Hey, welcome back to the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. I’m your host Justin Stoddart, very excited about this topic that seems to be like a unicorn work life balance. Is there such a thing in real estate? Can you actually have it all? I have with me today, Beth Kellan, she’s a Top Producing agent has been for years. And we’re going to get into this as soon at a point in her life, that her highest producing year, she had very strict parameters, five miles of inner house and had to be done by 5:30pm and had a GCI of $620,000. That year, we’re going to talk about how she did that. Before we get into that, I want to thank you again, for tuning into this show. And let you know that if you go to think bigger got real estate, on that website, you can sign up to get in your inbox every week. The highlights of this week shows and specific action steps. So be sure to sign up for that. Lot of people reaching out to me very grateful that they because they can’t catch every episode. But this really gives them the cliff notes, the ability to apply things in their life, which is how you become a big thinker. So, Beth, let’s get into this. Let me kind of begin by maybe introducing you, Beth Carolyn, again, Top Producing Windermere agent here out of the Portland Oregon market. You are licensed since 2001. And really caught hold of ninja selling, which was highlighted a few episodes ago in 2007. You’re now a ninja certified mastery coach. I’m excited and grateful to have you on the show today. Thanks for being here.

Absolutely. Thanks for having me. It’s such an honor.

Well, it’s an honor for all of us to hear how you have done what you’ve done, and how you’re now again, of moving beyond success to significance, right? Where you’re looking to pour how to find success through other people, by being a coach by helping other people to do what you did. So let me just kind of restate that in case people missed this, which is you were at a point in your life where you had your little babies at home. And you decided like I’ve got to be done by 530? Because why? Tell me why was that? Yeah.

Yeah, 530 was when the daycare shuts down. My for the first several years of our kiddos lives, my husband worked nights. So he and I were like ships in the night, he would keep the kiddos during the days except for the few days that he had to work. And then he would go on to work at four. So I had to be the one to pick them up at 530 when daycare was over. So I can have a choice, I had to shut my day down at five in order to get to them. I don’t know if you guys if you know this, but they charge you about $1 $5 a minute beyond 530. So you can get costly if you’re not on time. Because I didn’t realize I had four nights a week I had to pick up the kiddos and have them with me. And then the other three nights I wanted to see my husband on those nights that he was home.

Yeah. powerful stuff. So you just simply drew a line in the sand and said, Okay, my day ends at this time. Therefore, I must get a lot done before 5pm. Beth is now you’ve coached people that the hours that they dedicate to real estate, let’s say it’s eight to five, right? If If someone were to really get in and get after it, do you believe that that’s enough time to create a successful real estate business if you’re highly focused and have a solid plan?

Absolutely. I think that that the focus pieces but absolutely the key. We go about our days, and we do so much throughout the day, and how much of it is actually productive work?

Yeah, I think we all fall victim to that and right, or choose that right on victims the right word for the bigger real estate show. But but but we all make choices, right? That dilute our productivity that dilute our effectiveness, and keep us from really being on task, those things that matter the most. Um, let’s talk a little bit about this case. So the timeframe is clear. You’ve got to be done by 5pm. Now you made the decision also to work within a very specific geographical ring from your home. Was it five miles? Is that what I remember? You told me

it was actually closer to 10. And I was a little bit too I would be choosier if it was closer. And of course, they had lots of help and would refer out if it was a little beyond the location of where I needed to be my kiddos where I live in southwest Portland, my kiddos were in daycare and triggered. So if I’m showing a property out in outer northeast, at 430, it was not happening.

Yeah. So you then I mean, how did you You didn’t turn business down, you just created strong referral partners in the ne se kind of any area that was outside of that ring? To where you said, You know, I don’t service that area. And probably it’s it, I would imagine some degree, it’s a cert, it was a service to your clients, to find people that really specialize in that area.

Absolutely. And it’s still always a work in progress. And something that I strive to continue to work on is making those relationships feel seamless. And it is challenging, but when you don’t have any other choice and your kiddos become the priority, you it somehow makes it happen. And I looked back on that year and I thought wow, I really did not work evenings this whole

last year, it was pretty amazing.

It’s it’s truly phenomenal. Interesting to have you say no to stuff, right, I think know, is one of the most powerful words that anybody that’s highly successful. gets really comfortable saying is like, No, I can’t do that. No, that’s not a good customer for me. No, I don’t work well there. If I because if you say yes to it, then you’re saying no to picking up your kids. Right? Yes. You know, we tend to be those of us that are in sales tend to be very kind of Yes. driven. Yes. Customer Service. Right. But I think one of the more powerful things is to realize that yes, the customer’s always right, yes, we service the customer at a really high level. But no, not everybody needs to be our customer know, like there’s a there’s a certain standard that people have to have to have to fit into in order to to meet our customer criteria. Would you say benefit that by you making that choice to say I’m going to say no, to those, you know, far northeast properties from where you are? Did you start to fill that that void with properties that were closer in? that were actually closer to where you were at? Yeah, good

question. It’s interesting how it all kind of works out my principal broker, john Gregory always said that, you know, when you stick your hand in a candy jar, you go in the jar, and in order to pull out some candy, you have to let go of a few to get your hand out of the jar. Right. So it became that quality over quantity. And I, I also learned that if I was honest about who I am, and let my folks know that look, I’d be happy to show you that house, you know, at 430. But I have to be on the road by five o’clock to get to my kiddos. They were the people that I really wanted to be working with. were super respectful about that. And I went through this whole period where I tried to not be a mom when I was at work and not work when I was being a mom. When in reality, when I combine the two and let everybody know who I was, it became more natural and it was more of a harmony versus a work life balance.

I think that’s probably a great way to put it is that balance can be a true unicorn, right? But you found like counterbalance, like there’s times where I’m going to bring my kids with me mana showing, right. And you probably like you shared that with me before that you knew certain clients where that would be totally permissible. And then they’d probably love it. There are other clients that maybe wouldn’t appreciate that as much. But you had the emotional intelligence to be able to tell the difference between the two, right?

Yeah. And so those evenings that I wouldn’t work, it was like, I’d be happy to if the only time we can get there is at six or 630. I’m happy to do that. You can have me but I’m also going to have my two little kiddos until

and do you feel like that last few business? Or do you feel like people were okay with that

question? For the most part, they were okay with it. And it’s we do feel like we want to capture it. All right. I’m I fall victim to that as well. And I think that at the end of the day, if somebody really doesn’t understand that I’m also a mom, and that I have I put my kids as a priority, or probably not somebody that I want to be working with. Yeah,

yeah, I think that’s a powerful way to look at it right? To have an abundance mentality to say, there’s enough clients out there that would totally respect the way that I work and the person that I am, and what’s important to me, and if somebody doesn’t, that’s okay, they’ve self selected outside of my tribe, and I’m okay with that. I’ll simply fill that with someone who will respect what’s important to me, and the fact that I can serve them at a high level, even with the circumstances that I have, and the other things that are important to me.


Tell us Beth, obviously, Ninja selling has been instrumental to you being able to have these parameters being able to have the kind of referral business that you have. Talk to us about some of the key components obviously, we highlighted kind of ninja selling last week, talk to us for for you, what are some key things that have really stood out and been real difference makers when it comes to implementing this this kind of methodology.

I you know, my I’ve, my business philosophy is goes back to the book, The go giver, I don’t know if you’ve read it. It’s a big NINJA book. It’s one of the required readings, of course, for an engine installation. And as an instructor, of course, and I have always subscribed to the law of value, which is that your true worth is determined by how much more you give in payment, I how much more you given value than you’ve taken payment. And if I can repeat that mantra in my head, the money just shows up. Because I’m able to add value to people’s lives through the relationships that I have with them for helping to solve their problems, or helping them find their dream, whether it be a house or a location or a job, or whatever is going on in their lives, maybe a marriage or you know, a new kiddo or empty nesters, whatever that might be.

I love what you said there. And I think the the value proposition of a real estate agent is being questioned right now. People are wondering, why would I pay a full commission when I can pay a technology company a partial commission, and according to the technology company get just as good or better service than if I went through a full service realtor. And I think what you’re describing is what a lot of what one with the tech companies are stating, number one, and number two, like the reality that people have additional concerns beyond just real estate, yes, the way you’re introduced to them. And what you’re initially there to do is solve real estate problems. But if in the process, you have a very robust and powerful network, because you’ve poured into people for years and years, and you have the ability to make professional introductions to somebody that is going to get them a better job or get them a promotion or allow them to better serve their customers. Like that’s, that’s some of the stuff that’s really difficult, if not impossible for an algorithm to solve. Would you agree?

Absolutely, wholeheartedly.

So that that’s just become part of your mo then right is to serve people not just show up and say I’m a realtor, I’m gonna market your house, and I’m gonna do it better than anybody else. But talk to us about your mentality when you go into step into relationship. What does that look like tactically for you? Are you just asking specific questions and listening and then afterwards go in and, and and finding ways to deliver on that? Or was that look like?

Yeah, the question based selling is the and I hate even putting selling in there, because it doesn’t feel like selling to me, but it’s really listening to where their pain points are or where their excitement comes from. And seeing how we can parlay the real estate to either solve that problem, or increase their level of pleasure, fun, you know, excitement about dreams, and whatever they’re, they’re wanting to accomplish in their life.

Really interesting. So it’s, it’s not just about moving the wealth needle, although I would argue that a great agent like yourself, is going to actually have advice and consultative advice is going to move the needle for people when it comes to their net worth, right. But additionally, you’re enhancing their lifestyle, you’re looking for other ways to really serve them and become a part of their life, helping improve all areas.

That’s where I feel like the value is priceless.

I love it. So great. Is there anything else that from kind of ninja selling that really stands out to you, beyond just that kind of go giver mentality of adding more value than what you take? Is there something else anything else that you would maybe point out that’s been instrumental for you and kind of taking you to another level?

Yeah, when I think on the personal side of things, I learned very early on, I worked for an agent that I saw produce a ton of business, but I don’t think she was very happy in her life. And I thought, well, if that’s what it’s going to take to be a top producer, and that I’m interested in that. And that was I learned that early on, and it actually took me a long time to kind of get out of that mindset, that No, you cannot be a high producer and have a very high quality of life and, and strong relationships with your spouse, your partner, your your kids, your parents, your friends. But you have to be careful not to sacrifice them, right. And we when you start to put work over the appointments that you have to be committed to your family, that’s when you can get into a lot of hot water with quality of life and things go down. I mean, and then what’s the point?

Yeah, it does, right? You, you mentioned this before is that there’s there’s only so much in an emotional bank account, even in a marriage or even especially with kids, right? That choosing choosing a listing appointment over family works a couple of times, right. But if it becomes a pattern, those those relationships, like you talked about are, that are the whole reason why you’re doing this is to support and enhance those relationships. How, how do you train someone to kind of say no, and have an abundance mentality? Is there something you’ve learned when it’s like, I can go on this listing appointment, and there’s a good chance I’m going to get it? Or keep the commitment of going to my kids soccer game? And like, that’s tough, right? How do you How have you learned to kind of navigate that, to where you can have both and it’s not an either either I have a family? Or I have a good business? But how do I have both? How do I show up and be a great mom, like all in on the sideline on the soccer field? And also have a killer business? Yeah, that’s a great


Sometimes I think we just need to take a deep breath. And when we say hey, you know that time isn’t going to work for me? Could we do this other time? removing the fear of actually asking the question, most of the time, if it’s a reasonable request, people are totally fine with it. We feel like we need to say how high what our clients Hmm. But if we communicate to them, that we you have other commitments, if you had another listing appointment at that time, you wouldn’t cancel that listing appointment to you wouldn’t sacrifice that for the other listing appointments. So we shouldn’t be doing the same things to our families.

For that’s, that’s great. And I think people respect somebody who’s got other commitments, right? If you say one thing, my schedule is totally open, what’s good for you, UPS? Man? I’m available, like, Am I the only person working with you? What am I missing? Why am I your only client? Why am I your only commitment? You know, we know that when we go see a specialist, that, you know, sometimes like specialists, it’s like either a month out or two months out, right? Yeah, it’s like, well, they’re the best. So we’re going to wait for them. Right. And and I’m not recommending that real estate agents make their clients wait a month or two months for listing appointment. But I think the principles of saying that people tend to respect somebody who has their life in order, right, and it has their business in order. And there’s this there’s a time and I’ve got, I’ve got a slot on Tuesday and Thursday night at at 5pm. You know, I work with are those evenings, which one of those would work if not, I can do Saturday at this time. And give them the options and let them choose right, as opposed to letting them dictate your schedule. And heaven forbid, they say that doesn’t work, and you’ll lose that client. Guess what, there are other people out there that that will it is that kinda what I hear, like I hear you saying,

Yeah, absolutely.

And I set the expectation early that I I tell my clients that I run my business, like a business and I really try to keep the business hours, there’s going to be those times that are emergency timelines where we’ve got to get out to see this house because it’s going to go multiple offers by tomorrow or the next day. And those are different situations. And I reserve those off our times for exactly those situations. And, you know, not to say that I don’t feel the phone call at eight o’clock at night, because that happens a lot. But I’m not out running around or talking to every text message that comes in with every question. It’s reserved for those real timely issues.

Those are the exceptions, not the rule. Right? Correct. Yeah. I love that. Can you state that phrase again, I I run my business, like a business, therefore, I work to keep business within business hours.

Yeah, exactly. And, you know, there’s times things are going to come up in in those off hours. And when they’re time sensitive, I’m there. And they’re more emergent, but otherwise, I I’m with my family. And I’ll tell people that and they they tend to respect that.

Yeah. Yeah. powerful stuff, Beth, if if anyone who’s listening today is like me, and you’re saying like, oh, my goodness, that’s the life that I want. That’s just described right there. Having number one the courage to say the things that she’s saying. And to create the standards really, right, the standards that you’ve set for where you’re going to work when you’re going to work. I’ve heard Tony Robbins say before is that a standard is just simply what you’re willing to put up with. Right? And and if people right now are seeing themselves, I want to have standards like that I want to have like, I want to have both, I want to have both end. You know, as I mentioned, Beth is a certified ninja coach, and she’s got a group coaching program that’s ridiculously inexpensive when it comes to coaching hundred $25 a month for the value that you get, what does that look like? Beth, what does what does ninja group coaching look like? and describe that to us?

Yeah, well, it’s based on the ninja selling principles, which if anybody’s familiar with that is the reason why I’ve been able to have the business that I have in the life that I have. The mastery program is a once a month, three hour in person group, seminar, if you will, here in Portland, and we have one in Seattle as well. An opportunity for people to get together and continue down the ninja path and really practice what the ninja selling talks about and break it down over a 12 month period. And you’re in a room with other like minded ninjas, realtor, real estate professionals. There’s not just realtors in there. We’ve got lenders and a con chapter and title, folks. And so that just is great for any real estate professional that’s interested in kind of elevating the industry in general and being around other like minded professionals. I love it.

Later, September, is that right?

Yes. third week of September, we meet the third Wednesday of every month.

Okay. Very good. So So for people that want to look into this, right, and they’re like, oh, my goodness, that I that sounds like that would work for me. I’m going to best maybe a special offer for the think bigger real estate audience. If you’re in either Portland or Seattle, and or, and or, or, like if you can make it to these events on you know, on a monthly basis. what she’s going to do kind of a special opportunity is that there’s a class designated typically for those people that finish ninja selling, right. And it’s it’s a pricing strategies class, give us just a little taste of what that looks like. And I guess what I want to maybe finish here real quick, is it? If you sign up and mention, think bigger to Beth, she’s going to invite you to this pricing strategies class, even before you go through ninja installation, so you’re going to get some real meat. So talk to us, Beth about what that pricing strategy is like one thing that they’ll walk away with having attended that? Absolutely.

I feel like my pricing

strategy is pretty unique. One of the Ninja philosophies is that we don’t there’s no such thing as my price. So the sellers price, the market dictates the price, right? So how do we get the focus off of us having to come up with the value of the property, and it matters? Who says it My goal is when I go into a listing appointment is to have the seller say the price that I’m hoping they’re going to say that I want you know that I feel like is in the market value range. And I’ve got some pretty specific strategies that and tools that ninja selling offers and are available out there that I incorporate into the my CMS and my pricing conversations, and would be more than willing to share that with everybody in that seminar.

I love the date of that is to be determined, but it’s going to be early September. Is that my understanding?

Yeah, probably. Yeah, probably right before we get started on our new group or maybe even the week after.

Yeah. Great. So again, if you want to get access to that, reach out to Beth. She’s on Facebook. what’s what’s the best email to contact you at Beth, let’s put that up on the screen.

Best email is team

at Beth Kellen ke Ll a n.com.

Okay. So if interested, either a you want to learn more, or be you’re like, this is for me, I want to do this. Reach out to Beth, tell her that you heard about this through the thing bigger real estate show. And she will include you also in that pricing strategies. Opportunity coming up, which sounds golden to me, like just sounds super valuable. So, Beth, this has been amazing. Before we end I want to ask you the signature question of this show, which is you are a big thinker. That’s why you’re here today. What is it that Beth Kellen does to continue to be a big thinker so that you don’t get kind of mired down in small thinking? Teach us what you do to to continue to expand your own possibilities? Yeah, absolutely.

I think being on the ninja path and really continuing to think about my my bucket list. Having things like vision boards, I have all the accountability that I could possibly have individual coaching, accountability partner, you know, groups within my mastery, hold me accountable. And we actually that think bigger is also dreaming bigger. And if you can dream it, it can happen. But you also have to write it down and put it into action. And it’s pretty amazing that once you just start to think about it, the universe figures out a way to make it happen. I love it.

Good stuff. Beth. This has been a total pleasure. Thank you so much for for coming on and pouring into the think bigger real estate audience. And for those of you that have have enjoyed this and found value in this, do Beth and I a favor, comment, like and share this, maybe tag somebody in the show notes you think would benefit by hearing that there is in reality, a way for you to have it all right for you to have a great life outside of real estate while producing at a really high level Beth has has is modeling that for all of us. So again, thank you all for tuning in. And my last request of all of us is to GO THINK BIGGER. Thank you again, Beth been a total pleasure and appreciate all you’ve shared with us