Summer 2020 Real Estate Market. Twenty-twenty may go down as the year we never would have expected. Amidst all of the uncertainty, the real estate market has continued it’s run with more home sales and higher prices than ever before. 

Mike Simonsen, CEO and Founder of Altos Research goes into a number of different topics including:

  • What the data is telling us now and the story behind why that is the case.
  • What we can expect for the remaining months of 2020
  • Why data is so important to separate and differentiate yourself as a real estate agent
  • How to establish yourself as the local expert and how to differentiate yourself through the use of data
  • What data you should be keeping your eye on
  • Tips and tricks that agents are doing, using Altos Reports, to fill the top of their funnel with new opportunities and secured client relationships 
  • Tips and tricks to close more listing appointments from the data that is the Altos Reports. 
  • A sneak preview of Mike’s upcoming book, Hacking Happiness and how Thinking Bigger is scientifically proven to help make you happier. 

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