Think Bigger Real Estate. When you have a deeper purpose, something bigger than you, something that lights you up, you start to see real estate through a different lens. Rather than just seeing it as a way to provide an income and your basic necessities of life, you start to see it as a vehicle that can fund this deeper purpose. 

In today’s episode I interview Darren Jacklin who at the young age of 47 has done the following:

  • rang the closing bell at Nasdaq in New York City 2 times. 
  • served on the Board of Directors of a company that I helped to take from a private start up to a Billion Dollar Company and is now publicly traded on Nasdaq. 
  • created his own Private Family Foundation called LYNK Foundation where his vision is a capital target of a $100 Million Dollar Pledge for Global Philanthropy Projects.
  • has personally trained and developed over 1 million people in 50 countries on 4 continents including 157 Fortune 500 Companies in the past 25 years. 

On this episode, Darren goes through some of the fundamental principles of thinking bigger that have helped him to amass the success that he has. Specifically, we discussed:

  • His habit of spending time every day thinking
  • The two questions that will change everything in your life:
    • In what area of my life am I not making enough of or the right requests?
    • What would happen to my life if I started to make the right requests?
  • How without integrity, nothing works
  • His definition of integrity and how it encapsulates everything from being on time to every appointment
  • How we are just a network of conversations and how to leverage that understanding to begin having different conversations with different people that bring you into an entirely new stratosphere of opportunities and success
  • In life you don’t get what you want, you get what you make requests for
  • Networking is all about building Relationship Equity with others
  • Never Assume You Aren’t Being Observed
  • And so much more….

I can’t wait for you to to tune in and listen to this episode. There’s so much value here, I think you’ll want to listen to it again and again. I know that’s how I feel. 

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