The uber-wealthy have access to knowledge and guidance that everyday investors do not. Tune in to hear how to access this unfair advantage.

Chapter Summaries

[00:00:00] Intro
[00:00:11] Behind the Curtain: Exciting Updates from the Founder of Think Bigger Real Estate
[00:00:34] The Unfair Advantage: Creating a Family Office for Real Estate Professionals
[00:01:57] Creating a Family Office for the Common Investor: Access to Exclusive Advisors
[00:03:15] Democratizing the Family Office Concept: Transforming Professional Service Industries
[00:05:01] Unlocking Lucrative Opportunities for Core Professionals in Real Estate and Finance Industries
[00:06:35] Unlocking Human Potential Through Leadership: A New Venture in Real Estate and Beyond
[00:08:46] Outro

Raw Transcript

# 14 -The family office with Justin Stoddart


## [00:00:00] Intro

[00:00:00] **Justin:** Welcome back to the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. I’m your host, Justin Stoddard. Uh, really excited to share with you guys a concept that I’ve been delving into uh, very deeply here over the past, uh, probably 90 days.

## [00:00:11] Behind the Curtain: Exciting Updates from the Founder of Think Bigger Real Estate

[00:00:11] **Justin:** Uh, so, uh, some background on me for those that are just meeting me for the first time. I am the founder of Think Bigger Real Estate. Uh, for those that that don’t know, I’m the incoming CEO of a company called Pro Insight. Uh, more to come on that in the future, but to you, my loyal listeners, uh, I wanted to at least, uh, give you kind of the, the update that there’s some really big things happening kind of behind the curtain of my world that I’m thrilled to bring to the table.

## [00:00:34] The Unfair Advantage: Creating a Family Office for Real Estate Professionals

[00:00:34] **Justin:** Uh, some of you have been privy to a training that me and my business partner Don Yokum, uh, have, have been bringing to you. We’ve been training, uh, dozens of professionals, um, on how they can create an unfair advantage for their clients and for themselves. Um, let me just back up by sharing some, some insight that I think you’ll appreciate.

[00:00:54] Uh, which is, uh, there’s a concept called the family office. If you’re not familiar with this, you can look [00:01:00] it up on Wikipedia or wherever. Uh, it’s the, the, the concept is this. I wanna thank, uh, Ryan Grant with Neo Home Mortgage for first giving me language for this. Uh, but, um, having, being connected to some really wealthy people, I realize that they played by a different set of rules, not in the sense that it’s un unethical in any way. In fact, it’s just that they have access to different advisors, different help. Uh, and, and really, uh, oftentimes they’ll create what’s called a family office, where the wealth of that particular family is, is so great that they have the ability to pull in their very own tax professionals, insurance professionals, real estate professionals. Uh, financial advisor, professionals, and on and on. Anybody that could, uh, deal with and or help grow and protect and preserve and then properly give away, uh, philanthropically the family wealth is in included and involved at that particular table.

## [00:01:57] Creating a Family Office for the Common Investor: Access to Exclusive Advisors

[00:01:57] **Justin:** And so imagine this concept, if you have [00:02:00] that kind of wealth, you have advisors that nobody else has access to. Like, isn’t that a beautiful thing? Um, no, I don’t mean that in the sense for that it’s exclusive and others can’t get it. Like it’s a beautiful thing if you’re that family and you have that kind of access. But what about everybody else? What about everybody else that does not have access to that? Well, we see why many people continue to, to make, uh, less than great financial decisions is cuz they can’t af they, they don’t have the means to pay for the advisors to get the attention of great advisors. Uh, and that’s unfortunate, right?

[00:02:34] Well, uh, what, what we are rolling out and, and more news, uh, to come in, in the near future. But imagine if you could assemble, uh, a family office that didn’t just serve the Uber wealthy. But it served more the common investor, maybe someone who had a net worth of, of of a million dollars who would never get access to their own family office.

[00:02:57] Imagine if people like [00:03:00] that were able to get access to that. Now, imagine you as a professional, whether it be a real estate agent, a lender, an insurance broker, a financial advisor, a tax professional. Imagine if you had a team of people around you uh, that, that made up a family office.

## [00:03:15] Democratizing the Family Office Concept: Transforming Professional Service Industries

[00:03:15] **Justin:** Now, for those of you of you that have read my book, the Upstream Model, uh, you know that I have some very similar concepts, um, that I teach in my book. And, uh, hence that was the reason why I became, um, stepping into the new role that I’m stepping into is because I believe wholeheartedly in these principles and, uh, within my book, I, I call them upstream partners.

[00:03:37] They’re professionals that who also serve the client at a really high level. And oftentimes the, the work of these upstream partners is a precursor to the work that uh, that will be needed next, right? For a real estate transaction, et cetera.

[00:03:54] So now imagine these professionals working almost as a single unit in some regards, [00:04:00] hosting very specific events that serve their clientele at a level that nobody else, uh, could experience or get to.

[00:04:07] Um, that’s what we’ve been training on, is actually bringing, really democratizing the family office concept and bringing it to the more common ordinary investor, and, uh, this is, uh, gonna absolutely transform the way that, um, professional service industries, uh, compete. They won’t be competing as my, as my friend and mentor, Trevor Hammond says, will be competing at a level that others don’t know exists. Like you, as a real estate professional, a lender and insurance broker will be able to rise above the common kinda Red Oceans as described in the in, in the Blue Ocean strategy. If you haven’t read that book, it’s a great one. And allow you to, uh, again, be offering a level of value and of service and getting access to clients long before, again, long before your competition even knows that they exist.

[00:04:59] So this is the big [00:05:00] project that I’ve been working on in the background.

## [00:05:01] Unlocking Lucrative Opportunities for Core Professionals in Real Estate and Finance Industries

[00:05:01] **Justin:** I’m more thrilled than ever, in part because the gentleman with whom I get to partner is such a giver. Uh, he, he really has the heart of a giver and he’s creating an amazing opportunity, not just for the end consumer, but for all the professionals that help us to take it to the world, like a very lucrative opportunity.

[00:05:22] So I would just invite you that if you by chance have a heart for, for promoting things, let’s say you’re in the title industry. I know I have a lot of people who are, who are interested in title. And have that skillset. You and I should probably talk, uh, if you have, uh, a, a really heart for training and you’re really good at it and you’re just looking for more opportunities there, you and I should probably talk and, or if you are a professional, uh, again, any one of those kind of core industries that I mentioned.

[00:05:51] All right. We’ve got called property manager, private banker, real estate agent, lender, uh, financial advisor, tax professional Insurance [00:06:00] broker, right to name a few. Those professionals, um, are gonna be ha they’re gonna have the ability to be a part of something very, very special. Um, and it’s gonna give them the ability to really set themselves apart from anyone else in their entire community.

[00:06:18] Like completely set themselves apart and at the same time offer their clients such a valuable experience, um, that it’s gonna be absolutely remarkable. Not only that for those professionals, but also for those that help us to build this, uh, we’ve put together a very, very lucrative opportunity. So, um, just thrilled about that.

## [00:06:35] Unlocking Human Potential Through Leadership: A New Venture in Real Estate and Beyond

[00:06:35] **Justin:** That’s what’s been, um, occupying so much of my, my time and effort and, uh, really this is completely in alignment with my life’s work. Uh, for, for those who know me at the core, know that my biggest mission and passion in life is to wake people up to the potential inside of them. I believe strongly that the greatest untapped, natural resource in the world is human potential.

[00:06:57] And what unlocks that [00:07:00] is leadership is leadership is what unlocks that potential. Is people helping to wake people up, to help them to see that there is a better way for them to. Realize who they really are and the impact that they can have in the world. And, uh, this, this, uh, I would say, I call it a new venture, but it’s what I’ve been working on for over a decade.

[00:07:19] I’ve now just found a partner who thinks much bigger than I do, and, uh, he’s now helping me to, to see a way that I can take the principles that I taught in my book, the Upstream model, um, to market really quickly and at scale. And, uh, so I’ll be able. Uh, help professionals arise above the disruption that they see in their industries due to market conditions and or due to advancing, rapidly advancing technology.

[00:07:42] So again, if you are following any one of those categories, you’re in title lending real estate, and you have a heart for training and or for promoting, um, and, or you have, um, you, you are a professional and you’re trying to find new ways to work by referral and, uh, you’re just looking for a new path and we should talk.

[00:07:59] So [00:08:00] reach out to me. I’d love to have a conversation with. And, uh, we can talk through kinda what that looks like. And, uh, if you are a real estate agent who is, um, just looking to grow their business, um, I have that conversation always available as well. If you hit that little icon there, the referral score, it’ll give you uh, feedback. It’ll give you, uh, within 24 hours a score, uh, between zero to 25 of how your referral-based scores. So anyway, uh, feel free to fill it out for, for a, a quick diagnostic on your business.

[00:08:28] Uh, and, uh, my final request to everybody listening is this, go think bigger. And, uh, thanks so much for, uh, helping me to do that and, uh, for, for being here for this episode today.

[00:08:38] And allow me to share a brief little, snippet into, uh, a much bigger thing that, uh, you’ll be hearing about here real soon.

[00:08:45] Talk soon. Everybody


## [00:08:46] Outro

[00:08:46] **Justin:** Honest, hearing good ideas is not enough. You have to apply them in order to get the results desired. If you found value in today’s episode, then you are really going to love the community of big thinkers and [00:09:00] high achievers that we are building in order to help you to apply the principles taught today.

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