Today we talk about Inbound Marketing (The Flywheel vs Funnel), Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Marketing/Adverting Strategy – specifically around Remarketing.

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Tyler is a Real Estate Marketing Coach, and Public Speaker with an extensive background in Digital Marketing, Branding & Advertising, He has either worked directly with or consulted over 5,000 real estate agents, brokers, and team leaders all across the world in these areas.

He is the Co-Founder/Owner at Dippidi; a done-for-you digital marketing agency for real estate professionals that creates custom, highly-targeted, ads and strategies on social media, Google, YouTube, etc. to increase brand awareness, develop trust from prospects, and entice more people to work with you.

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Justin Stoddart 0:01
So the big question is this. How do we those of us in the real estate industry with crazy amounts of ambition? How do we think bigger than the building of our own empires? How do we simultaneously see success and significance, income and impact? My name is Justin Stoddard. And this is the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. Wouldn’t it be nice if your marketing just worked, it was almost serendipitous. Today’s guest is a well known speaker, he has relationships with and talks with some of the biggest names in real estate, because he gets marketing and he gets how to help people get their marketing to be to that level. I’m really excited to introduce him. Before I do that, I am going to remind you that inside of the scaling your referral business, on Facebook, that group is where I’m going deep point into people teaching them the principles of my international best selling book, the Upstream Model. And so if you’re not yet a part of that, please feel free to join that group. That’s where you’re going to get the most out of me get the most value from me. And, again, extremely excited to bring today’s guest so hold tight for just a.

Good Welcome back to the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. I’m your host, Justin Stoddart, excited to be here today with Tyler, our backer out of Tampa Bay. This guy is doing some impressive things. Tyler, thank you for coming on the show today.

Tyler Auerbacher 1:42
Yeah, I appreciate you having Justin it’s a pleasure, man. I’ve been seeing your content and just a big fan of what you’re doing for the industry, you know, helping tell stories helping people get better through their content through social. So I’m definitely up my alley, I’m happy to join you there.

Justin Stoddart 1:57
I love it. I feel the same way. Every time I see your content, I think to myself That’s valuable. That’s valuable. So first and foremost, if you’re not yet following, Tyler, our backer on Instagram, go find him there, you’re going to find so many things that are going to be an immediate contribution to your business. So Tyler, really quickly your background, obviously you own the company, co founder of dippity, which again, I alluded to in the introduction that that to have this kind of serendipity type feel to your life into your business into your marketing. That’s what you guys create. Love get into that a little bit. Let’s jump right into the content. Oh, folks are here to really get value. Right? Let’s talk about you got this concept of the flywheel versus the funnel funnels are very well known. People understand it, but they may not be as familiar with a flywheel when it comes to marketing. Walk us through that if you wouldn’t mind.

Tyler Auerbacher 2:46
Yeah, absolutely, man. So I wish I was smart enough to take credit for inventing this flywheel model. But unfortunately, I’m not HubSpot is actually the people who really brought this idea to fruition and this concept of inbound marketing, you want to attract not chase after business and in opportunities. And there’s no better no better way to do that. Then through inbound marketing, on social. So what we believe activity and what we do for clients is a three step process, we attract people through value, whether that’s a geo targeted area or through remarketing efforts from a database or from your social traffic.

We want to attract people with value at first. The second component of the flywheel is is to engage them. So then you want to continue that experience with other forms of content, things that would continue to provide value, show your expertise, provide infotainment that’s one keyword that we really believe in, to just get engagement on social and to build a brand that people want to remember. The third component is to convert you actually want to, you know, get business from the efforts you’re doing on social. So there’s no better way to do that then remarketing, all of the traffic and intent based engagers that are on your first two steps of that flywheel model. So the traditional sales funnel was more of a downward funnel and you kind of go through that rinse and repeat process to get more opportunities at the top, they dropped down towards the bottom, they may convert may not but you go through that same process over again.

The flywheel model is more of a consistent ongoing process for your marketing that no matter what part of the consumer journey that your audience is in, you are constantly giving them value different parts. So again, attract, engage, convert, there’s different types of content you want to create in those different parts. So it’s, you know, something that we take off, you know, our clients plates because, you know, obviously, you know, not all realtors are great marketers or have the time to be great marketers. So that’s really where where we fit in and just help you become partners for our clients.

Justin Stoddart 4:58
Really interesting. conversation that you’ve started here really about this this flywheel concept, I am familiar with the flywheel, but not in terms of marketing. And it is interesting, right? When a, when a funnel when somebody enters into a funnel, right, they either make it all the way to the bottom, or they kind of get ejected out along the way. What I hear you saying it’s a more patient long term approach of like, Hey, we’re gonna add value value to you for a long period of time. And over time, you’re going to realize that we can add value that which I think is, is the best way to build relationships, you know, you look at, I want to make a comparison here today. In today’s world, a lot of people go about building relationships using, let’s say, an app called Tinder, right. And I would venture to say a guy who has been married for almost 18 years has six kids, that’s for long term relationships. It takes time to court somebody and get to know them.

And I would almost compare the flywheel right is creating long term value for people as a point as opposed to a a looking for short term value, right. I won’t go any further on this analogy than that. But, um, but I think that you’re getting right. If you want to really create something sustainable, where people want to stay in your ecosystem for a long period of time, then you need to have a way to add value to them for a long period of time, and not just like, one and done, like, either accept my offer or not, or I’m gonna, you know, and then reject you out. Because you didn’t buy my offer. Right? I love this approach it very much, is very much in alignment with, with what I teach, right, which is a relationship based model, even though it’s its marketing, you can do it in a way that that perpetuates a long term relationship, if done correctly.

Tyler Auerbacher 6:39
Absolutely, man. Yeah. And I’ll share my screen real quick, Justin, because I have a actual model for this. I’ll show real briefly. But this is actually a breakdown. So you guys can see exactly what this looks like. So again, we didn’t invent this. But we adopted this model, because we’re firm believers in exactly what Justin said, right? Your goal with marketing is to build a long term brand. And through that, it takes time it takes consistency and a strategy. One analogy that I use is very similar to going to the gym, right? Many people want steroids, they want the easy and fast way to grow. But to be as have a sustainable, long, you know, longevity, as far as your business and brand, you have to continuously get experiences online. So in this model, you’ll see the funnel versus the flywheel, the different components that are in each. And the one biggest thing that is missing from this funnel, versus the flywheel is this delight stage. So again, you know, with the funnel, you’re on to the next amount of mass leads or mass amount of offers, you don’t focus on people, not only that are your customers, because you see in the file, your customers are at the center, they’re at the core of all of your efforts. So answering their pain points, their questions, you know, getting into the mind of your target market is essential, you know, thinking of them as almost as a client avatar, and then dissecting what do they read?

Where do they go? What do they enjoy doing, who they enjoy doing it with, like, all those things matter when it comes to attracting the type of people that you want to work with. So that’s, that’s, you know, I don’t want to dive too deep and get too nerdy into it. But hopefully, this model makes sense. Because, again, this flywheel is a continuous wheel. And as you get more customers at the core that grows, and then it spins faster and faster. So that that’s the whole concept. It’s more of an autonomous way to grow your business. And again, like, you know, we have, you know, over 7080 clients across the country that we do this consistently for, you know, we’ve consulted over 1000s Over the years, and you know, there’s no better way to grow long term brand than to do inbound marketing and attract not chase.

Justin Stoddart 8:59
I think anybody that’s been in the recruiting space, can can attest to that, right? When you’re chasing even just in client acquisition, it’s not a lot of fun when you’re chasing, but when you can add enough value over time where people see the value in you, and they want to work with you, and they seek you out just a much better life. Right? And I would argue that this is something that I teach in my book, The upstream model, is it, there’s an opportunity cost for the chase, not just in your own identity and how you’re seeing in the marketplace, but also there’s a cost and just the overall time. Right people will talk about it’s a numbers game, and if you you know if there if you get it convert 3% of the people, then that’s good, right?

All you gotta do is go through the numbers. And my question is, but you’re going through the numbers, like you’re just plowing through 97 People who aren’t overly satisfied and didn’t really need what you wanted, or, you know, need what you have. And so what about that right What’s the what’s the opportunity cost and the repercussions upon your overall image and identity and brand in the marketplace, as well as your own internal narratives when you’re maybe not frustrating, but definitely not delighting 97 people, right? Only three, like what if you could create a model where people were attracted to you and they stuck to you, because they knew that the path of their best life involves having you be a part of it, right? That’s where I think sales and marketing is really fun. And something that you mentioned there a couple things, right, that really stand out to me, I love this stuff, Tyler, this is so good, are so much that alignment is like number one, having the customer out the bottom versus at the center. Like there’s just it just does something for people that want to build relationships, right?

They’re not a means to an end, they are the end, they are the end that we are serving, right? The only way for us to really feel that way about the people that we serve, is for us to actually serve people that we love. And I think you mentioned that, like get really clear on who you want to serve. Who is the ideal avatar, not just you cancer, but that you want to serve? Yeah, we you want to have these people at the center of your business and in your of your life. Because if you don’t like the people you’re serving, the reality is it’s all going to be pretty disingenuous. And you’re not actually going to want to get up and serve them at high level everyday. Whereas if you can find people that you totally love, and you get up and you’re like, I can’t wait to serve these people today. Right now all of a sudden me changes and you’re able to create that flywheel. This is awesome.

Tyler Auerbacher 11:31
And that’s who we all want to work with. We want to work with people that we enjoy. And it’s fun, right? So it’s so crucial, like a lot of clients that that come on board with us, you know, we have to kind of refocus on what their avatar is. And then that’s when the content pillars come from understanding who you’re going after. And then you understand, okay, what are the types of infotainment short form videos that I can do continuously to draw people in to show them my face, and, you know, show them who I am, right, because, you know, pretty photos of listings, and you know, the area are great, but at the end of the day, people relate to people. And you know, there’s no better way than what we’re doing right now on video. So if you get over, you know, any hurdles or fear that you have to just show off your expertise and just understand that you’re getting value to the person that you’re speaking to, in this video frame in this mirror, I just envision someone that you are helping, and then it makes it so much easier to understand.

Okay. First, listen to them, then create that content and then build a strategy that is consistent and scalable. But what you know one thing Justin is, you know, with content, it’s important to stay consistent. It’s important not only just organically, but also with paid efforts with remarketing, because there’s so many influencers and people that are doing great Tik Tok and iG reels. And it’s amazing how their following is growing. But, you know, if they just powered some of their remarketing people that watched their videos for 10 seconds, or went to their website, or clicked on something like you can get more brand promoters, more fans that are already ready to work with you. But you have to ask that you haven’t really gone down that pathway. So that’s kind of where both sides of the coin connect or work together. Because organics critical that’s like the ammo. And we as marketers or advertisers, you know, we disseminate that content to the right audiences to get results to get, you know, to build your brand. So, all of that, you know, it, it’s an art, it’s a science man, you know, it’s something that we are passionate about, and, you know, to do it the right way. You know, I’m a firm believer that there’s things in our business that we outsource that we’re not experts in, right, like, you know, we’re not CPAs we’re not finance people, right? So there’s things in every business that it just makes more more sense, like you said, for your opportunity cost where, you know, bring on a partner, bring on a team and win together. And that’s kind of where we’ve carved our lane as just being those partners and just, you know, nerds that help our real estate clients succeed.

Justin Stoddart 14:16
Well, something else that you mentioned there, I mean, if I could go back and say, okay, here are the key steps, right, what you’re really teaching us here today that you guys are doing is helping people to create the right avatar. And then something else you said that I think is highly overlooked, but as to listen to them, like what is it that these people actually need? What are their concerns? What are they struggling with? What are the opportunities that are being missed? Because their capacity to disorganized don’t have the capacity to to capitalize on that. Once you really begin to identify the who first and then the what are they struggling with? Now what I hear you saying is you can really create content that is aimed at really offering value, right it really moving that that needle which again Is it a Herculean effort to do by yourself? But it at least have that framework in mind of like the who, and what are they struggling with. That’s what I’m going to talk about, period. That’s it. That’s all I’m gonna talk about.

Tyler Auerbacher 15:12
Right. And then the next step, what I’d say is okay, if you’re new to creating content, or even if you’re not new, but you’re kind of stuck, or just wants to new ideas, follow accounts that are doing this that are in the industry, maybe not in your area, but you know, you’re going to find people that are relatable. And then you’ll get more inspiration on your personality type, like, okay, I can do something like that, like, I may not be able to do a video like Taya and doing you know, Taylor’s two cents, but I understand with my personality, I can do a similar sort of, you know, video series, but you know, Tyler’s two minutes, whatever the name could be, you know, but it’s all about finding your content pillars through the value that your clients are yearning for. And then being authentic to yourself, finding the platforms and mediums, and then identifying, can you do this yourself? You know, learn train yourself, watch some webinars, you know, there’s, but at some point, you know, it gets to a point where you need to scale. You know, you probably need to bring on, you know, someone to help or at least, you know, to, you know, to help you grow.

Justin Stoddart 16:25
Yeah, no doubt. No doubt. I love that. That’s, that’s a, that’s a really great point. Let’s talk a little bit about digital marketing. I know that that’s an area where you guys really go deep, right? I think a lot of agents have a concept around the organic side, which I agree with you I think is is the fundamental like foundation of a good social strategy. You also mentioned this concept of kind of retargeting. Yep, just a little bit about that. I know. I’ve just observed what you do when you post organic content, how you be sure that I see it right, which I think is brilliant. Maybe you could talk about that strategy and or what you do from from A to retargeting, which, at that point, most most people are over their skis, right? Most agents that are really good at selling real estate, don’t necessarily want to get deep in the weeds into ads manager, etc. Give us some some insight as to what somebody maybe needs to know that might even encourage them to be like, Yeah, that’s a whole separate profession that I probably need to find a partner to help me with.

Tyler Auerbacher 17:25
Yeah, exactly. So really, the, what we are finding high success with right now is high intent traffic with Google PPC. So, you know, we create, you know, custom Google ad campaigns for our clients based on their geo targeting areas. And again, diving into their avatar, what keywords those people are searching for, right? So we look at all the data and keyword research and prices and kind of identify what those proper keywords are for clients to get into the Google PPC searches. Alright, so really, Google is what I would, what I what I say is like the second best option versus like, Zillow, which you know, Yeah, or like any other sort of webs real estate websites search tool, okay? Because if you think about it, that’s like the final step that someone typically takes when they’re looking when they’re really seriously looking for home. They’re on Zillow. They’re on Realtor.

They’re, they’re on those websites, right. But really, the step before that, in my opinion, is Google searching. It’s kind of researching and like diving into what your audience is searching for, whether it’s refinancing right now you write a blog about that, or you do a YouTube video that comes into the Google ranking search, you know, so that, again, boils down to the avatar, but the PPC is one of the best ways to drive intent based traffic, versus like Facebook or Instagram, because the geo targeting abilities and just the way that people, you know, consume content, they’re not as far down the line versus Google, if that makes sense. But here’s, here’s the big key and the big buck, right. So when people are Google searching, say for instance, you get 100 people to hit your Google PPC ad in a given month. Maybe you get 10 leads from those right, but those 90 people that went to the door, but then it opened the door, you know how you now have an opportunity to remarket those people for 180 days on Facebook and Instagram to give them consistent value. Now, I’m not talking about hey, what’s your home’s worth? I’m talking about you know, things that would give them substance things that are happening in the area newsworthy information that helps them with their finances or you know, investments or you want to again dive into your avatar everyone’s avatar is different.

Every area is different, every markets different you know, so there’s no one size fits all for marketing. Um, but yeah, Google PPC, and then remarketing, all of that traffic on facebook and instagram with continuous custom ads and Custom experiences. That’s where those that that joins together in a very natural way. Because if someone is on Google, they search for real estate, they go to your, your website, Justin, they browse for a little bit, maybe they’re thinking about three or six months out, maybe they get two or three or four of your ads over that course of time, that now you’re in their mind, you have their mind share, they they’re seeing you, right. So the more that you are getting value, and they are becoming memorable, you’re building your brand, and you’re in the arena. And that’s all that you you have to that’s all you want to ask for when it comes to marketing and branding that you are in the arena. Then when they reach out, then it comes down to sales, it comes down to service, you know, the other components of running a business, but marketing. Yeah, Google PPC, Facebook and Instagram ads with Remarketing is crucial. Then the next thing I would say Justin is YouTube. And that’s one service we’re actually rolling out in in this year is YouTube ads. So video is really the number one way you know to build your brand right now. And we identify that and YouTube is one thing that’s really, really powering up right now.

Justin Stoddart 21:14
When you’re owned by the largest search engine, or largest companies in the world, right? I think YouTube’s the second largest search engine in the world. There’s no doubt that people are going

Tyler Auerbacher 21:24
to beat them this year is crazy. Tik Tok, and then Google. So had heard that, yeah, tick tock was the number one search domain in 2021. So it overtook Google. So even like even Google their YouTube, like videos are now populating above, like articles or above even like PPC ads sometimes. So even search engines are identifying the opportunity with video, people are wanting video versus long text based articles. It’s not It’s not saying people don’t want that you have to have a mixture sometimes. But you know, YouTube is great, because you can do SEO keywords so that people are searching no different than a Google PPC. But on YouTube, your video can populate based on their keyword and based on their area geographical scope. So

Justin Stoddart 22:19
here’s, here’s what I’d like to talk to you about. I’m curious. So obviously we would discuss kind of these these opportunities to leverage these big tech platforms in order to get cold market but warmed up right warmed up and kind of headed our way their interest piqued in what we have to do so that we gain mindshare, right? In their minds, we own some real estate. My question to you is, I think a lot of real estate agents miss out on opportunities right under their nose. And there are people that they already know who are just simply not using them because they’ve forgotten them. Well talk to us about some retargeting tools for people that are already on your client list, right? Yes, clients, etc, just so that, again, at least you plug the holes in the boat, it’s one thing to go out and kind of venture out. But but if you’re if you’re losing the deals that should you should not have lost. To me, that’s the easiest and best place to start. Talk to us about a strategy around leveraging these tools to be sure that you’re staying in front of the people that already know you and have already used you potentially,

Tyler Auerbacher 23:20
Absolutely, man, this is this is one of the biggest things like that we preach to our clients. And one of the first steps when someone comes on board with us, we get their existing database. So we upload their database in their CRM, whatever tool that that they use. And we export that and import it into Facebook for a custom remarketing audience. So that’s just, that’s one custom audience that you have the ability to up into. Other ones will be like website traffic. So as long as you have a website pixel installed, you can target people that are going on specific website pages even so not just, you know, title, but it could be taller, or, or contact and those pages that people are searching with, you know, intent. If someone’s going into my reviews page, or my contact page, it’s probably someone who’s a little bit more serious, and someone who’s just going to my general homepage, right, where the pricing page.

All those things are opportunities to run custom, tailored ads. So this is this is one of the big things that people don’t understand. Justin is many times people blanket promote. So they just, you know, run an ad to an audience. And maybe it’s they don’t have a frequency level set. It’s just an ad. It’s running to a big old audience, right? What we do differently and this is, you know, more of a micro level but we do remarketing based on not just engagement on previous ads, but also website pages, also your database. Maybe we exported just 1000 people of your past clients And that’s one custom audience outside of just your entire database, if that makes sense. So you can fragment and segment and you know, upload those lists. So that’s what I would say just for someone who has like 500 or 1000 past clients, you know, let us or you export that list, put it into Facebook. And now you can run very much more tailored ads to these people, because they’ve done business with you, you know, versus someone who doesn’t know yet. If that makes sense. I love it.

Justin Stoddart 25:32
I love it. That’s gonna be actually a question I have, obviously, real estate agents get hit all the time. I click here, and we’ll get you leads. Right. And this is part of what I think is. The challenge is people don’t know who to trust. Yeah, it’s because there’s so many people out there with their handout trying to get their hand and agents pockets, promising them leads. My argument is always like, you’re not actually what you don’t want is actually more cold leads, what you want is warm referrals. Now, I do believe that there is a a multi prong strategy where you can have both, what are some of the key differentiators that that set you apart? So if somebody was like, Okay, we have some money that we would like to have working for us that right now sitting in a bank account with inflation is losing 7%. Here at our current rate, it’d be better to put some of that money into some, some wise campaigns, right? I would argue the very first one is to stay in front of your people, which is strategy you just described. Beyond that won’t be the next thing. And it’s, I get that it might be different per client. But I would I would ask you kind of two questions and better than the one number one is, what is what is the next thing that you would encourage people to to invest in when it comes to advertising? And then what sets you guys apart from everybody else that’s promising that they can do that as well?

Tyler Auerbacher 26:48
Yeah, so the number one thing that I would say would be video, video, video video. So you don’t need a fancy setup. You can use your phone, you know, there’s things that there’s ways for you to grow video and shoot content that still gets results without having to use a $5,000 video. So really, video content is great when clients send that to us. And we can use that into our ad groups and all of our ad sets. Because, again, you can replicate someone’s, you know, listing post, or you’re in the same market, you know, the downtown area looks the same. But what’s different is my face and my voice and my personality. No one can replicate me. So the more that you understand that with video is something that is UNREP locatable? If you do it the right way. That’s the biggest opportunity that I see right now. All of it, but many people are are seeing and the ones that are having success with it, are saying it too, right. But you know, you can’t compare your chapter one to someone’s chapter 10. Right. You know, that’s a great quote that I love. So many people are looking at, again, using it as an example, you know, you can’t compare yourself to tape.

But if you’re just getting into the game of video, but yeah, man, I mean, for first thing, what I would say if someone comes to us or someone that is looking to get into advertising or marketing would be having a having a remarketing flywheel set up for your database and for your website, for any sort of leads or lists that we can import into Facebook that you know, is accurate data or close to accurate data. The next the next thing would be targeting your geographical area with value based ads with custom experiences. So you know, many people are like thinking like, what’s your home’s value, you know, you know, interest rates are low, click here and get your own. I’m talking about this more custom tailor content to your branding, your style, your area, but also your avatar. So all those things are important. Social like you know, your remarketing list of your people for sure, then then targeting on social for your area, then I would say Google if you can’t afford that, you know that that’s typically typically a little bit more pricey. So as long as your budget can allocate you know to doing Google as well then Google Plus Facebook and Instagram Remarketing is by by far the most powerful combo right now. We’re seeing clients have high success with that the ones that follow up with their leads properly and do all the other things that are required right so there’s many different layers to it to having success with leads. We’re focused on getting them the best quality lead and teeing them up you know, throwing up an alley and they and they dunk that’s the goal.

Justin Stoddart 29:52
It’s great stuff. I love it. Again, if if anybody here is not following Tyler on Instagram Tyler, remind me your handle.

Tyler Auerbacher 30:00
Yeah, so my handle is at t underscore our backer, you can follow me on Instagram, I post pretty regularly I try to just give value. I practice what I preach, you know? So, yeah, definitely follow me there you can check out deputy deputy calm is our website you can see all of our plans and what we offer. Um, you can reach out to our team schedule a call there. Yeah, man, we’re awesome. You know, we’re just become partners for our clients and help them with this Digital’s all digital stuff.

Justin Stoddart 30:33
It’s been, it’s been fun seeing you be in conversations directly with people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Ferry, and realize that someone who really has his ear very much on the pulse right of what’s your finger on the pulse, there we go. What’s happening out there and being able to pour that value into the businesses and lives of the people that you serve?

Tyler Auerbacher 30:53
Yeah, I’ll leave you with this dude. Because this is something that I’m very passionate about. Like, I think there’s, there’s a big opportunity to help real estate with marketing, right. So like, there’s a big opportunity to just bring new ideas to the real estate industry, I feel like, um, a lot of stuff, you know, is getting regurgitated. And I hope to be different to bring people that are just not in the industry, maybe. But I do interviews with people that just have experience with these digital strategies that can translate to real estate. So I’m, I’m definitely more on the marketing side of things. But I understand the importance of how that translates together. And that’s what I try to be innovative. So

Justin Stoddart 31:37
it’s good stuff, man. All right, I have one final question for you that I asked every big thinker that comes onto this stage. And it is this Tyler, because you are a big thinker. I want to know what is it that you do to continue to be that way too busy? To continue to expand your own personal possibilities? What’s that look like? For you?

Tyler Auerbacher 31:53
I’m always learning and always watching them. I’m it’s a gift and a curse, I think because my mind is always studying and kind of assessing what’s going on how I can get better, what opportunities there are. So, um, you know, anytime that I have downtime, I’m usually plotting and planning man, that’s just how I’ve always been. And, you know, I think that’s, you know, been a gift, like I said, but something that I’ve also had to, you know, hone in and make sure that you know, I am balanced so that’s been a struggle for me personally, just as an entrepreneur and growing the scaling company years. You know, I think learning is so important but having balanced I think something that I’m that’s my goal for this year. I think he’s having a little bit more balanced. But we’ll see.

Justin Stoddart 32:41
What’s fun seeing you at the at the playoff game this past week, watching the goat even though Tom Brady didn’t didn’t didn’t win, it was fun. Seeing you out balance in life. So well done. Yeah, absolutely. Alright, to everybody listening here. Again, if you’re interested in learning more about what’s what data can do for you, please reach out to him. And even just start by being a part of his flywheel right, just absorb the value that he puts out there. And, and you’ll start to get a taste as to why I invited Tyler to come on the show because he’s got big value to offer. And for those that are like, okay, and I need some help executing at a higher level, there’s a great guy to have a conversation with. So Tyler is such a pleasure to have some time with you. Thank you to all those that have tuned in and listen in for those that will listen after the fact. We’re grateful for you and my final request. You know what it is? They are these three simple words and they are go think bigger. Tyler, thanks for helping us do that today, my friend.

Tyler Auerbacher 33:30
Thanks for having me. Justin. It’s been a pleasure, man. And hit me up on Instagram. I’ll answer all your questions no matter what. So

Justin Stoddart 33:38
love it. Alright, friends talk soon. I want to thank you for tuning in to this episode of The Think Bigger Real Estate Show. If you found value here, I asked three things. Number one, give us a review. Number two, go to Facebook and in groups search, think bigger real estate and apply to join. Here you will find a community of big thinking professionals that will help you grow your income, your independence and your impact. And my third request is go Think Bigger.