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Welcome back to The Think Bigger Real Estate Show. I am your host, Justin Stoddart and I am very, very excited to be here today we’ve got some real treat in store for you. As you know, my mission in my passion is to help you think bigger, so that your business follows suit because I know that when your business grows, you get more options, and you get the opportunity to impact more people. So I’m excited to introduce today’s guest and we’re going to talk about the power of LinkedIn and and all kinds of other things. So please help me welcome Tazz Weatherly. She has been in the business her first two years in the business get this. She and her team sold $32 million dollars in volume in our first two years. And this year, their goals are to double that, you know to do 30 plus million and just for 30 years. So Tazz, thank you for being on the show today. Super excited to have you here.

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Thanks for having me Justin I’m excited.

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Yeah, I’m excited too. So Tazz comes from an area of the world that I love Boise, Idaho. Not too far from here, our headquarters in Portland. And I was telling her prior to this show that hey, It’s Always Sunny in Boise, right? We get it occasionally here in Portland. It’s Always Sunny in Boise. So for those of you that are wondering where do I find Tazz? Well, she’s in Boise, Idaho, really kind of masters Treasure Valley real estate. And again, very excited to have you here with us today test.

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Yeah, thanks. I’m excited. Did you actually know, speaking about the sunshine, Boise gets more sunshine than in Florida. Like the state of Idaho actually has more sunshine than Florida. So that was actually cool fact.

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You know, I was actually born in Idaho. I don’t, because I was raised in Oregon, for almost my entire life, I don’t I don’t talk about that too much. But it’s fun. Now that I’ve got some, some some some Boise audience. I’ll claim that I’ll be like, Hey, I was born. And I know it’s a good place. Good. Good part of the world.

Tazz Weatherly 1:46
Yeah, it is. So um, yeah.

Justin Stoddart 1:49
Awesome. Well, so excited to have you here tonight. Let’s talk about this. You and your team have done some incredible things. And I know I’ve I followed you a little bit on social media and know that you have a 10 and see, to just kind of go for it. And I think that’s pretty impressive that you put your face out there. Tell me Let’s start with video really quick before we delve into LinkedIn, which kind of the promise topic? Let’s talk about video like how did you? Well, let me ask this question, did you? Do you believe that you by you putting yourself out there on video that that’s had a big part to do with your meteoric rise in the real estate industry?

Tazz Weatherly 2:27
Yeah, absolutely. And I think that was the reason actually why I went to video is because of the fact that, you know, I look at a 20 plus years, and they’ve built a name, they built a brand, they’ve done a lot. So video was my way of actually getting in front of people as quickly as possible. And get them familiar with my face as a realtor. And just start busting out content. So that was saying I, I know there’s a ton of people that say content is key. So it just allows need to create content. I think people like video a lot better, because it’s interactive, they can see your emotions, they can kind of get a feel of what it is you’re talking about. So I just think video is key personally. You know, I’d have to agree, Taz. There’s something about when you watch somebody’s video, it’s almost as good as like hearing them in person. It’s not the same right as being face to face. But it’s definitely more powerful than any other form of media advertising that I know of.

Justin Stoddart 3:27
Why is that? You think that so many people are afraid of it? And and and were you afraid of it at one point?

Tazz Weatherly 3:33
A question. I think people are afraid of it. Because it’s kind of scary. You’re not talking to a person, you’re talking to a thing. And then you could watch it back. And then you look at yourself and you literally judge yourself. And I think people don’t understand that. Like I’m probably going to watch this after it’d be like wow, I could have sat up straighter. That’s how I looked at your video. It’s repayable, so it, it is extremely hard. And sometimes the cameras not flattering. And you’re kind of surprised. That’s the way you look. But for me, I have always kind of been comfortable in front of the camera overall, like I didn’t shy away from it, I kind of just ran into it head on. And so it’s worked out. But like you’ve probably seen in a couple of my videos are just even my speaking engagements when false. The videos that I was producing at first were were bad, I was just recording them off my phone, nothing wrong with that. But I stuttered. I wasn’t acting normal, it wasn’t a solid conversation, like it can be now. So I think if people are looking to get into video, I think it’s extremely powerful best part is it’s super cheap.

Because as an agent, you know, you got to know where your marketing dollars are going. And so video can be free. But it also just takes a lot of time to do like a long time.

Justin Stoddart 4:51
You need to get good at it like to really master it,

Tazz Weatherly 4:55
to really master it to actually have the balls for lack of a better term to like, put, like put your hand out create a video and have people behind you kind of look and like what is this person doing? Like? Why are they recording this as awkward like you have to get over that fear and just really put yourself out there?

Justin Stoddart 5:14
You know, it’s interesting that you you say that because again, we look at your again meteoric rise in real estate or like, like, I’ve been working hard, like the reality is you put in some work, right? This wasn’t you just sitting around shooting a video or two? Like, how many videos do you think you’ve shot over the course of now going on three years?

Tazz Weatherly 5:30
Ah, well, if I look at my phone, where most of the data, most of the video content is actually stored, it’s going close to 800 videos. But I got smarter, I think is the best way I started repurposing content, like some of my best videos on us a lot more. And so there is a fine line of like just creating one that’s super authentic. And then knowing that that video is actually going to be reusable in the future. So overall, though, I’ve probably created 800, like full on videos. But let’s also talk about the mistakes which are probably like triple that, because I do all my videos in one shot. Real Estate stuff. So if you want to talk about like trial and error, failing multiple times, and just putting it out there. I think that’s actually a bigger story to tell. But it does take a lot. It’s a lot of content.

Justin Stoddart 6:24
Yeah. So 800. I mean, that’s about how many days you’ve been in real estate, if you look at it, right 30 to 65 days in a year. Like you’re, you’re on like in your third year now. So at least one video a day that was published and put out to the world.

Tazz Weatherly 6:38
Oh, yeah, when I first started, I was creating content every single day. And just posting it Now obviously, having tested it for a while knowing my high post times all that stuff. But a marketing person can tell you how to, you know, do social media marketing, I learned myself, but it was just a lot. And so recently, I actually just did this video about talking about burnt out I was from creating content, because I love creating content. It’s my favorite. But when you start you’re like, Okay, I just want to get better. And then once you kind of hit a point where you’re like, Okay, I know what I’m talking about. Now, I busted out really quickly, you start to get a little burnt out, because you’re like, wow, I feel like I’ve said everything like how can I reinvent the wheel and it gets a little difficult. But I do think that content is key and consistency as well, in creating the videos. That’s why I have so many right now.

Justin Stoddart 7:28
I was talking with a group this past week, and they were saying like how much content is too much? And I said, You know, I think most people err on the side of their not being enough. I think we have this false misconception, false conception, this misconception that we go that every piece of content that we put out there, every one of our followers is going to see. And the reality is it’s not like most businesses want to mentors Grant Cardone said, most businesses die in obscurity. It’s not because they’re overdoing, it’s because they’re under doing it. People don’t know who you are, and they fear of like, I don’t want to over do it. I might have some followers that are saying like, dude, Justin, you totally ever do it. And I’m fine with that, right? Like each of us are finding our tribe. And if my message isn’t resonating with you know, hurt feelings, go find someone that does, right like, and I think all of us that that wants to lead and wants to be content creators, not just content, consumers have to put ourselves out there on a really consistent basis. That’s the only way to find our tribe, because we’re not going to create enough volume of content for anybody that is not in our direct sphere to actually find us. And we don’t put ourselves out there. And you’ve obviously exemplified that of like, just put it out there and see what happens.

Tazz Weatherly 8:34
Yeah, and like, for those of people that are actually watching that, you know, are scared to do it. This is my best advice on that is your first couple hundred pieces of content. No one’s going to watch because you haven’t created anything yet. So give yourself that kind of leeway. Forgiveness that you know, your first piece of content is not where you’re going to be known for your you’re going to be known for your consistency, your delivery, and delivering valuable content at the end of the day. Yeah,

Justin Stoddart 9:04
boy, one of my mentors said it this way, the first hundred videos aren’t for your audience, because you’re not going to have one. Like the first hundred videos are for you to figure out what you want to talk about.

Tazz Weatherly 9:13
Oh, yeah, for sure. And I agree with that. 100%. That’s, that’s way better than I could ever say it. So I talked to your mentor.

Justin Stoddart 9:22
Bronson, he’s a guy out of your neck of the woods, founder of Click Funnels. Sounds familiar. But yeah, he’s a guy I follow closely. And he said that. And I thought, boy, there’s a lot of wisdom in that. Because again, we overthink thinking that we have to be perfect at first. And the reality is, like no one, like Michael Jordan wasn’t perfect. At first, he was near perfect at the end, right?

But there’s this concept that we have to be really good before we can start. No, you have to start to actually ever be good. And that that starting process goes through kind of some some rocky roads kind of off road and a little bit, you know, monster truck and through. So support content. So appreciate your thoughts on that. Um, let’s talk to us about you being the LinkedIn agent, how did you get that reputation?

Tazz Weatherly 10:11
So um, it’s actually really, I think it’s an interesting story. So I never had the intention of being a realtor at any capacity. But before I became an agent, I was working for a lot of like tech companies, and we use LinkedIn to connect to the people that made the decisions or build those relationships, whatever. I love LinkedIn. And so when I actually became a realtor, because I got laid off from my tech sales job, I was like, Well, what do I do now? Like, how do I tell people I’m a realtor? and LinkedIn at that time, started allowing videos, I was like, okay, like, I like to be in front of a camera, like, what if I put videos out because in all honesty, out of all the social media outlets, LinkedIn is the only one that’s allowed on your computer screen at work. It’s not if you’re on LinkedIn, at work, okay, cool. Like, I’ll just post videos and post it to LinkedIn, because also people have jobs. And you know, that’s like, their escape within the work hour. So I just started doing it. I just started posting LinkedIn videos, and just throwing it out there. And but they were all over the place, I took a very big shotgun approach of like talking about everything, there wasn’t a consistent message, it was just the first 100 pieces of content everywhere. Sometimes I included my dog never had a brand, personally, like looking good in front of the camera. I just was like, you know, I’m going to record I’m feeling it today. Let’s see what happens. So people started catching on. Because, you know, I was just being consistent. I was doing it every day, not to actually generate leads, but I was like, you know, maybe I can educate people. And maybe other realtors will like refer business. And so fast forward two years, and some really big accomplishments was your super cool.

That’s kind of where we’re at today. So LinkedIn. Also, for those of you who are watching has the best organic reach out of all of the social media platforms. Like I’m a marketing major, I can nerd out on digital marketing. But LinkedIn has the best organic reach out of all of the social media platforms. So when people were liking and commenting and engaging on my content, it was actually getting pushed out to their network. And so then, you know, you have your first, second and third connections. A lot of my content started reaching like third connections, and I got more connections that way, and then my reach started growing. So LinkedIn for me.

I was we’ve talked before, you’re a big fan of Gary Vee, Gary Vee says, like, do 71%, 71? I don’t know, he throws out a number says majority of your content needs to be focused on one social media outlet and the others. So media outlets, like master to some degree, but just know where your bread and butter is. Yeah. So LinkedIn has been that for me. So with doing the videos on LinkedIn, I built a referral network. So other realtors were actually looking at me and liking my content, because I talked about all things real estate, and they’re like, wow, I’m educated. I like you. You’re funny. I see your personality, and you’re someone I would want to trust with my clients relocating. So that’s how I gather the relocations. And then also, like locally, people just saw me saw me out, saw my video content. So I would be getting stopped and like, hey, you’re the girl that does the LinkedIn videos. And like, yeah, so then I started building like those connections outside of the platform. So LinkedIn, for me has been like, perfect. It’s been amazing. But I think it also is something that I’ve learned through trial and error. Because a lot of people are like, how, when I tell them like, actually, most of my business 68% of my business comes from LinkedIn online. Like, wow, that’s 50

Justin Stoddart 13:59
68%, Did I hear you right?

Tazz Weatherly 14:01
Now, that’s true. So, uh, I did the numbers, because when I went to my speaking engagement, I was like, Well, I’m curious on what this is. So I found out that 90% of my business was referral based, which is really cool. That’s what we all want, as realtors. But of that 90%, 68% of those came online, the biggest LinkedIn.

Justin Stoddart 14:24
So other than posting videos on LinkedIn, and there’s some other strategies, and I looked at your profile, it’s very clear that you work with buyers and sellers and the Boise and Treasure Valley area.

It besides just posting frequently, and by the way, the nugget that you shared, it’s just a total like, aha, of like, you’re right, if you’re, if your customer is a consumer, and there’s call it eight hours of the day that they’re at work, and they’re not supposed to be on Facebook, you have like this perfect. Like you’re all by yourself in the sense that you can hit them with marketing videos that are permissible for them to watch it work that no one else is really thinking about. That’s brilliant. Absolutely love that strategy. Yeah,

Tazz Weatherly 15:06
yeah. That’s it. People ask me all the time, like, how did you do it? It’s like, well, do it. But like, also, though, to going on to that I will always caution people to know your outlets, like, when

you go on to LinkedIn, like the content that I create on LinkedIn is completely different than, you know, we do an Instagram, because you know, that audience that’s using LinkedIn, they’re going there for education, it’s a business, essentially, your business professional, so that content needs to be relevant. It’s all about the relevancy of content at that point, which some people do forget. Um, so I always caution, Instagram is different than Facebook, which is different than LinkedIn. So keep that in mind to do.

Justin Stoddart 15:43
You know, I agree, even if it’s the same people, they show up different for work, and they show up for a party, right? And like Instagram might be more like their social sphere and work they show in a more buttoned up, so you better show up there in that mindset. And so yeah, having content that is relevant in that space, I think is is is a great tip, anything with regards to the profile?

Or is that just something that people are overthinking? I mean, needs to be clear of who you serve, and what makes you different. Anything. Any other tips on how people should be positioning themselves?

Tazz Weatherly 16:12
Yeah, so I’m a big fan of personal branding, which is why I think my real estate business has been so successful, because of the fact that what I did, and hopefully she’s watching is I got with a designer.

So on my team, I have a visual designer, she created my logo. From a visual perspective, she’s in charge of like, making sure my entire real estate with Tazz brand is on point from any collateral that we hand over and printed, to like the social media, like the Instagram feel, as well as the Facebook feel she’s involved with all of that. And I think it’s been the most helpful because now as realtors, like our job is to like, be sales people, like promote ourselves do the real transactions, but we don’t think of it as like an all around business. There’s a reason why like Uber so successful and Lyft is or like any sort of company is successful is because they have what is called on brand. And so actually getting together with a designer, and creating my own real estate with tags on brand has helped so much. And it’s really cool because now people recognize me as Taz, but Real Estate With Tazz, people actually acknowledge and recognize my team as well. So they can be walking out. They’re like, Oh my gosh, like your real estate, which as I think it’s so funny, because they’re like, wow, you know, us, this is weird. But getting with a designer, and creating, like a visual feel, has been the most helpful. And I can’t stress that enough. I know a lot of realtors are, you know, cutting costs, and they don’t want to like, let that work go. It has been the best thing because now everything people see is just consistent. And I focus on creating the value pieces of content, which is what I’m best at.

Justin Stoddart 18:03
So cool. Yeah, you create the content, they make it look and feel cohesive. So that people’s brain, right, they see that color scheme, they see that, that like those logos that are all consistent on a piece of people’s brain. I love it.

Tazz Weatherly 18:16
Yeah, sure.

Justin Stoddart 18:19
Let’s go to our kind of final question here. Awesome. And so let me kind of back up by saying this, if you’re interested in finding out how what percentage of your business has Did you say comes from LinkedIn to 60? some odd percent?

Tazz Weatherly 18:29
68? Yeah,

Justin Stoddart 18:31
68% of our business comes from LinkedIn. Follow her on like, follow her on LinkedIn. Right? And see, what does that do likewise, like it’s not super complicated, you find a model of something that some someone is doing that works, follow it. So I encourage everybody to go find Tazz, follow her. And then last question, Tazz, which is a signature question for for this show, which is, what is something that you do to intentionally think bigger? Right, you’ve done some amazing things. And you’re not stuck.

You’re just just getting started? Let’s be honest, like, you’re just getting started.

Tazz Weatherly 19:03
Yeah, yeah, I am. But she’s kind of crazy. Because it’s been a wild ride, I think. I don’t know. Like, I think what I do to think bigger is, you know, to just kind of not think outside the box, but get uncomfortable. So going to the video thing I that would be thinking bigger, because video is super uncomfortable. But recommend recognizing that if it feels really uncomfortable, it’s probably something really good. Because when you master it like you just start to grow, like the contents grown on video. And now we’re doing speaking engagements, like all of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t get uncomfortable

Justin Stoddart 19:41
for pouring into the bigger real estate audience today. Total pleasure getting to spend some time with you today. And I’m confident that we’re going to do this again as long as you’re willing to do this again.

And be sure and get get more people familiar with the incredible things you’re doing so I’m gonna put you up on the screen for those of you that want to have you know that potential opportunities in Boise and or want to follow I’m going to put her her social media handle up here. So please go follow her at Real Estate with Tazz, pretty simple. She and her team do some killer work. And she’d be a great person for you to follow and be mentored by afar. So thank you again Tazz total pleasure being here. And thanks, everybody for tuning in to this episode of The Think Bigger Real Estate Show.

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