Mindset lessons from Randy Sebastian, President of Renaissance Homes is jam-packed with lessons to help you think bigger. 

There’s a theme through Randy’s life, extending back to the day that he decided to become a homebuilder to when he decided on the shores of Lake Coeur d’alene that he would do an Iron-Man Triathlon. When you see something that you want to do, when you see something that you want to have, don’t hesitate. Just commit, get started, seek out good coaches and help while you put in the work day after day. 

In this episode Randy also shares:

  • His background story of how he got started as a homebuilder
  • His philosophy that has given them the reputation of building the best homes
  • The lesson for all of us with his ability to decide, commit, and then go to to work 
  • His predictions for the Portland housing market and why
  • The day he decided to do an Iron-Man triathlon 
  • The day he decided to get back into bodybuilding
  • The fuel behind successfully doing both bodybuilding and triathlons
  • The program for real estate agents that  Renaissance continues to get the best lots 
  • What he does to continue to be a big thinker and expand his possibilities

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