Unlock your potential through coaching with Pat Mancuso. Do you realize that you’re your own worst enemy? In order to protect you, your subconscious mind is wired to keep you away from uncomfortable things. So, even though you set goals and make plans, as soon as you start to move in the direction of achieving those goals, your subconscious mind begins to work against you. 

So, how do you overcome yourself? 

You have to get help from outside of yourself.  You need someone that can help give you clarity and then provide accountability. You need a coach.

Pat and I discuss:

  • What led Pat into coaching
  • Some of what he’s learned in coaching thousands of people
  • How to unlock our potential as individuals including:
    • The importance of clarity
    • The importance of accountability
    • The importance of having goals be more than just numbers but connect with people on an emotional level
  • How to unlock your potential as an organization including:
    • Having the right people in the right spots
    • Continuing to offer them training
    • Offering them clarity and accountability so that they can be moving in the direction of their potential while helping the team to be doing the same
  • What Pat does to continue to be a Big Thinker and expand his possibilities

In short, this episode will not only change your paradigm about the coaching model, but it also has the potential to change the way that you look at and pursue your own personal and professional growth. 

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