do. They think that they have to showcase all of their awards, and that they, you know, won Rookie of the Year or all of these things, and that that creates credibility, right? People genuinely in their hearts believe that that’s what makes people or will make people want to hire them, when in reality, I want to hire the person who happens to be a mom and with your postpartum depression, too. Because guess what, so did i right? So it’s like, I want to feel this really raw connection between me and another person. And one of the things that I talk about a lot in my marketing for what we do is the three C’s right? Creating connection, at least a conversation that ultimately leads to conversion. And I’m going to go back to your Tom Brady example. And I just want to say like, you know, when the Tom Brady documentary comes out on Netflix, like I guarantee you that will literally probably be one of the most watched things like everything on Netflix, right? Because it’s gonna showcase what the life was for Giselle, right, his wife behind the scenes when Tom Brady was, you know, playing football and gone all the time. And she was a model to like, she’s a very, you know, obviously, a very high. What’s the word of high caliber model that’s asked to be everywhere all the time. But she’s also a mom, you know, so like, I’m more attracted to that story than I am. Let’s go watch Tom Brady footage of when Tom Brady through, you know, the Super Bowl winning touchdown pass, or when you know, him and Gronk did whatever they did to become, you know, the greatest duo of all time. Like, I don’t care. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I just don’t I’m not connected to that.

Justin Stoddart 9:15
Well, I think we go back to the real estate agent example. I think it’s important for people to know that you are in the business of selling real estate in the you are successful. I agree with Michelle, as well as that you can, you can showcase that differently. I think one way to do that would be to highlight a key story. Right? Is I have worked with a number of clients very closely on this concept of it’d be it’d behooves you to say, Okay, what my ideal avatar Who are they and what are they struggling with? Great, okay, once you can kind of think about okay, most of my clients right now are struggling with this. One’s an example of or who is an example of somebody that had that same experience. They were here meaning not in a very good spot. You help them to get here. The common bridge is is you, right? And if you can showcase look, this is one of my clients were at. It was tough, it was gnarly, it was difficult. But now they’re here. All of a sudden people were relate to that much more because they can see themselves in the person that was, and they can see themselves hoping to be in the person that is, and they see you as the guide to get them to their you are the bridge to get them there. And I think if you wanted to have an impact in your marketing, right, it’s less about showing again, Tom Brady with all the Super Bowl rings, but it’s more about what was going on? Like, how did he do that? Not the what, but it’s the how that’s what we relate to as humans, because we’re not Tom Brady, and we’re not you that sold all these, you know, bajillions of homes like we’re, we’re consumer, and we and we want someone to help us in our situation. So show me somebody that you’ve helped. That’s in my situation. So anyway, I just love what you’re saying. I think there’s hopefully that’s kind of driving home for some people.

Michelle Berman 10:57
I think that there’s a there’s a piece that we need to piggyback off of there when it comes to creating better content, right. So we’ve talked about what kind of content we shouldn’t really be producing as much of and I don’t want anyone to hear me say like, you know, you shouldn’t be posting your listings or shouldn’t be showing, you know, celebrating your wins. Absolutely. Like, please do. But the point is that that’s not and shouldn’t be our main piece or main pillar of content. So what are we doing in chat in exchange of that, right? What’s the alternative to doing that all the time. And that’s something that is probably one of my favorite things to help clients with. And to help them discover for themselves. It’s kind of like unlocking that secret door that they kind of haven’t in themselves. They didn’t even know maybe they that they had. But it’s what are the conversations and I call it Value series, right? But what are the Value series topics that we need to create on our client or in our content? And the answers are on your phone calls that you guys have every day, right? For all of you guys listening this to this? The answer of what kind of content should I be producing is literally in the conversations that you have on the phone every single day. Right? So if a client calls you and they want to buy an investment property, but they’re petrified of what it costs to do so because say they have 100,000 in their savings account, but they’re like, Well, what happens if I need it? What happens if I need that money? Can I afford to buy an investment property? How does that work? Right? These are the real fears that go on in a living breathing potential investment clients brain. And that’s the content that you need to start producing. Don’t start talking to me about how you know investing in real estate is going to help me pay for my kid to go to college because like, how does that happen? That’s as you said, that’s the what right, like investing in real estate and or having multiple rental properties could create the residual income that I need to be able to pay for my son to go to college. But I still don’t get how, tell me how to do it right in the how in almost every piece, or in almost every case, excuse me, is overcoming the mental roadblock, or the pain points that that ideal client has in order to unlock the potential for that to start happening. And if you can be the one to create the opportunity for them to walk through that door and show them that it is okay to walk through that door. Then there’ll be clients of yours for life. So I think I think we’re just doing it, I think people are just doing it backwards.

Justin Stoddart 13:13
Yeah, let me go back to the three C’s. So people can can even write these down. It’s connected. That’s conversations, connections, conversions,

Michelle Berman 13:21
connection, connection, conversation, conversion.

Justin Stoddart 13:24
I like that even better. Okay, so So what you’ve described here is the first right is making a connection with people. And 100%, I agree with you that if you’re not on social media, to connect, to converse, and to ultimately then convert people, then you’re probably wasting your time, right? You’re probably and you’re definitely not getting as much value out of it as you could. When you’re working with somebody like like Michelle Phan. I’d love to hear from everybody who’s who’s watching this live. To put the comments, yes or no. If you’ve gotten business from Instagram that put that in the comments. That’ll be interesting for us to hear. We have one person who already spoke up and said I get most all leads from Instagram. Very impressive. I would love to hear others again that are watching here live. Yes or No? Have you gotten business directly from Instagram right now? If it’s how we all been influenced to some degree, but if you’ve gotten actually somebody from Instagram will be here, yes or no? So again, if the goal then number one is to connect you, you said something really powerful here. Well, how do I connect with people? You said, go back to the questions that people have asked you, right. And ask those questions. Is that what I understood? Is that is that kind of the how they’re?

Michelle Berman 14:32
Yeah, I mean, think about I’m literally throwing myself under the bus, right? A year ago, I had this conversation with one of my best friends who happens to be a real estate agent who also happens to be a client that happened kind of ironically, but um, I called her and I said, you know, my husband’s in the military or retired military and so we have all of these benefits of being, you know, my husband being a medically retired veteran. So how can we leverage that in buying an investment property? We knew that We’re moving to a small military town because of what my husband does for a living now. And so I thought to myself, you know, the best place to go to buy our first investment property would probably be in the military town because it’s affordable, right? An investment property here, or I live is 100 grand, like, it’s not a lot, right. And I could turn that around and rent it out for seven 800 bucks a month on a $500 mortgage. And so I’m thinking to myself, that it seems like a no brainer, but then the insecurities, right? They come in, and they’re like, Well, I have all this money in savings. But what if I need it right? Do I need to have extra money on hand? How much money do I actually need to put down to buy this investment property? Well, what if this investment property is a piece of crap? And I have to put money into it? What do I do then? Right? These are all questions. I’m literally asking of my friend. And this is somebody who like, I’ve been around real estate for the last almost eight years of my life, right? So I know so much about real estate, but I still have the same insecurities and the same fears as any other normal person. So if you’re the person who’s listening to me saying, hey, that’s actually my ideal client, is what Michelle just described, well, I just gave you four or five pieces of content to produce because that’s what people are asking themselves, they need to get over the mental roadblocks that are holding them back from making those decisions. We don’t need to be producing content to tell them to make the decision mean, to tell them why they should make a decision, and how you can guide them through the decision based off of what you’ve done for other people. So that’s where your storytelling is really going to come in and creating the connection and having somebody ultimately look at your content and be like, wow, you know, Justin just did that for so and so that means he could probably do it for me, too.

Justin Stoddart 16:42
I love what you said there like we should never be thinking about I don’t know what I’m going to post right. The question should be instead is what are the questions that are going through the minds of my clients? What’s keeping them from making the next proper move for themselves in real estate, if you can, if you can get into their brain? Which a lot of times you’ll hear that? Because people are asking you that question, right? That That should be your first place. But it might become a good practice for you to start to actually, like do surveys and polls with your clients, whether on Instagram, or just through email to other places, right, just in conversations with them. Hey, curious, what are your biggest fears about real estate in 2022? Like, what are your biggest concerns? What are your what are your goals, right, and just tap into the conversations that already happening in their brain? That gives you the ability to connect? Let’s Let’s move now to your second C, which is conversations, right? What what does it look like to to move from connection to conversation,

Michelle Berman 17:42
kit to pieces. So there’s the part where people engage with you, right? So if you’re posting better content, your focus on creating content that’s going to lead to connection, you’re naturally going to get more people that are going to be commenting, engaging, responding to stories, that type of thing. And so that’s number one, right? Anybody who’s leaving comments, anyone who’s responding to stories about you talking about these things, you need to make sure you’re responding to them. And I literally gave a coaching client earlier today, the homework of anybody who leaves a comment on any of her pieces of content that she puts out, she needs to send them a message. And the message that she sends them needs to end a new question. Right? So let’s say somebody responds to a piece of content, she put out about a new listing or about the one of the Value series topics that we wrote for her. Right? If somebody comments on that answers the call to action from the caption, she can actually send them a direct message right from the comment that they left on her piece of content. So instantly, she’s now in their inbox. And the way to take it to the next level, right is to end it in the form of a question. So she can start it off with a statement or started off with replying to the comment that the individual made or addressing the answer that that person left and then end it in the form of a question with the intention of keeping that conversation going. So that’s, that’s a form of conversation number one, right, which is really on us to initiate. The second part of it is we have to be willing to go out and engage on people’s content that we don’t know. Right? I think I don’t remember two years ago, Justin, if I was the one that reached out to you, or if he reached out to me, I don’t really remember To be honest, it was feels like forever ago, but one of us did that. Right. One of us went on a limb to create a relationship with someone that we didn’t know, that’s led to a really beautiful relationship of we’re friends. I know I can call you if I have a question about pretty much anything, right? I know that we have mutual connections in the industry that makes me feel really confident in our relationship and wanting to do more business together in the future. Right. So the initial connection was, Hey, I see you have a podcast Hey, I’m this person that goes on people’s podcasts. And it was built and the relationship was built through us creating the the olive branch to one another to have that conversation. So if you’re not on the planet form, engaging with accounts that you do not know, right or engaging with people that you do not know, going and replying to stories of people that you’ve never met before, right? Do not expect to get business off of Instagram like period, right? There’s another person that left a comment that I can see that says that they’ve never received a lead from Instagram they have from Facebook without advertising, which is great, right? Which means that your Facebook has allowed you to create connection with people. But on Instagram, we have to take that to the next step, right. And we have to go seek out new relationships with people who fit, as Justin said earlier, right, our ideal client or the avatar of who the person is that we actually want to do business with. So it’s twofold you’re going to get the engagement, but you have to be willing to go out and create it. You know, there’s lots of homework around that. But that’s the point.

Justin Stoddart 20:50
Which for anybody that’s, that’s like, well, I don’t know if I could do that. This is Instagram is an introverted dream, you guys, you don’t have to go out to some networking events, right? Dress all up and be that person that’s over there in the corner, like boy, do I go hang out my business cards? Just go be curious. And other people like what say that person’s cool. Like, I like your bigs, like, cool crib in the I’m talking a little bit of slang, right? But you know, but just like be super natural, super normal, like, just be curious about other people. And the worst thing you can say is like, Don’t DM me, okay? Like no big deal, right? But the reality is, they’re moving on probably gonna say, thanks. Hey, appreciate it, and they’re probably gonna follow you back. And all of a sudden, there’s at least this this connection and kind of moving into a conversation. It’s awesome. It really helps. Again, those people who really have a hard time expanding their networks to expand the networks, right? It’s a build an audience of people that they are hand selected to come into the audience, right? Which is really cool.

Michelle Berman 21:51
Let’s, I love what you said. I just want to reiterate what you said. And I’m taking notes on it, because I want to turn it into a quote for Instagram, because this is so good. But Instagram is an introverts dream, right? Now, let me take that one step further, right, and say that as an introvert, that just naturally means that we don’t have the ability or the confidence to walk into a room of 500 people that we don’t know. But what Instagram gives us the opportunity to do is hyper focus on places that we actually enjoy, right? Or conversations about things that we actually enjoy, right? So for example, let’s say you’re really into motorcycles, well, guess what, go find a bunch of motorcycle content on Instagram and go engage on it. Like, you know, wherever you live, per se, right? I have a client who her ideal client is an architect, right? Her husband’s an architect, he’s a mechanical engineering something, something for high rise buildings, right? This really fancy engineer guy. So a lot of her clients come from her relationships that her husband asked, because her husband will just send them to his wife. And so I said to her, I was like, Well, how are you going to tap into creating conversation with people that might be into that kind of stuff? Well, she’s like, Why, I don’t know, I guess I could go follow a bunch of architecture pages. And I was like, 100%, but you can go one step further and make it really hyperlocal, right, and find all of the top architecture firms in Atlanta, Georgia, and go follow them all on Instagram, and just start conversating on their content. Because guess what the people who are consuming all of those pages are people who are into architecture. And then subliminally, they’re gonna find out that you’re a real estate agent when they go click on your profile. But the key being make sure you post about your Enthrallment, if you will, with architecture based off of your husband, right. So your content has to continue the connection in order for conversation to remain strong, right, or for it to stay moving in the right direction towards C. Number three, which is conversion,

Justin Stoddart 23:48
I want to I want to share just an AHA that I had. So for those that don’t know, I wrote the book, the upstream model, right, which teaches you how to build a referral based business that scales as opposed to what’s typically taught, which is go out and build a personal sphere of people who, who may, you know, if, for example, the statistics show that if you go out and you court, 100 people 10% of those people mean, you add 100 people to your sphere, 10% of those in any given year, will either use you or refer you business. In fact, I felt the numbers even gone down that was 7% is the most recent update. In other words, to get seven pieces of business, you need to have 100 people in your sphere. Now, the reason why that number is so low is because most people are just Tom Dick And Harry’s they’re just normal people, right? The people that you run into in the community there maybe your kids sports, the fact that what Michelle just taught is an absolute gold nugget nugget for anybody wanting to implement the the you know, the power Instagram method, right, which is go out and actually go find the key influencers who are not going to send who don’t have a 10% chance of referring you every year, but people who can send you 10 referrals a year. Go find those people go build connection with them. Go converse with them. Like, this is an opportunity for you to get directly into their message stream. Right? And or other people that like those same topics, let’s say it’s an attorney, let’s say it’s a lender, let’s say it’s a right, CPA, right? These are all examples, like one of many examples of people who have the ability to refer you a lot of business, if done correctly. And this is a great way to warm that audience up right to potentially just create a friendship of these people, that then allows you to later approach them from a business standpoint, but least you can, at minimum, learn about them. So that when you show up, you have more relevance, but potentially even get some warm conversations going outside of Instagram, inside of Instagram, that allow you to really start to build those relationships that can be very, very fruitful for you. Let’s talk about this third see the conversion, right, which I know sometimes seems a little intimidating, like now I’ve got to convert them, I’ve got to sell them, I’ve gotta get them to buy something from me, right? Talk to us about what this looks like.

Unknown Speaker 26:03
So my strategy around conversion is probably very different. And I honestly, this is where you and I just in are super aligned in more cases than one. But creating content. And developing content for your platform should actually come from the people that you’re conversating with. And in turn that people that you’re conversating with are going to see the content that you put out after having that conversation. And then you get to hopefully convert that. So let me give you a scenario. So let’s say I’m going to pretend that I’m a real estate agent and that you’re somebody I’ve been conversating with on Instagram, right? We’re we’ve been going back and forth talking about our dogs that oh my gosh, I have a blue heeler to no way, What’s your dog’s name? Right? Oh, by the way, I saw you posted about this. My husband is also in the military, what branch is your husband in right now we’re just having this conversation about, and whatever, whatever it is right? Then let’s say I have a Value series I need to write for next month. And I don’t really have an idea yet. So I can send that person that we’ve had multiple conversations, you know about whatever a message and I can say, Hey, Justin, I know you and I’ve been chatting a bunch. And I just have a really quick question. So next month, I actually have to create a Value series for my Instagram about what the number one thing is that people are struggling with when it comes to deciding if an investment property is for them. Have you ever considered buying an investment property? And if so, like, what are some of the things that you’ve struggled with, when it comes to making that decision, just because I want to create some content around it. So you’re not asking for their business, you’re actually asking for them to give you the pain points that are in their brain. And guess what they may come back and be like, You know what, honestly, I’ve never even thought about buying an investment property. And the good thing about that is if they say that you can respond by saying why, right, you can respond by saying, oh, you know, that’s interesting, what what has made you not interested in that, or what has made you not think that that would be a good decision for you. And if anything, you’re planting the seed, that if they do ever want to make that trend, you know, that path or go down that path for themselves that they can have, or they have the opportunity to do that with you. But in reality, what you’re doing is giving them the power to help you create content. So when people say I don’t know what to post about, if that’s actually what you’re saying, You’re not having enough conversations, because the conversations lead to the content. And having those the opportunity to create that exact message that I just roleplayed is how people are going to say, Oh, by the way, you know, it’s, um, you know, I’m glad that we just randomly started talking about this, actually, I have a friend who’s looking for an investment property, you know, I’m not, but I can refer to. And if you do this consistently, if you’re having 20 3040 conversations with people a week, right, the homework assignment I give my clients is 45 comments and 20 story replies per day. That sounds like a lot, but I promise you, it’s not. Um, but if you’re doing that every single day, I guarantee without fail, that at the end of every week, if you do that Monday through Friday, you will have more conversations in your DMS with people that will ultimately either use you or refer you than you ever could door knocking, using the postcards, you put in people’s mailboxes trying to post in Facebook community groups till you’re blue in the face, right? I just guarantee it. I’ve seen it work time and time and time again,

Justin Stoddart 29:24
when the targeting is so powerful, right? Because using tags using, right, just the topics that people are already talking about, you can step right into those conversations, people that are already really interesting to you people that you want to work with. It’s very, very fascinating. Michelle, where can people learn more? I know you’ve created a masterclass that people can go deep on. It’s a free masterclass, right. It gives people like 90 minutes I watched it, I was absolutely blown away with the amount of value that you know that you give away. How do people access that? And I’ll put that in the comments here for anybody that wants to go access that.

Michelle Berman 29:56
Yeah, so power method is the link If I if you want me to send it to you Justin I can. The easiest way though is the link in my bio on Instagram will take you right to that master class to get registered. So Instagram handle is Berman media PD or sorry Berman media social website is for media But I highly encourage you guys to go through the masterclass, it’s 90 minutes. And it’s so I’m just super proud of what we put out there for you guys. And it’s, you know, more information than you’ll probably want in a good way. Meaning I just try to give as much as I can away for all of you guys.

Justin Stoddart 30:35
It’s good stuff. I love it. Alright, Michelle, I’m going to move to our final question. This has gone so fast, you bring so much value, I just love our conversations, excited to do more with you in the future. Now, let’s talk about this. You are a big thinker. I’ve just seen you blow up your practice, right out there with some of the biggest names in real estate. What is Michelle Berman? Michael do to continue to be a big thinker to continue to expand your world expand your possibilities.

Michelle Berman 30:59
Yeah, I’m a visionary to the core. I mean, it’s it’s almost a problem. Sometimes I just have idea after idea after idea. Luckily, I have a great team of girls that work for me who let me bring them a lot. But the the thing I do the most number one first and foremost is I ask questions, right to ask questions of the people who’ve been there and done that I’m not afraid to put my money where my mouth is. And I know that for me, you know, I haven’t gotten where I’ve gotten by trying to do it free or for free or trying to do it cheaply. And I and I understand that to play, you know, and to have a coach who has been there done that that cost money, right? I mean, my business coach, I would, I would pay double what I pay for him every month because of the value that he brings to me. So that’s the number one thing is put your money where your mouth is right? If you say you want to be better at things not being penny pinching is not going to get you there. And then the second thing I would say is read your blood off, right. So I have never read more than I have in the last five years even more so now than I ever did in college, which is bad considering I got a 4.0 That just tells you how much of my textbooks I read. But I’ve never read more than now I’m currently reading multipliers which was recommended to me by a great friend of a mutual friend of ours, Justin. And multipliers has taught me a lot about being a boss, and a leader and a friend. And more importantly, as a strategic business partner with people like yourself. So read and put your money where your mouth is. I love

Justin Stoddart 32:29
it. I couldn’t endorse those any higher. I’ve got a practice now of reading 10 pages a day. And I feel like it’s not enough because this goes so fast. There’s so many books I want to read. But having that practice of reading everyday and I agree with you that so many people look at at investing in coaches as an expense. And if you’re if you’re looking at it that way, you’ve got the wrong coach, period. It is an investment. When you when you know when it’s done correctly, you can literally accelerate your learning curve by by years, if not decades, by purchasing the knowledge of somebody else. I’m a huge fan of coaching. I’ve got multiple coaches as we speak. And I absolutely love that. That advice I completely endorse. I want to thank everybody for tuning in today. Michelle, especially want to thank you for coming on giving so much value. Again, folks, if you’re if you’re not yet following her on Instagram, if you’ve not yet gone and watch her free masterclass, do it do it? It’s time and it’s time for you to start to get business from Instagram on a very regular basis. So, again, thank you, Michelle, so much. Thanks to everybody listening today. My final request of everybody listening here today. You know what it is? I’m gonna ring a bell. It’s go think bigger time. Let’s go everybody. Thanks so much, Michelle. Thank you. I want to thank you for tuning in to this episode of The thick bigger real estate show. If you found value here, I asked three things. Number one, give us a review. Number two, go to Facebook groups search Think Bigger Real Estate and apply to join. Here you will find a community of big thinking professionals that will help you grow your income, your independence and your impact. And my third request is go Think Bigger.