Cody May is the CEO, of the global marketing agency Sheridan St., the co author of an Amazon best selling book called “What If You Could?: The Mindset and Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose”, co-host of Studio PTV Marketing Podcast and The Real Estate Agent Podcast.

Marketing for Real Estate Agents

When it comes to marketing and advertising most people get it wrong. 

People underestimate the power of building an email list and building a text subscriber list. People should invest in building their database, playing the long term game in business by getting as many names and email addresses as possible on your database. 

Too many people rely solely on digital media. Their Facebook, Instagram, Google or personal Facebook page. What happens if that ever gets shut down? (Which we’re seeing across the country, ad accounts are getting shut down. People are getting censored). This can happen to anyone. So if you have your own database, it gives you the ability to continually put out your message.

Valuable and Authentic Marketing

Your message needs to contain value for your database and it needs to be authentically in your voice. A key to having warmer conversations all comes down to nurture, it all comes down to how frequently you are emailing your database. What are you telling them about them? What do they know about you? Do they know who you are, what you do, why you do it? 

In Real Estate, Conversations is the Goal

Your marketing needs to be nurturing your database, creating opportunities to have genuine conversations with as many of them as possible. Those interactions that have the flavor of What’s the need? What can I give? How can I fulfill this need? Where are you at? What are your goals? What’s your plan to get there? What needs do you have? That is when authentic conversation happens. Remember: conversion happens in conversation. 

Three Keys to Longevity as a Real Estate Agent

To fill the funnel, nurture the leads, set appointments, those are the three things that build longevity in this business. So if you have 500 people in your database, you should aim to have 1000. And then in that 1000, if you just dedicate yourself to making sure that list is emailed three times a week, you’ll see massive results. If you are only emailing once a month, people are just not seeing it. Even if even if they’re seeing it and you have 30% open rate, you only email them once they’re remembering you once a month, there’s a reason why we say post every day on social media, it’s the same thing with your email, you should be emailing your list at least three times a week.

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