Subtle Words that Sell With Paul Ross will change your career and your life. As one who passionately serves the real estate industry, I regularly see people who are living far below their potential because they are letting the topic of “sales” get in their way. To them, the fear of being “salesy” is enough to keep them on the sidelines and off track from living in pursuit of their professional and personal potential. 

In this episode, Paul and I discuss: 

  1. How to use 4 subtle words to establish unbreakable trust in 60 seconds. 
  2. How to smash objections through the power of pattern interrupts. 
  3. The most effective and easiest way to maintain a masterful mindset.

For those that are single, Paul throws in a touch of insight into his work as a dating coach in which he used this same knowledge of the human brain to help others to get unstuck in that area of their life as well. 

Finally, Paul answered the signature question of the show, which revolved around how to be ever-curious, always asking questions and then seeking the answers. 

Go to the Think Bigger Real Estate Group and download Paul’s entire book “Subtle Words That Sell” that he so generously offered to all of us.

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