Why real estate agents should be on YouTube. Javier Vidana struggled in his real estate business for years. Once he pivoted to digital strategies, his life got better and his business got bigger. A lot bigger. 

Javier, through the power of YouTube and Twitch, to do four videos each week that created leads sufficient to help him sell close to 50 homes this past year as a solo agent and be generating multiple streams of income from these social media platforms. He is on track to have the revenue coming directly from YouTube and Twitch to double his real estate income in the next year and a half. 

Think about that. 

Javier shoots four videos each week (two produced videos and two livestream videos) and in the process of this one activity, create leads for his real estate business and direct revenue from these platforms. 

It’s another way to think about creating additional revenue streams in your business. 

Javier also gives insight as to how one can begin growing their YouTube channel, whether or not you should try and take friends and followers from one social media platform and get them on another (the answer is “NO!” and he shares why), as well as some insight into the YouTube algorithm. 

He also shares an important component of being a Big Thinker and expanding his possibilities, which is to always recognize that you don’t know it all and to always be seeking to learn from others. 

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