Background in Real Estate

Morad Fiki served as a US Marines just after High School and active duty in the Navy after college. After he was honorably discharged in February 2013, his fiancee watched Million Dollar Listing and encouraged him to activate his Real Estate license! While TV may not have given him his big break, Morad created his own place online using Social Media. He used it to be known and get the word on his brand out to the public. He is now the number one Houston Realtor on Social Media.

Social media and digital marketing are the future! This is where he chose to build his name. People mistakenly believe social media is for play, and work only happens with in-person conversations, and this model has shifted into a new paradigm.

Be Known 

A more accurate perspective of Social Media is the ability to use free platforms to be known and reach a mass audience efficiently, particularly in a saturated market. 

It’s true that conversion happens in conversation, and more conversations come from being known. Being known will come from proper branding on a social platform! 

Billion-dollar companies like McDonalds, Apple, and many more are scaled with ease because of who knows them, and this comes from proper branding.

How to be effective on Social Media

How do you begin to create a brand for yourself? According to Morad, who has earned 200,000 followers on his social platforms, here are a few tips.

  1. Be authentic – be yourself, be known as a real person. This will take the hard work out of it! 
  2. Don’t be boring – people want to be entertained and educated on social media. Have a big personality! 
  3. Talk about what is on your mind – especially when it comes to your market expertise and opinion 
  4. Bring new ideas – captivate and motivate with new and relevant content 
  5. Grab attention – bring good energy and charisma!
  6. Don’t wait to be perfect to post – just start! You’ll find your voice by speaking!  
  7. Be original – come with your own style and ideas – don’t try to be someone else! 

Which Social Media platform is best?

Myth: you must be present all places at all times to be known and relevant online 

Truth: when you begin, choose one platform you love and engage consistently so you can be known and create conversations! You will need to spend time there engaging with your audience through your content and personal comments and messages. This helps your relationships, your authenticity, and yes, your algorithm! 

It will be wise to grow into more social platforms in time so your audience can choose THEIR favorite place to connect with you. But if you try to do this in the beginning, you’ll find yourself too shallow in any one place to really be recognizable for what you have to offer.

What is Morad Fiki’s take on Real Estate in 2023?

As Morad points out, the single greatest asset for centuries has been Real Estate: people have fought entire wars over land and property. Aside from catastrophic environmental events, home and property values hold and overall tend to increase over time.

The next topic of concern for many is regarding interest rates: realistically 3% interest rates were not sustainable, and the rise to roughly 7% is more of a market balancing historically than a crash, and is not a threat. 

The key as an agent is to focus on those that have to move, regardless of conditions, and support their financial decisions with a team of personally curated professionals – your Upstream Partners!

Let us help you bring hope to your clients and get around key partners in your market in 2023. Go and grow! 

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