Eric Sachs of Breakthrough Broker not only created one of the most valuable resources known to the real estate industry, but on this episode goes into teaching how to implement, how to get rid of the “I should do xyz” that we all live with.  

Some of the topics that we discuss include:

  • How self-determination and will power is like a reservoir
  • 461,000 real estate agents are on the service
  • It is a free to use service, monetized by others that advertise on the platform
  • Eric shars shares a productivity hack for overcoming the ineffective task lists
  • Justin shares an analogy of the last 100 meters of a race being amazing for the fans in the stands, but difficult for the person on the track and how that applies to getting things done
  • Eric shares what  he does to continue to be a big thinker and expand his possibilities 

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