Sharran Srivatsaa- succeeding in real estate. Sharran grew the luxury brand Teles from $350M to $3.5B, a 10X growth in just 5 years. He shares secrets about what buyers and sellers really care about, how to rise above industry disruption, the importance of paying for coaching, and the value for your life now and for your future life of spending time creating a vivid vision of your bigger, better future.

After growing up, dumpster diving for food as an impoverished citizen of India, Sharran’s father sacrificed everything to get his son to the US. Here, Sharran has taken advantage of the opportunities, graduating with honors, working for the investment firm Goldman Sachs, and now acting as a venture capital investor and private mentor to top CEOs.

In this episode, Sharran gives the following insight:

  •      Buyers are looking for a home and sellers are looking for buyers.
  •      The most important thing that you can offer to your clients is the feeling of safety.
  •      Talk less about yourself and more about your clients journey. You are the Sherpa, the guide, not the climber. It’s not about your story, it’s about theirs.
  •      You are selling insight and advice. That is what makes you valuable and focusing on this will set you apart from your competitors, including Big Tech disruptors.
  •      Transformations don’t happen in isolation. You need mentors and coaching and you need to pay for it. Asking to “pick someone’s brain” is a poor strategy and will keep you from getting the help you actually need.
  •      When you consider your bigger and better future, you rise above all of the problems of today. Go as far as creating a 25-year plan, dividing each year into four quarters for a total of 100 quarters. It then becomes your job to get 1% closer to that bigger future each quarter. That’s it.

Success leaves clues, and Sharran hand-delivered so many of them that will inspire us to think bigger and achieve higher.

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