Unlock your potential with Design Hacker Kathryn Jones. In one of my all-time favorite episodes, Kathryn shares hers and my shared passion for helping people to wake up to recognize the potential within them. In fact, when I heard her say this on another podcast, it resonated deep within me and I knew that those were the words that I was looking for to describe the impact that I wanted to make in the world. You can only imagine how excited I was to interview her on this very topic.

Kathryn has created a movement of fellow design-hackers which exists to help her people create messages that convert. Far beyond teaching people to fix their ugly funnels and websites, her greatest impact has been in helping people to awaken to the potential within them.

Three key areas that Kathryn calls “doctrines of her movement” include: We exist to have joy, and lots of it. If you’re not pursuing a course that is giving you great joy, then you need to rethink your course.
We must awaken to our own potential.
The significance of the acronym ‘awaken’ and how to go about pursuing significance in all areas of life.
Changing your story so that your life path aligns with the outcome you really want.

I mean this when I say it, internalizing what Kathryn teaches will change your life.

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