I was in college when my mom shared this invaluable piece of wisdom with me that, to this day, changes the way I look at business and life.

My mom was quite the business lady, building a marketing company that had netted her seven figures a year.

She said to me: It’s about the people. It’s always about the people.

Today’s guest is the CEO and Founder of BombBomb, Darin Dawson and we are going to talk about how, amidst endless automation options, to build a human-centered business.

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Justin Stoddart 00:01
So the big question is this. How do we those of us in the real estate industry with crazy amounts of ambition? How do we think bigger than the building of our own empires? How do we simultaneously see success and significance, income and impact? My name is Justin Stoddart. And this is the Think bigger Real Estate Show. Welcome back to the Think bigger Real Estate Show. I’m your host, Justin Stoddart, I have a very special treat for you today, a gentleman that has founded a household name as the CEO and founder of Bom Bom. I’m going to fully introduce him here in just a minute. But before I go there, let me remind you that inside of the Facebook group, scaling your referral business, I’m going deeper on helping you to not just have a great referral business but also a great life outside of business, which oftentimes can be challenging for agents. So be sure to join us again inside of the scaling your referral business on Facebook. Excited to get introduce Darrin Dawson. He’s the CEO and founder of Bomb Bomb, Darrin, such a pleasure to have you back on the show. Thanks for thanks for joining us.

Darin Dawson 01:05
Yeah, Justin. I was excited to do this again. It’s always a fun time with you. And then yeah, happy to be here. Thank you.

Justin Stoddart 01:11
No, I feel the same way. Our conversation last time, as we were discussing was kind of right in the midst of the initial stay-at-home orders, right. And your platform, Bom Bom was obviously becoming more relevant as people weren’t seeing each other, face to face as often as they were before and right, we can all get very accustomed to, to send emails and it takes the humanity out of stuff when we don’t actually put a face and a voice for this. So I love what you’ve done. I’m excited to get into this topic today of teaching real estate industry professionals, specifically, the importance of building a human-centered business. So it’s awesome. Yeah, tell me kind of they’re kind of before we kind of delve too much into some of what you have to share today and maybe how people can maybe get their hands on this new book that you know that your company is released? No, and or this you know, the tool and really kind of maximize even secret tips and tricks that people are doing to to maximize the value of you know, of the bob on platform. Is there anything that you’d like to share just around that topic of a human centered business? You think it’d be interesting for everybody to

Darin Dawson 02:18
Yeah, as we’ve been getting into this so our last book is rehumanize your business I have the rehumanize shirt on if you’re if you’re watching this and and in this is the the evolution or combination around that. So we’re humanize your business was really tactical around video using video, how to use video when to use video in this new book. So I got to write here, human centered communication. This is about what to say when to say it. Why to say that that way and why to be human in your communication. It’s just it’s more than video, right? I mean, video is obviously a core component of that, especially when we deliver it through bom bom. But gosh, man. So even since we last talked, I think the pandemic that a couple things that yes, it did get people to do more with video, but it also increased what I call digital pollution. So now escalated this, like, let’s just throw everything at it. Let’s increase the volume of email, let’s increase the volume of unsolicited text, unsolicited phone calls in what I believe that did is it made people even less trustworthy of this type of communication, right. So whether it be chat, whatever it is, it’s just like the automation of those things. Um, there’s an opportunity in that, but I want to first talk about what the disadvantage of that condition is right now. Okay. So, right now, like, let me tell you this, let me ask you this. If you were to get an email, and even said, I, we know each other, let’s just say we didn’t. Instead, there indocin I want to talk to you about this great thing. Do you believe anymore? That it’s from me? Like, if you don’t know me? Yeah. Do you believe actually, it came from the person who said it came from?

Justin Stoddart 04:04
Yeah, but there’s definitely a question that goes through my mind is who’s the actual sender? Right? Who’s either who is

Darin Dawson 04:09
literally they’re like, are they using some sort of scaling machine learning thing to like, yeah, do this right. And so I believe that used to be even, let’s just say three years ago, when I sent an email, and if you didn’t know me, even if you were not interested, at least I know, I did this and maybe some of your listeners would, too. If I received an email from someone, I did not know them. They’re asking for my time to discuss something, their business, whatever it might be, even if I were not interested, I would at least return the courtesy of saying, Thank you for reaching out. I’m not interested in this time. You know, let maybe some other time I would be now I go click Shift, click Delete. And like when I’m done talking to you, I’ll have at least 10 At least 10 of those. So I think that’s a problem. We’re calling in digital pollution. So that’s the premise of this book. Like, that escalated, I think, through the pandemic. And so and then what it did is I don’t have as much a feeling of reciprocity to you, because I don’t think you’re even a real person. So if I don’t think you’re a human being, we don’t only human beings have reciprocity. I mean, think about, okay, it’s human beings feel like, I owe you, you did this for me, I might feel like I need to do that for you. That’s reciprocity. That’s a human. It’s a human thing. We don’t do that anymore. Because it’s been. So we’re getting so used to these communications, not, we don’t trust that they’re actually from another human being. Would you agree with that?

Justin Stoddart 05:38
Yeah, no, I see. What you’re saying now is that it’s these large mailing lists, right? That has some famous person or someone’s name on it? Yeah. And we, we don’t

Darin Dawson 05:47
know that famous person could be a real estate agent listening to this. Yeah, actually could, okay. You are famous in your area, but we feel like our time is worthwhile money. And it is. But you know, what is the return on that activity or doing what is your expectation that is, so we get this all the time? Well, I sent the email, nothing happened. Bom Bom doesn’t work. No, that’s not the problem. The problem is my message. My message was not centered on the recipient. Okay, so this is a part and I’m Sorry, I interrupted you. I’ll let you finish that answer. No, no,

Justin Stoddart 06:19
it was great. I mean, when you initially started down that path, I thought you were asking me if I was questioning if it was like a hacker behind the email, which I typically don’t assume that, but I hear what you’re saying. When you say, when you ask the question of like, Do you actually believe it’s the other person sending it? In other words, is it a one to one communication? Is it someone that actually sent a message to me? Or did I just somehow get on their mailing list? Or how

Darin Dawson 06:40
about even this? I mean, even if there’s apparently a mass communication, do you believe someone sat down, created it and sent it? I mean, right now we’re just in this era where everything is automated, we want more automation, we want more scale of our time. Okay. But I think the issue with that is we get far more concerned about us, and far less concerned about the recipient. And so what humans enter communicational is all about really, is being more focused on that recipient, and your client, and your potential client, your future client, or existing customer than you are about you about your time, your situation, your scalability. Now, all of those things are possible. I just think that we’ve gone maybe far, way farther in the other direction. Okay. Let me give an example this. So I think this really brings it home, I’ve been asking this question. So I’ll ask it to you. Like, if you were to pick between two businesses, no matter what industry, but we can say they’re in real estate. And you know, they’re very much the same, they really do offer much of the same service they offer in this for the same price. All of those things are very much the same. Which one do you choose? How do you decide to pick one over the other, they very much deliver the same service that you’re looking for, and you want to buy?

Justin Stoddart 08:01
I mean, all other things being equal, it comes down to who’s who’s the person involved with this? Who’s the person that’s offering it?

Darin Dawson 08:07
Yep. It’s usually the one we like, right? Like, I just feel like, I like them more, or it usually comes down to a feel, right, like a human feeling of this emotion. It’s empathy. You know, trust is built on a transfer of empathy, and being vulnerable. And these types of things. Like we also build that off of our interactions with other human beings. So our premise there is that look, how do you build feeling? Or how do you build a know like, and trust with another person, usually, that’s through an interaction like this or in person, you can also do that through our communication vehicles, too. So that’s again, getting back to this is what human centered communication is all about how to be more connected with human beings. So you stand out they choose you over the other business other thing, other than we have lots of choices to make every day, by the way, right? Like, so why would they choose you? Why would they decide yet? You know what, I like them, and I’m going to give them my business.

Justin Stoddart 09:09
You know, I don’t want to tell a quick story there that really kind of reinforces what you’re talking about that I actually shared in the kind of posts leading up to this is that I was in college at the time when my mom’s business had scaled up to a point to where she was able to bring home seven figures and I don’t say that boastfully at all because she was the same incredible lady was, you know, expecting a child at 17 as a junior in high school, so she didn’t start off with a silver spoon in her mouth, just the opposite came from a very broken home and had every reason in the world to be a statistic on welfare for the rest of her life, right? I mean, that’s just kind of the path that it looked like she was headed down from the outside. And she became the most amazing mom never married my father, and they were unbelievable parents. And at that moment, when I was in college, it you know, when she had reached that level of scale I was so impressed that she said, You know what it all comes down to. She said, business and life are always about the people. It’s always about the people. Now, she didn’t enjoy some of the same temptations of automation, and leveraging abilities that we have, you know, in today’s world, but I think had she had she built her business in our era, she would have very much agreed with what you’re talking about is that there’s automation can be very powerful in the sense that we can leverage and duplicate ourselves in a lot of different ways and different places. But if we take the humanity out of any tool, and we stop having our message be centered on somebody, a specific person that and our offer is about helping them, then what good is it right, it’s just a matter of time before that offer falls flat, and our services fall flat. So yeah, I 100% agree with with what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t shun all the automation, but we should be very selective in how we use it.

Darin Dawson 11:04
I agree. And that is, in that I’m glad you said because that’s not my message that you don’t do those things, I think you need to have a good equal of both. And so what we kind of coach on this is that, you know, find the moments that matter like moments that matter in your business, that you know, when you come present in that moment, it can make a huge difference that if I was in person here, if I was face to face, I would do it this way, if that’s hard to do in it, and you should find these moments, because what we tend to do is just rely too much on the automation, let it kind of trickle in, find these moments of matter in your business and just dial those in, in a human way. And that can be with video very easily. I mean, I can think of before the listing presentation, just send a quick video introducing yourself, telling them a little bit about yourself personally, right? Vulnerability creates connection. Right? That’s how we get there. Who are you? Do you got three kids? Are they twins? Yeah, that’s me, right? I’m a dad, two twin girls are nine years old are crazy. But my son’s 12. These are how we build relationships with humans send that quick video before the listing presentation. When you get there, they’ll feel a little bit more like they know who you are. Additionally, after the listing presentation, recap some of the main points that they brought up, recap maybe some of the main points you brought up in a nice video, let them know that you care, let them know why they should choose you. Those are two very big moments that matter. Right now, if you get a listing opportunity, how are you going to win it? What are the things that you’re going to do that just ensure even more so that you may be the one they choose? Right? So that’s two examples of what I think are moments that matter in real estate. But there’s many more right, like, follow up with me, after I sold my home, welcome me to the neighbor, connect me with other people you might know, you can think of five of these, if you start implementing them very easily. They’re not not hard, they’re simple. But they make a huge impact. And how people experience you as a person and as a business.

Justin Stoddart 13:13
Oftentimes have people that will say, like, I don’t, I don’t love myself on video, like, like, I get that that’s a powerful tool, but I just like I keep watching it, I’m just not going to send it. One of the things that I tend to call people’s bluff on that I say like, if you really believe that, your face shouldn’t be in front of people, you probably would not have chosen a public facing profession, like real estate. So I’m gonna call you out on that like, like, if that’s really the way you felt, you’d probably be in some kind of back office where nobody saw you and didn’t have to interact with people. The reality is, you’re putting your face out there every day. And and we’re just now given the ability to do that to more people, right, in a more convenient way. I think we just have to get over the fact that if that’s been an issue of like, I like I like the concept of sending video, email, video texts. That, like you just have to realize that you’ve already gotten over that, like the moment you decided to get into this industry, which is very public facing.

Darin Dawson 14:05
It’s easy. I mean, I’ve done it too. It’s easy to say like you need to get over it. But I do get it like i i do empathize that you don’t look the only time we see each other ourselves. Usually now unless you know we do this video stuff a lot, but is when we’re brushing our teeth in the morning, like we just don’t see our faces, and we don’t hear ourselves. So the way we hear ourselves inside our head is different than how Justin hears me right now. And so when we actually do hear ourselves, our brains like wow, everything. It’s like a very, um, you know, evolutionary rejection of all of those things. We don’t like these micro expressions that we kind of make that we never see that ourselves that we do. And when we see them, we don’t like that. So look, I just want to acknowledge that elephant in the room that I get that it’s painful, but I will say just like Anything else when you started leaving voicemails, you might not have been good at it. And you thought the same thing, when you started making phone calls, and dialing people, that was hard, too. But I offer that this in those were hard. But you now would agree that you have to do that to be successful in real estate, if you would just just go out on a limb and begin to do this, again, write down what are just some of the high impact moments that could really make a difference. If I added that to my process, and just step a little bit into that, like, be vulnerable, and do it. And just keep doing that, like, consider, like, I’m going to do this for at least three months, and be dedicated to these moments that matter. And when this happens, I’m going to send a video, okay, if you do that, I think you’ll find that the benefit far outweighs your fear. And that the payoff is even greater than how you learned with voicemail and how you learned with one calling. Because you’re bringing human experience to something that no one so I still I still do not get a lot of video emails, I don’t I It blows my mind, Look, I get prospected I get solicited every day. It’s like, I can count on two hands now amazing. In 10 years, how many people have sent me a video look, if you’re prospecting me, I’m just if you’re listening this and you want to sell something to my business, you best be sending a video. They don’t, you will stand out so much. If you implement this, it’s just a huge differentiator for yourselves, it will grow your business just by saying some simple, simple videos.

Justin Stoddart 16:39
You know, I had a conversation with an agent this morning, we were talking to actually about geographic farming. And I said, the reason why it typically takes 12 months for people to see a return on their geographic farming mailing efforts is because when people see your stuff hit their mailbox, they don’t know you. And so they have no holding place in their brain for you. So you can find a way to get face to face with them or have some sort of interaction with them. Now the files open now they can put, they can associate everything else you send with a human being. And it’s much more meaningful and impactful. So we talked about strategies on doing that. And I think it’s it’s on a similar note, I have a good friend, he’s owns a big brokerage out of Casper, Wyoming. And he uses the bom bom platform, and every probably maybe fifth or sixth email, he’ll send me a video email. And it’s interesting because now he’s trained me that every time I look at his now we’ve never met in person, but we’ve become very good friends virtually. And every time I see his emails come in my inbox, they stand out, not because every one of them has a video, but because he did it enough times, even once, I think was enough times for me to pay attention that hey, this guy communicates differently. I like him. There’s a deeper connection. Even though those weren’t two way, it was still an opportunity for me to say like, oh, like I like I just instead of going wide with people, right, which is what automation teaches us to do. It teaches us to go deep with people right to find the right people and go deep with them.

Darin Dawson 18:00
Right, dude, I love that. So I mean, you’re just reminding me, Look, folks, we’re getting into one of the easiest times in the world to send video. This is my usually, you know, we go we have the national association Realtors show coming up, we’re always there. I love speaking there. Because it’s always this time of year. And so it’s one of the easiest times to get served with a video. And here’s why you get the same gratitude emails to people in your sphere. People who worked with you this past year, because it’s Thanksgiving, and it’s Christmas. Like, it’s the easiest thing in listen, if you do this, you will feel better and they will feel better you will make their day and your day will be made. I promise you. If you sat down from now until Thanksgiving, and just said thank you for your business. I sincerely appreciate it this year, it was amazing working with you. I wish you all the best in the years to come. Like if you do that. And I’ll take a playbook out of our friends at mfine. And oh, by the way, if you know anyone looking to buy or sell, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. In fact, you can just forward them this email. That works, folks, if you did that activity from now until the end of November is the gratitude season. Say thank you for your business to folks you’d worked with in the past, even if you haven’t seen even if it wasn’t this year, because last year, trust me on this, it will be glad to see in your face and you will make more money and you will get more business if you do that. What I just told you

Justin Stoddart 19:32
it’s such a powerful concept because so many agents I think No no, some are very comfortable and good at picking up the phone and having those and more power to you. I think that’s super powerful. Probably the most powerful way beyond getting like face to face with people. But there’s a lot of people that that sit look at their phone and they’re like, even on gratitude calls. It’s like I I’m going to do something else before I do that and it just gets pushed out pushed out pushed out and the reality is I’m gonna say on the other end of the line, that person that maybe doesn’t want to get interrupted either like their worst I like like the phones coming in, it’s like, I have time to talk to them right now, I don’t really want to reject

Darin Dawson 20:05
your idea of maybe what the conversation is gonna be about. But that’s with with asynchronous video, they get to receive the message on their own time, right. And by the way, you get to create it and deliver it on your own time when you have time to do that. So you can do that in the morning time block, send out your five videos, right and like, and then they get to receive them on their time and feel like man we talked about in the beginning, like feel like they just saw you, as a human thing is unique to humanity. We need to do that more. And then maybe I do want to refer Oh, yeah, I was at the Halloween party last night. And I want to make sure they know about her him as well. Right. Like, and my buddy, Jared James, real estate coach, he has a great line, he uses visibility Trump’s ability, right, so he’s the idea like who would win against him? Him or Michael Jordan? Well, Jared is not as tall as Michael Jordan. So he’s not going to win. But his point is like, look, as a real estate agent, you have to be visible, or you’re going to get beat. I mean, you ever if you’ve ever sat there and wondered, why am I not more successful? It’s probably because you’re not as visible as you could be. So this the simple task of increasing your visibility, so that people can trust in your ability, right? Because a less able agent might just be more visible than you. So how are you increasing that visibility, I think this is an easy time of the year and easy way to do it.

Justin Stoddart 21:31
It’s it’s a, it’s a great point. So for those of you out there that excuse me already have the bomb on platform and you haven’t used it enough. This is a great little tip for you, right? Take a look at all of your past clients, your sphere, and knock out 2345. Maybe if you’re ambitious, 10 plus videos a dead serious you guys it takes like literally like 30 seconds, like 30 seconds, right? You made it so easy with a chrome with a Chrome browser extension to be able to grab that, put it into,

Darin Dawson 21:59
put it anywhere to so in any browser you’re using any any CRM you might be using the bom bom works anywhere with the Chrome extension now. So you can insert these easy gratitude message, whether whatever database you’re using, make this a part of your routine, but send just thank you gratitude messages, then say, Oh, by the way, you know, am I looking to buy or sell? I’d love to talk to him. Yeah,

Justin Stoddart 22:23
you know, I wrote the book called The upstream model. And the concept of the book is that oftentimes, we spend our time on these massive databases, whether it be cold market or warm market, to get some referrals, right to kind of find the needle in the haystack, the golden egg amongst whole bunch of non golden eggs. And I teach the principle that there are certain professionals in the marketplace, who just through the course of their day to day work, are uncovering the fact that their clients are going to need a real estate agent next. And by going deep with the right referral partners, the right upstream partners, you have the ability to spend a little bit of time offering big value to a few people and get referrals not talking on a on an annual basis. But on a weekly monthly basis. My book really dissects how to do that. And I think sometimes we wonder like, what is that communication look like after I’ve had that first meeting. And I think this tool and platform that we’re talking about is a great way to deliver value, right is this isn’t just like a hey, how you doing? How are the kids that may be appropriate at some point, but to deliver unique, specific, timely value that they can take something from that and go then give it to their client base to where you become, in part of their conversations with their clients. Like that’s, this is another powerful tool for everybody to use. That’s aspired to want to know how do I make the upstream model work for me?

Darin Dawson 23:42
It’s great. I love that. Yep. Look, I think and, again, work in the database, everyone wants to leverage it, like send one email, and they just want it all happen. Sometimes you have to be very specific about the messaging. And I think that’s where you get more face to face, right? Like, ideally, you would deliver these messages face to face but we want to scale face to face through technology. And that’s what we’re trying to do at bom bom in a more human way. Like, again, bring that human conversation back to care more about the recipient and what they’re trying to accomplish then what you are, okay, I just got an email actually, from my commercial real estate guide today. Let me know about a commercial property is going for sale in my town saying hey, I thought of you I know how much you love Palmer like are you interested in this? Or do you know someone that that might be? So as a perfect example, they had listed a property and I could easily afford it other people I knew where I can act on it

Justin Stoddart 24:37
you know, in in some markets right? Here’s another idea kind of extending on that. In some markets, you’re allowed to talk about kind of off market properties. I know some MLS systems have kind of cracked down on that. But again, I think anytime you have unique knowledge that that people can’t get by going through yeah portals right anytime you have, like markets coming like you know property Coming soon, or a list of off market properties, and you have the ability to let people know that, hey, I have a list of people that haven’t yet raised their hand to the public that they want to sell, but that they, but they do want to sell if you know of anybody looking to live in these communities, or this area, let me know, I’d love to be in contact with them. Like what a way to have now. People start to raise their hand and come at you, right, as opposed to you coming at people. Do you want to sell Do you want to buy? Do you want to sell? It’s like, No, I I have unique information over here. And just let me know, if you have somebody that you know, that you think would be beneficial, even if they don’t know of anybody, you’re now branding yourself as different and better. Right? Your Branding really stands out.

Darin Dawson 25:46
It’s great. Absolutely. Great idea.

Justin Stoddart 25:48
So I love what you’re doing here. Can you kind of talk about where people can get their hands on this new book that’s been released and then anything you can share as far as getting set up on the bottom platform if you have any, any kind of tips or best place to go to do that. It’d be interesting for people that were thinking like, I could see how this could work now, I’ve been watching people use that for years. Didn’t think it was for me. I’m over the hump now. I get it. I want to try it out.

Darin Dawson 26:13
Great. So the books easy so anywhere you buy books you can find human sorry, communication. So Amazon is probably the easiest place to get it. We just got a number two and Wall Street Journal last week, so I’m pretty pumped about that. So the books killing it. What’s the

Justin Stoddart 26:31
name of it again? They’re

Darin Dawson 26:31
so human better communication.

Justin Stoddart 26:34
Human center communication. Love it.

Darin Dawson 26:37
Okay, good. Yeah. Now for Bom Bom. It’s easy. Just go to Bom bom.com and start a free trial, just get started. To start doing it, we give you 14 days, you can check it out, you can try it can send some videos get used to but commit to it. Used you touched on this too. Like, you expect it so fast. We expect all these things to work just like a magic trick. This is not a magic trick. Like anything else you’ve ever learned. Whether it be direct mail, it takes time to build this, and only really perseverance and dedication to anything to cold calling to, to, you know, how do we deliver our listing presentation to exercise in like, this is like that you have got to be dedicated to and try it and be consistent and do it. If you do, you will have the results that you’re looking for. As in anything, don’t, you will not I can’t lose weight, if I still just want to eat whatever I want, and never work out. It doesn’t work that way. Usually, now at my age, I have to do literally both, which really, really sucks. But it’s the same thing with video. I know. It’s not what everyone wants to hear, but it’s the truth. But we have 1000s and 1000s of people just like you listening to this that are winning everyday doing it.

Justin Stoddart 27:48
Yeah, I think all of us that are big thinkers, right, that have big goals, big aspirations, and are relational, right and don’t want to move to a business. That’s, that’s that’s just cold market prospecting and solely transactional and there’s no relationship in it. If that’s you, then you’re my people. Right? Then you’re in the right spot, very specifically why we had Darren come back again, because this tool helps you to do that. It allows you to be a big thinker to actually scale a business, use a tool that does that without taking out the most important component, which is the humans, right? Remember what my mom said is that it’s it’s always about the people business in life. It’s always about the people. Thank you, Darrin for helping to create something that allows us to do that. And and remember that before we wrap up here, and I can’t forget our closing question, which is a signature question of this show, which is what does Derrick Dawson do to continue to be a big thinker to continue to expand your possibilities in your world? What does that look like?

Darin Dawson 28:46
It’d be interesting if I answer this question differently than I did before? I don’t know. I’m very I’m very much a routine person. I always have been I think that’s helped me in my career. But I want to represent believe that leaders are readers, right that you have got to continue to push it. So I’m reading this cool book. It’s called the road less stupid. Right, Plato, right. That’s the one I’m reading right now. But I mean, I think that I’m always part of my routine in the mornings, I get up I try and work out least three to four times a week. I do a lot of prayer in my life. That’s that’s where I’m at. And then I get and I spend at least 15 to 20 minutes reading something for the business. In my fun time reading is in history. I love reading history. So those are the things I’m very routine about them trying to teach my kids how to do that because I think that some of that structure leads to just being more successful and just like with anything like do your videos, you know, do your reading, do your meditation time these are important things I think.

Justin Stoddart 29:46
I love it consistency wins when you start mixing in

Darin Dawson 29:50
powerful as a force multiplying compound effect over time. I can I can guarantee you if you do that, you will have results long term

Justin Stoddart 30:00
You start Yeah, exactly. Start adding in powerful habits like the ones you described. And you do them consistently over time. And the only way to do that is you just have to really have a routine where you don’t have to think about it anymore. That’s right. What happens has to

Darin Dawson 30:11
be a habit when you create good, yeah, good habits, bad habits. Good habits. could be things like this bad habits are the cookies that are upstairs and all the Halloween candy that’s crying out to me for my children. Yeah, why be a thief of my kids Halloween candy. hold me accountable. Justin. I’m gonna try not to be

Justin Stoddart 30:28
funny, you said that I just was. So I get my home office. My kids are at school. I just had, I think three pieces of candy just prior to this call. So I guess

Darin Dawson 30:38
they’ll never notice. They have so much they won’t know.

Justin Stoddart 30:43
Totally all those thoughts in my mind. They’re always such a great time. Appreciate again, you being a big thinker. And being the guy who helps us do that in a way that keeps humans at the center of it all. Appreciate it, my friend. Thanks. So similar to conversation to everybody listening here today. Thank you so much. And my final request is this it’s go think bigger. There. Thanks for letting us do that today. My friend. See, dude. I want to thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Think bigger real estate show. If you found value here, I asked three things. Number one, give us a review. Number two, go to Facebook groups search Think bigger real estate and apply to join. Here you will find a community of big thinking professionals that will help you grow your income, your independence and your impact. And my third request is go think bigger