All too often real estate agents feel like they need to choose between a great business or a great quality of life.

Today’s episode with real estate leader, owner, and influencer will break this paradigm and walk us through how he’s helped hundreds of agents to create both a great business and a great life.

We willl also be discussing:

  • The benefits of a referral-based business
  • Why the pinnacle of all sales is leadership and how to be a better leader to your clients and teammates

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Justin Stoddart 0:01
So the big question is this. How do we those of us in the real estate industry with crazy amounts of ambition? How do we think bigger than the building of our own empires? How do we simultaneously see success and significance, income and impact? My name is Justin Stoddart. And this is the Think bigger Real Estate Show. Welcome back to the Think bigger Real Estate Show. I’m your host, Justin Stoddart, really excited today to talk to you about some things that are going to help you to be not just a better business professional, but a better human being. I’m going to give some some backstory on what’s happening in my life today, that’s going to be almost kind of sad and heavy, but I’m going to use it as a way to help wake us up, wake us up to the things that are most important in life. I’m excited about my guest today, who was a giant of a man not just in business, but also in life. And I’m excited to introduce you to him, let me remind you that inside of the scaling your referral business on Facebook, is where you’ll get the most of my help helping you to do exactly that to build a business that gives you life after business. So again, if you’re not yet a member, go join us there. Back to today’s guest, his name is Marcus green, he’s out of the Salt Lake City Market. He’s a broker owner for several Keller Williams franchises, also owns a number of other businesses and is truly an entrepreneur in the real estate space. Someone who is a leaders leader, Marcus, it’s a pleasure to be with you on the show today. Thanks for joining us.

Marcus Green 1:30
It’s my pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Justin Stoddart 1:32
Yeah, I knew that when you and I’d been connected by our friend in common Patrick woods, just a couple minutes, and I was like, I like this guy, I gotta spend more time with this guy. So I admire much of who you are and what you do and what you’ve built. So before I go into maybe kind of a more kind of complete bio that will give people some some background like why don’t we do that now? Talk to us really quick, just about the other businesses that you own. And then I’ll, I’ll kind of frame today’s conversation around this topic that I referenced earlier.

Marcus Green 1:58
Yeah, yeah, just give you a quick background about myself. And this is always the worst part of any time I’m a guest on something is talking about myself, right. I’ve been in the real estate space for over 20 years. Particularly I started here in Salt Lake City, Utah, actually Park City, Utah at the time. It started just escalated my career. From there. I have a real estate team and a property management company, that development company in Arizona as well I expanded down there in 2009 2010. Whenever else is running out of that market, I ran into take advantage of the depressed market there. As you said, I own several Keller Williams franchises in the state of Utah with hundreds of agents that I get a coach and help on a regular basis that are incredible human beings. With that we’ve launched a title company, we’re in the process of launching mortgage property and casualty insurance. I also own a company called exec assist that a lot of your listeners may have may have seen. It’s a nationwide company that offers virtual assistant help to real estate professionals. And my most recent project that I’m most excited about is the whole enchilada, my podcast on how to live a balanced life and really achieve excellence in multiple platforms, not just in business. So

Justin Stoddart 3:07
I love it, man. Boy, what a what a bio, what a resume you’ve built. And I get I know that that’s not even the best part of it, I would imagine. I’m completely confident it is it if we were to talk to the people whose lives you touch that would tell the full story. Right? It’s one thing for us to lift off to list off the businesses that we’ve been a part of, as another thing to go talk to someone’s family and their children and the people whose lives you’ve really touched. I know us, for me, that’s kind of the bigger goal right is deeper impact in people’s lives. I want to go back to something that I had referenced earlier, I even questioned whether or not I was going to keep this show on today. And let me just tell people again, if you’re if you know specifically what I’m talking about, my heart goes out to you. So some some friends of ours this morning, lost their oldest son in a car accident. And I apologize, I get a little emotional. It’s it’s not typically what you talk about on a podcast, but I kept this show up and going. Because it frames something that I’m deeply passionate about. I thought probably only with today’s guests what I what I what I keep the show and not and not cancel it. Because today’s topic is about building a business and a life.

And one thing that I see often in this industry, because the hours of real estate tend to extend beyond typical business hours. Naturally, there tends to be this habit and this practice in this pattern of working 24/7 And the things in life that matter most oftentimes get second place, get the back seat. And I would just encourage, again, not going into details of those whose hearts are absolutely broken today, including some of my my own household excuse me, that there are some things that matter a lot more than business And what Mark and I want to talk about today is to help you to realize that and wake up to that if you haven’t already, and maybe even give you some specific, some specific things that you can do to where you reprioritized stuff. Again, Marcus’s podcast. The whole enchilada is really designed around with that in mind is that kissing the people and hugging the people that that love you the most? is way more important than earning some big trophy in your office. Now, can you do both? Yeah, you can.

But we just want to be sure that we get First things first, because there will come a time when we all might be woken up to something that matters more, we want to be sure that life was in order and the proper priorities were in place. So that we have no regrets and the people that we love the most know that and knew that. So with that being said, Marcus, talk to us a little bit about, again, you having the the great ability and position to influence people towards that direction, right to consider the whole enchilada not just consider business. What are some key things that you coach and teach agents on to keep them from having their business creep into every corner of their life?

Marcus Green 6:17
Yeah, and I love that we’re talking about this today. And I wish I could say, hey, the reason you’re asking me this question is because I’ve done this perfectly every day of my career. And the truth is, it couldn’t be more opposite than that, right? I was, I was a young hungry kid, when I got into this business. And I I’m not gonna lie, I had dollar dollar signs for eyeball eyeballs of like, I want to create a better life than I had growing up, I’m going to make this happen. And it took me several years in the business of getting that success. What I thought was success at the time before I’ll say step back for a second said, How come I don’t feel like I don’t feel fulfilled, I’ve surpassed so a lot of my monetary goals, I have more things than I ever thought was possible. How come I don’t feel fulfilled, it took me kind of some some heartache. And a big step back to say, I’ve I’ve prioritized the wrong things in my world, I’ve made business I put business up on this platform of the number one, but at what expense, how many, how many relationships that I not nurture and build along the way. And they were at the expense of me achieving what I thought was success, the time.

And so this is why I’m so passionate about this topic now is is I want to save somebody the heartache that I had been as a business owner, to help them realize early on the business is not about money. Business is about people. And the sometimes the person we forget when we say business is about people we are we are people, I am a person. And I not only was I burning some relationships around me, I also wasn’t taking care of my personal needs outside of business by becoming so focused on hitting my business goals. So business, the thing that’s really, really helped me step back and say, number one is, the purpose of my business is really defined the perfect life I want to have, I only get one life to have and I want to live it the way I want to live it. My Businesses are structured in such a way that they should afford me the time and the money to live that way. And then the next level of building the business and why I keep going is now I’ve got this I’m using quotations Empire because it’s so small compared to other people’s but it’s it’s this idea of by creating these opportunities, am I able to train the people within my world early on that their lives, their lives, their family’s lives come first and our business, what we’re building together, the purpose of it is to help them live the ideal life they want to live and be able to fund that life, if that makes sense.

Justin Stoddart 8:46
And let me just say that if you’re not number a, like a number a, if you’re not a working for somebody that either has that already or could have that in them, I think you should begin to design your departure from that organization. Life is too short to work for people who don’t encourage and inspire you to prioritize that. Secondly, if you are a leader, and you don’t haven’t yet adopted that, my feeling is that you’re not going to be able to really retain great people, not just great producers but great people if you don’t embody that if you don’t fully embrace that so if you want to be surrounded with people that that are just like what Marcus described, then be be that person that was actually advice that I got long time ago when I was had not yet found my my spouse, is it become the person that you want to be and then there she’ll be you’ll find her quickly and that’s exactly what happened. And so I love that concept and in business, if you really want to, you know, have a certain life start to surround yourself with people like that, whether you’re the leader or whether you’re in an organization really start to expect that people I love that Marcus, that’s a great principle that we all should be looking at.

Marcus Green 9:57
Yeah, and the only thing I would add to that is is I think our industry particularly, has gotten really good at talking the talk over the last several years of everyone think bigger, everyone want more, you can have this perfect life. And so I think a lot of people are attracting people to an empty vision. So I think yes, if you’re not, if you’re not already within someone’s organization, or building an organization with that mentality, or if you think you are, success leaves clues, right? So I would say, is there a track record within this organization that I can become the person I want to be, and if you if you don’t see an opportunity for you to become the ideal version of yourself within the current path you’re on? It’s time to change paths?

Justin Stoddart 10:40
Yeah, boy, let’s go back and actually kind of examine that a little bit, because you talked about this concept of thinking bigger, and empires. And for those that follow the show, you recognize that for me think bigger real estate, is really about thinking bigger than real estate and keeping real estate in its proper perspective, which is a means to fund your perfect life is exactly what what you said, Marcus, and I hope that people, when they hear that, for me, that’s what they get, number one. And also that there’s this concept of, of what is an empire? I think sometimes people maybe are turned off by that concept. But think about an empire in which there are no people that you actually have relationships with, like, what kind of Empire is that? Like, it’s a hollow one that’s destined to fail destined to, to not be a place an empire, you actually want to live in, like, think about like, the great like Roman Empires or whatever, right? Yeah, they had their heyday. And then they fell at some point. Part of that may very well have been because they took the focus off the people and really taking care of the people and growing the people.

And, and I think the kind of empires that Marx and I are talking about the kind of empires that we’re in the process of building are where people come first, right? And, and, and healthy people in all areas of life. So again, if that’s not who you’re following, we encourage you to follow us because that’s who we are at the core. That’s, that’s the kind of people that we’re looking to attract into our organizations. So yeah, that’s right on tacos, Marcus, a little bit about this. You’ve obviously built and helped people to build businesses, I’m, I’m really passionate about helping helping people because my focus is on people to build a referral based business, but specifically one that scales, right. And there’s a lot of methodologies on how to grow referral based business, right, my book, The upstream model teaches how to how to leverage key referral partners that can refer you a lot of business,

I’d love to hear from your experience, what additional light can you shed on? And again, not to downplay any other model out there, right to each their own, if it’s working for you, and give you the life that you want? By all means, right? Do that. I’d love to hear from you. What things have you seen when people really kind of pour into a relationship based business regardless of the specific model, but when they really put relationships first, and they really seek out referrals, not just leads? What insight? Can you give us around how that maybe benefits? somebody’s life, not just their business?

Marcus Green 13:09
Yeah, no, I love this approach. By the way, this is you and I talked a little bit about this before when we first connected and that’s why I think we resonated a lot is the truth of the matter is in the real estate industry across you know, or a lot of entrepreneurs in general I get to coach a lot of entrepreneurs I see this over and over again, is that we all call ourselves business owners. And the truth of the matter is 90% of people that call themselves business owners, they in essence, are the business, which means the business owns them, right? So I like the way you’re you’re helping people understand that if you structure your business in such a way that the brand brings value, not the person brings energy if the brand brings value and solves the problem for somebody, the brand itself is the business people are attracted to value. And I think in a lot of people are, you know, complaining about the shift in our industry and changes of what’s happening in the marketplace right now. But one of the most beautiful things that’s going on for people that are focused on relationship style businesses, is it’s created some uncertainty for people where over the really over the last decade, people have learned lived in certainty of I know what’s going on the market. I know what the economy’s doing. I’m really bullish in what I’m doing. And now people are sitting in a place of uncertainty where when people are sitting in a place of uncertainty gives us the opportunity to bring value in and create certainty where certainty does not exist for someone.

If you think back on some of the most solid relationships you have in life, at some point they close. Either you close the gap for someone or they close the gap from for you going from uncertainty to certainty which bound you together. And that really is the game we play in business right now is what is the question or concern that my ideal consumer has today? What did they wake up worrying about today? And do it I have the ability to close a gap for them and eliminate that worry and solve a problem for them. And if I can do that in a genuine way, and create certainty will be bound together for not just one transaction, but multiple transactions, and they’ll probably be a day down the road where I’ll be the one that needs value from them. Right. And it builds that deeper relationship.

Justin Stoddart 15:21
Powerful stuff. And I I believe that the principles that that you’re talking here may be going over some people’s heads. But they’re so profound. So again, if you if you wanted to go back and really find what does it take to really thrive in today’s competitive, even commoditize world? The golden nuggets that Marcus just shared right there, right, of really identifying what is the concern that people have, and becoming the link to help them overcome that there’s, there’s great wisdom there. So I appreciate you sharing that. And it really is almost a great segue into kind of the next topic that I wanted to discuss, Marcus, which is, is this concept of leadership right now your leadership position? It looks different than many who will be listening to this right? You lead many offices, organizations, companies, for some that they might be saying, Look, I just go show homes, right?

I don’t know that I’m necessarily a leader. I believe one of my great mentor Steve Yeager taught me that, that you know, the highest form of sales is leadership, right? That in leadership doesn’t mean it’s not a title, it’s not a position, right, it’s a way of living and helping other people go similar to what you were just saying, as from where they are, what the pain point is, to getting that resolved, and being the link for them to that there any other leadership principles that have really stood out to you as you are building this empire that we’ve described. Right? In that you would really encourage people to either revisit in a really embracing their life, to begin to really accelerate their own career and even their own internal identity of how they see themselves.

Marcus Green 16:58
Ya know, I love this conversation. Because, you know, constantly we see people saying, I want to be a leader, or I want to hire someone that’s in my organization. But in my opinion, the the the, where leadership starts is self leadership. So anyone, anyone that says, I’m not a leader, it’s look in a mirror, because someone is leading that body that you’re looking at in the mirror. So self leadership, the question I constantly ask myself, no matter how big your organization gets, this is literally still what keeps me up at night is, am I being the leader my people need me to be. And that goes that starts with with you, am I being the leader that I personally need in my world. And if you think about what a great leader is, and I love John Maxwell, as is the pinnacle of talking about leadership, right? He says leadership is influence nothing more, nothing less. So particularly right now, people are entrepreneurs all over the world are sitting down writing their goals for 2022. And the truth of the matter is right before they write their goals for 2022, guess what they do, they pull out their goals from 2021 and dust them off, because they haven’t looked at them since last year when they put those goals together.

So I think that’s a great reflection of yourself leadership of last year, you committed to a goal, both on a business level and a personal level. And if you’re just pulling out your goals, goals from 2021, now to say where did I end up? There’s some self leadership that needs to happen within your world of are you influencing yourself to do the things that you said you were going to do? Are you holding yourself accountable? Do you have clarity on why it is you’re doing what you’re going to do? And who counts on you to do those? If we can’t lead on that level, that opportunity for us to actually lead we can hire someone any one of us can go out for offer enough money and hire someone tomorrow. Hiring someone and leading someone are two different things. If we think we have the ability to lead somebody else, meaning influence them towards a higher version of themselves? The answer is we cannot do that if we’re not influencing ourselves to a higher version of ourselves.

Justin Stoddart 19:07
When there’s always work to be done there isn’t there and the more that we really get good at leading ourselves I think talent gets becomes attracted to that they see the life that we’re living, both in business as well as outside of business. And there’s just a certain magnetism of like, I want to be in your world because I want to live like you live. I want to impact like you in fact, want to serve how you serve. And that becoming talent gets a lot easier. You don’t necessarily have to go prospecting for it. And in a sense that great people show up in your world. It’s been interesting for me as I’ve taken some next steps and really getting my model the upstream model out to the world how many just by simply being a more more visible in and kind of the way that I want to lead agents. It’s amazing how many not not people to necessarily work for me, but people that have ideas on how to take that to another level and want to partner in different ways.

It’s been amazing to me because I haven’t necessarily gone out seeking those people. But but there’s this, this perception of how I’m leading myself and the people that I am leading that they that they’re just right. Momentum begets more momentum and the right people become attracted to that. And there have been plenty of times in my life where I’ve absolutely not done there. So this isn’t a compliment myself, but it’s just going to reinforce this principle use described as it if there’s any, any lack in your leadership or finding talent, go back and look at how am I leading myself? Am I getting up? When I say I’m going to get up? Am I making my bed when I know I should make my bed? It’s so simple, right? So simple. But that’s where it starts. Yeah, that that self trust and that self leadership is fantastic. I love that.

Marcus Green 20:46
Let’s have a quick one quick comment on what you just said, pleasing? Because it’s obvious from from me watching you. It’s obvious why you’re attracting talent, why you’re attracting opportunity, right? And so a lot of times when I’m coaching entrepreneurs and talking to them, and they’re saying, Well, I want this and I want that, in essence, they’re there. They want to attract those opportunities. And my question to them is, will you want to attract these things? The question is, is, are you attractive to those things. Because if we want to, if we want to attract more money, we want to attract talent into our world, for that to be attracted to us, we have to be attractive to them.

And I’m not saying go get plastic surgery and look more like Brad Pitt to anyone, right? That’s not what I’m saying is a very talented person is going to look for an organization in which the leadership and opportunity is there. If it’s not there, they won’t be attracted to the organization. In my you know, I love chasing a good deal, I’m not going to attract a good deal, a good real estate investment or opportunity, if I’m not structuring my life in such a way that I can execute on that deal. Right. And so a lot of times when we want to attract more, it’s not looking for more opportunities, it’s asking the question of, Am I doing the self work to be attractive to what I want

Justin Stoddart 22:08
for there’s so much, so much wisdom in that. And it really, again, aligns with the principles that I, I love to teach and love to try and live right. I’ll take it back to it to a bowl law which of course you’re very familiar with, right? Which is want is lack when somebody comes saying I want these things. And that there’s a difference when someone is actively working, not just wanting but working to create that change in their own life. And to get kind of speaking it again, because of this is my world right now is helping people to to understand and apply the upstream model is it as you become Uber valuable to people who have the ability to send you not just one or two referrals a year, but potentially one or two referrals a week, right?

It just changes everything. And it’s not a matter of, of prospecting, and going out and finding and kind of hustling these people, it’s about creating a value proposition and obviously presenting that to them, but becoming so valuable in their world, that they’re attracted to get their clients in front of you, right, that there’s this, this, this shared brand, like I’ve said before, that it’s, it’s always cool when people have when they hold up an iPhone, right. And maybe we don’t subconsciously do this, but I’m never embarrassed when I open up my Apple laptop that oh, that’s like a janky computer. Whereas if it were some other brand I might be right. And same thing when I put on like let’s say maybe a pair of like Nikes and put on like it like these big brands that we all associate as successful people use these brands, right? And when, when I feel very comfortable that my brand is going to be better by associating with the Apple brand for example, right? Then I I want to be near that and I think very similar is that all of us are a brand whether we have a logo, like you know, like over my shoulder, or or not all of us are a brand and people are either wanting to be associated with our brand because they perceive it’s going to not just make them look better but actually make them be better.

Or it’s like I don’t know that I want to be associated with that brand. That person whether we call it that or not. It’s it’s not an alignment with my brand. And it’s not alignment with who I want to be known as and seen and ultimately become right so there’s this interesting dynamic with kind of the way that we associate with people and things again, goes back to are we attracting the right talent? Are we becoming the right people that are attractive? I love how you pointed that out. Last, you know topic, I’d love to hear a little bit more about the whole enchilada, right I love when I can direct people that are like me, right? That kind of thing. How I think if I can give them more resources to become whole people, not just business producers. Tell us a little a little bit about about your podcast, haunch a lot and I’m going to go urge my audience to go find it. Because it will just reinforce kind of who I am and who I want to help people become.

Marcus Green 25:07
Yeah. No, I thank you for asking that question. This is a journey. I call it a journey I’m on right now with the whole enchilada not, it’s not a podcast of me saying, hey, over the last several years, I’ve done this perfectly. So let me show you what it is. But it’s me talking through like, Hey, let’s go on this journey together. And one of my big beefs in in the world right now is this idea of people talking about living a balanced life, but the way they describe it is almost like it’s a teeter totter, where it’s saying, well, a balanced life is almost described as mediocre. Mediocrity across all things, right. So like, don’t get overly committed to this because you want to balance it out. Right? And so for me, I’m like, well, that that just doesn’t resonate with me because I think it’s going to be true for a lot of the people in your world and in my world is, hey, we we want to achieve or hustlers we want to make things happen. So in my mind, balance is not mediocrity, across all things that can be balanced can be that. But it also can be achieving at a high level across multiple platforms.

The platforms I’m talking about are yes, business, self leadership, building wealth, family, relationships, spirituality, physical fitness. And if you think about it, if I pulled up every one of our social media threads, we’d have people that we follow that we put on a pedestal for being the pinnacle within their field. But I truly believe a lot of those people, if you dig around them, you’re gonna find that yeah, maybe they’re incredible business owners, but they’re an alcoholic, and they’re physically unable to walk up 10 flights of stairs, or we put an athlete on a pedestal and they’re able to go marathon after marathon after marathon, but they’re, they’re begging for money on the on the weekends, because they can’t even provide for their family or their or, you know, whatever it is.

And so my, my, my vision and goal with the whole enchilada is this idea to say, hey, whatever you want to achieve across multiple platforms is possible. And don’t get overly siloed in succeeding in one area that everything else falls apart. The print the same life principles that takes to be an incredible business owner, reflect over and are habits that fall into your personal world that can also make you a great husband and father or a great athlete or a great, whatever else is important to you. Not that I define that for them. But that’s the journey. We’re on the whole enchilada. And it’s it’s just been an incredibly fun conversation.

Justin Stoddart 27:31
I found that to be true. I love that I hadn’t heard that full description of your podcast. But I agree with that, like, at times when I’m succeeding in one area, as long as they have the big picture, they think the bigger picture right of like, I want to be great in all things. When I start getting really focused on my physical life, it actually doesn’t hurt my business. Right? Actually, I become a better businessman, I become a better leader, when I’m a better leader. For the people that I serve. I’m oftentimes a better dad at the same time, right? It’s like this, this tide, like raises all ships, right? And it’s like, as you commit to the becoming a better human being, like, it leaks into all areas of life, you can’t, like you said, just silo it so what a powerful way to think and again to this audience, I think that’s gonna come very well received. That, that that’s, that’s who we want to be right is again, back to the whole purpose of this episode today, which is you can have a business and the life you don’t have to choose. In fact, I would encourage you to not choose because there will come a day when if you choose only one of those, right you’re like there will be regret there will be lack and there will be wants and shortages.

Whereas when you commit to again following great leaders like Marcus and learning from them and and looking at the models that they follow, you’ll find that you can’t have it all right, you can have a great family, great spirituality, great health, great fun life and a great business all at the same time. So, so fun to to spend some time with you, my friend, I appreciate it. I want to ask you one more question as we wrap up here, which is this you are undoubtedly a big thinker. That’s just who you are. That’s what that’s what you emanate. What does Marcus screen do to continue to be a big thinker to continue to expand your possibilities? What’s it look like for you?

Marcus Green 29:24
Yeah, no great question then this is you know, I I’m just like everybody else we we think big in the in the quiet moment of our own office. Here I am in my home office. This is my sanctuary. It’s easy to think big in here. But then once we go out in the world and everyone else is almost feels like they’re working against our big dreams are big models, because it’s safer. That self doubt inside of you starts to say, Well, why do you really need to do that? Why do you think that way? Why this person you respect is putting fear in you, maybe you should think smaller. So one of the biggest things for me is really purposeful scheduled time for thinking The time where this is in the quiet of my moment that I’m not going to let the outside outside influences tell me what I should be thinking. But I’m going to let my brain go wild and think big and outside the box. And sometimes I work on a business plan or something crazy for an hour only to end up be like, I’m absolutely nuts. That is crazy.

I’m not going to do that. But there’s other times I’m doing that where I’m like, Okay, I’m on to something here, I see how this is gonna feed the people in my world at a higher level. And it’s, it’s that purposeful time. The other thing that really, anytime I’m feeling small, or I don’t have it in me to do it, if I want to show you here in my home office, four foot by eight foot, I have my personal mission vision statement up on the wall, I stand in front of it every single morning, I read it out loud to myself. And that is what allows me to think bigger, because that vision statement is all about building, building an empire for other people, not just me. And so I have an obligation beyond myself to think big and to think differently and provide opportunities because I have found that that is my passion. That is who I am at my core. And for me not to think big and not to act big and not to try to be a better leader is going against my internal virtual self, if that makes sense.

Justin Stoddart 31:12
Your own DNA. I’ve seen that you showed it to me before the beautiful image of the bridge and yeah, yep, it’s powerful. And I would kind of in terms that that I would use, you’re on not just the path of success, which I believe is well marked, you’re on the path of significance, right, which is not well marked. Again, for anybody listening to this, if you want to not just have success, like when you get to my website, Justin Stoddart, calm you realize that the kind of the, the key thing is for those that want more than success, there’s plenty of paths and leaders that will get you to success like they’re everywhere. But people that will take you to significance, I believe those are fewer and fewer and farther between and fewer people that can not just talk you through how to do there, but can lead you because they’re on that same journey on that same path. And Marcus, thanks for being one of those people, for me and for so many others. And that’s been a total pleasure to have you on the show today. Appreciate it, my friend very much. And for those listening here today, I want to give you these final three words, you know what they are, they are go Think Bigger. Marcus, thanks for helping us do that today, my friend.

Marcus Green 32:15
Thanks for having me, everybody.

Justin Stoddart 32:19
I want to thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Think bigger Real Estate Show. If you found value here, I asked three things. Number one, give us a review. Number two, go to Facebook groups search Think bigger real estate and apply to join. Here you will find a community of big thinking professionals that will help you grow your income, your independence and your impact. And my third request is go Think Bigger.