Take Better Care of Your Clients. Kim Gellatly, who closed over 180 transactions in just 2 years has redefined what it means to take care of your clients. Some may think that if I’m going to do a lot of volume, then I couldn’t possibly take care of people at a high level. It’s got to be quality or quantity. Kim proves the fact that you can do both. 

In this interview we discuss three categories of care:

1.Taking care of your clients during the transaction- Kim has the practice of reaching out to all of her active buyers and sellers 6 days a week. Although to some it may seem like overkill, she’s realized that it really is her job to tell her clients what is going to happen next, not for the next week, but in the next day. Her clients have concerns and questions and curiosities now and by her having such open and regular dialog, it empowers them to ask the questions as opposed to thinking that they are too small of a concern. 

I learned this firsthand as a high-end homebuilder. If I wasn’t in contact with my clients, then, they were in contact with me and by that point they were assuming that they needed to do my job because without the communication, they assumed that I wasn’t doing my job. By me being in regular contact with my clients, it freed them up to know that they didn’t need to manage the project. I was already doing it. 

2.  Taking care of your clients outside of the transaction- A key to Kim’s success is the fact that she recognizes that she doesn’t have past clients. Instead, she just has clients. Some need her now and others will need her later. By looking at it this way she can really pour into her clients and solve problems that they have related to real estate and problems they have that are not related to real estate. 

Kim shared that one of her favorite resources is Keeping Matters Current, which has recently given some insight as to the fact that not all recessions result in a housing crisis. This is one example of her taking on the role of advisor and leader as opposed to just someone in sales.

3. Taking care of your clients during a global pandemic- Of course extra care is being taken now to keep people physically safe from the effects of COVID-19, she is also having free dinner for pickup to her friends and clients to get some relief of cooking at home. She also just set up a Zoom call with each of her sellers so that she could have a more face-to-face that would allow them to get their questions answered.