Episode 200! Oh, my goodness, this is a milestone. You know, it’s one very small milestone along a very long road. I had to stop for just a minute and say thank you to some people, and also revisit the purpose of why I do this. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. 

Number one, I want to thank you, the audience for listening, I wouldn’t be nearly as inspired to get up and do this day in and day out if I wasn’t getting feedback, if I wasn’t getting lots and lots of downloads, if I wasn’t seeing response in people, that it was actually moving the needle for people. I would be less inclined to continue to commit myself so deeply to this cause. So thank you for listening. I take your attention very seriously, I realize that there are so many pulls on it. I want to be sure that there’s always an extreme ROI on every minute, every second you spend with me, listening to the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. I want there to be a return to where you walk away thinking bigger, living bigger. 

Number two, I want to thank Old Republic Title. And Steve Yeager, who runs the Oregon operation and who have in essence, been a sponsor to the show. They have inspired and empowered me to take this show to another level, and I’m grateful for them and always will be grateful for them. So thank you. What an amazing brand and company I’m just so fortunate to be affiliated with them. They’ve provided me with the most amazing support.

And next step I want to talk about why I do this. It’s very important to me that when I wake up day in and day out, that I am energetic, about what I’m doing that I’m not oh TGIF I can’t wait til the week’s over, cause I’m so glad to be done working. No, I actually want to be excited to get up and work on Saturday because I love what I do. And this has allowed me to do that. And here’s why; it’s because my mission and this show are completely aligned, that is to wake you up to the potential inside of you. You’ve heard me say this before, the greatest untapped natural resource in the world that has the ability to do more good for mankind than any other is untapped human potential, period. Each and every one of us live in bondage to small thinking, that small thinking creates small actions. And those small actions create small impact. When we start to recognize the potential inside of us, we start to wake up, we start to realize, wow, I could actually think a lot bigger, act a lot bigger, do a lot bigger things. And impact a lot bigger. My mission again is to wake you up day in and day out when I do these episodes is to help wake you up to that. 

Number two, my objective is to inspire you to live in pursuit of that potential. So once you recognize the potential, it’s to help you get up every day and and to be inspired to want to live in pursuit of that. But I realize that we’re not going to reach that this life that we’re not actually going to reach our potential, but to be living with a forward lean, to be living leaning forward, towards that, day in and day out. Aggressively pursuing that which is inside of us.  

Number three, it’s to help you. So first, it’s to help wake you up. Number two is to inspire you to where you want to live in pursuit of that. And number three, is to actually help you, to give you the tools to give you the conversations, the models, the strategies the tactics to where you actually can unlock these log jams that you have, these traffic jams that you have in your mind and in your business. That is a key passion of what I’m working to bring to the table primarily to the real estate industry although I know our audience is spreading far beyond that, and that there’s a lot so much applicable stuff that we’re sharing this industry that parlays so well into other industries. So those three things again, wake you up number one, two inspiring you to make you want to live in pursuit of that. Number three, help you live in pursuit of that. 

Then this is the grand finale. So that you can live, give and serve abundantly. Now what I mean by that is living abundantly. I know you and I both have certain things that we would love to do, but we are always having to run everything through a money filter, I would love to do that but I can’t afford it. I would love to take my family there. No, not for me. It’s not gonna happen. Now I don’t want you to go into debt to do those things, but I want you to begin to say, not yet. Not yet, but I’m on the path to where we start to live abundantly, we can see it in our mind. We’re creating it in our mind and then we’re going to create it in real life. So live and give abundantly, you and I both have causes we’re deeply passionate about. For me it’s ending human trafficking, and there are so many amazing causes out there. It pains me when I see fundraisers, and I can only give a tiny bit. It pains me when there are people in this world that are living without clean water, for example and I can’t contribute very much to that cause or as much as I would like. I want to be able to give abundantly I want you to be able to give abundantly. 

Thirdly, to serve abundantly, live, give and serve abundantly. To where if you get asked to go on a mission trip overseas you get the opportunity to go. If you get asked to spend the day at the food bank, you don’t have to think, well, I can’t do it because I have to work because I need the money. No, I want you to be able to serve abundantly. My vision is that millions of people across the globe are living, giving and serving abundantly, because of the ability that I had to wake them up. Because of the ability that I had to inspire them and help them to live in pursuit of their great potential. That’s what this is all about. Yes, we share tips and tactics around the real estate industry, but at the core, at the foundational level of everything that I’m doing, my aim is to see you living, giving and serving abundantly, thinking bigger, recognizing and living in pursuit of your greatest potential.

That’s what I’m about. That’s what this is about. And if you can get on board with that, then I would encourage you to keep listening and share this with other people. Because we are creating a movement of people who see it that way and want to be a part of that. Thank you for listening. I love you. I’m all in on you. I’m all in on you. And I’m excited to continue to help you to think bigger.