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Finding the Deeper Meaning in Selling Real Estate | Jacki Semerau Tait

Finding the Deeper Meaning in Selling Real Estate | Jacki Semerau Tait

The value proposition of real estate agents is under attack. Consumers are being bombarded with “expert pundit opinions” about what one should or should not pay a real estate agent moving forward.

And the reality is that mere transactional agents who do not have a clear value proposition are going to be deeply impacted by the impact of the industry’s pending changes.

The good news is, that relationship-based agents who DO HAVE a clear value proposition have the opportunity to thrive like never before.

One of the ways this will be true for you is by finding the bigger meaning in selling real estate.

Join us for this special episode in which we interview an author, a coach and a top-producing real estate agent out of Flagstaff, Arizona as she helps us connect additional dots of the bigger meaning of selling real estate.

Effective Social Media

Effective Social Media

Most real estate agents underutilize the power of social media to:
-Expand their reputation
-Deepen their relationships
-Increase their referrals

Why is that?

It’s because they either over-think the process or they are measuring the wrong metrics.

On this episode of the Think Bigger Real Estate Podcast, my new Co-Host, Stephanie Peck, and I interview the CEO and Lead Strategist of “Oh Snap!” a leading social media firm.

Here we discuss measuring what matters as well as a friendly strategy to unstick your social media in just one hour per week.

The Future of Think Bigger Real Estate

The Future of Think Bigger Real Estate

Today is the day that I announce my line in the sand. The time has come for me to stop tip-toeing... to stop treading lightly. As I mentioned last week... I am DONE! ❌ I'm done playing small. I'm done giving loyalty to those who never even asked for it. I'm done being...

Are you ready?

Elevating both your business AND your personal life begins with being in the right community of leaders who want to help you and have the ability to help you.

You can schedule a consultation with Stephanie Peck to see if you align with the Think Bigger Real Estate Group.

**Stephanie prioritized her faith, family, fitness and finances while running a relationship-based real estate team that sold 93 homes in 2022 and 87 in 2023.

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