Optimism and real estate. Emerging from a global pandemic while right in the throes of social unrest, we are living in unique times. Like maybe never before are we in need of optimistic leaders who will step up and help us to see the good in the world and the opportunities that continue to abound. Terry Sprague is one of those leaders who will inspire you to be want to be one as well. 

Some of the topics that we discussed were:

  • Terry’s story of going from financial advisor professional to a sailor and artist in the Caribbean to starting a real estate company with a different culture and focus. 
  • Why he chose to align with the Christie’s brand.  
  • The conversations he’s having with active buyers and sellers, including helping even those on the other side of the transaction to think outside of the box to seize opportunities like a spread in stock market trading vs projected future values
  • How he sees the co-op agent and that relationship and ways he improves that relationship
  • What he’s doing to insulate himself against industry disruption. 
  • Why he’s optimistic and specific things he does to remain that way
  • What he does to continue to think bigger and expand his own possibilities. 

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