The mindset of a successful real estate agent with Jacqueline Smith helps us to know that we don’t have to be born positive and always be positive in order to be successful. Jacqueline shares how this is something that she once struggled with. Here, in this episode, she shares what she does in order to get have the right mindset for big success. 

Jacqueline shares her rise from selling 52 homes her first year as a solo agent, wanting to build a team, and then making the decision to partner with Place, Inc., which is a platform for real estate agents to be able to access the leverage that they need to reach their biggest goals, both in business and in life. Jacqueline discussed how Place has taken the traditional team model and turned it on its head. 

We discussed several key topics including:

  • The need to have the right mindset and how it didn’t come naturally to her
  • The downsides of being a big thinker and high-achiever, including always focusing on the gap between where we are and where we want to be. 
  • The need instead to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses, what you’re doing well instead of what you aren’t doing well.
  • The practice of writing down your true feelings each morning and then auditing them to see if those feelings are 1.) grounded in truth, and 2.) aligned with the outcome that we actually want to get. 

In answer to the Signature Question, Jacqueline shared that she continues to be a Big Thinker through big thinking and BETTER THINKING. As she has learned to improve her thinking, her possibilities expand. 

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