How does a real estate agent do a property tour in a way that makes an impact? Is there technology that makes this all possible? The answer is yes, and today we interview the founder of a technology that:

  • Automatically customizes the tour with real-time MLS data feed.
  • Offers advanced appointment-setting software.
  • On-screen routing, which highlights local area amenities and points of interest.
  • Photos, videos, and notes at each property captured during home tours.
  • Star ranking of properties based on individual experience.
  • All buyer-created media and notes will be delivered immediately upon tour completion.

And what if this technology also made it easy to secure a buyer-broker agreement?

That’s what we’re showcasing in this episode with the brilliant founder of this technology, Brad Lewis. You can learn more at


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Full Transcript

It’s time to make your showings with your clients modern. It’s time to make them very intentional. On today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing how you as a real estate agent, can actually make your client experience in showing property is different than any other agent in your marketplace. We’re going to be demonstrating and showing quickly a demo of a product that is just getting ready to release into the market. Now, that will cause it to where your clients will look back and say that was a different experience than we’ve ever had with any other real estate agent. This episode is going to be a special one because it’s going to cause you to not only be aware of this technology, but it’s also going to cause you to think how can I be more intentional with the pending settlement that’s happening with NAR, I need to be intentional about what that experience looks like. And today, we’re gonna give you some ideas on how to do exactly that.

So the big question is this, how do you those of us in the real estate industry, who have crazy amounts of ambition? How do we think bigger than the building of our own empires? How do we create success and significance, income and impact? My name is Justin Stoddart. This is my co-host, Stephanie Peck, and together, we bring you the Think Bigger Real Estate podcast. Alright, welcome back, everybody. Justin Stoddart, here with my co host, Stephanie Peck. What’s up, Stephanie? How are you today?

Hello, doing great excited for another day,

It’s going to be a good one. I’m excited to introduce Brad Lewis, the founder of Live Pad. Brad’s also a top luxury agent out of Incline Village and understands what it’s like to create a unique client experience. Brad, I’m so happy to have you here today.

Awesome. Thank you both. Thank you, Stephanie. Thank you, Justin. It is a pleasure to join you.

Let’s let’s dive right in. Obviously, when you develop again, let’s do a quick snapshot of what life Pat is. And then we’re going to get into a new way of thinking for agents quickly because, again, many of them are like deer in the headlights with this NAR lawsuit there. They’re wondering if they’re going to be able to secure buyer broker agreements, they’re wondering what they need to do at that table when they’re trying to secure that agreement. We’re gonna expand your thinking, we’re gonna expand it to where you start to realize that the entire client experience matters now more than ever, not just those few minutes where you’re meeting with buyers for the first time. But after that, how do you get them to say, I’m so glad I signed that agreement? Because that agent was so different. So, get your product fit nicely right into that conversation? So give us just a 32nd. Brad, what is life, Pat? Sure, yeah,

thank you, Justin. For that we agree we believe it does as well. As an agent. Firstly, starting there. I am a practicing real estate agent. As you mentioned, my my primary geographical region, if you will, is up in the beautiful Lake Tahoe basin on the Nevada side, particularly, but I’m also licensed as an affiliate broker in Tennessee. So I get the aspects of buyer sentiment, my colleagues, my fellow agents, and both market sentiments as to what’s happening, what’s needed, and what’s wanted out there. It takes just a few seconds to pick up industry periodicals and see, you know, what the latest buzz is about how much AI is out there encroaching into the space. Is it helpful is it threatening, in some cases, to the human element essentially, what happened, the backstory of the advent of life pattern and how it came about is something we can get to perhaps later in the podcast, but what the result is what the actual product does, is it allows real estate agents whether you’re showing a $50,000 property in any given territory in the US or a multimillion-dollar lakefront home and in one of the beautiful lake resort communities around this country, it gives the agent a tool to actually bring more of a modern and sort of a technological element into how they’re touring homes with their clients. Firstly, the clients can gather all the pertinent data they find necessary to make the right buying decision. We also want to really streamline the activity of the agents ourselves. So we can be more efficient in the route planning and the, you know, having to, you know, are we fighting with paper jams and printer cartridges and all of the nuances that are generally required in the setup for a homebuyer tour, we just streamline all of that out of the equation. Then, the net result is that, as agents, we get to spend more quality time with our clients to shine our value proposition to them even more. And then even further still, again, for the client’s benefit, man, they walk away with an experience like they’ve never had before ever in any home, you know, prospective buying situation, and it’s the results out there from the feedback we’re getting from our clients on The live pad platform are absolutely like astronomically positive. So everybody’s having wins. Everyone seems to love it. And I can’t wait to dive in deeper.

So the essence of it is that it’s a device that people take with them on property showings, but you’ve preloaded it with not only the properties but also the route to get there. Something that really piqued my interest was that based on that client’s interest, let’s say that they’re a fan of yoga, right?

Sure. It’s,

I don’t know if it auto-populates or if you’re the agent. Go in and pull those things in. But it starts to show you what amenities in that particular area are relevant to that client’s likes. Did

I get that, right? That’s right. Yeah, you’re spot on. And the answer is, with regard to it? Is it something populated by the agent? Or are we using the augmented intelligence out there to pull in data sets? And the answer is seen in both. We have some brilliant software engineers who pulled in AI and a full stack of what was kind of a predecessor technology known as ML or machine learning. The world of AI essentially aggregates several different components for the machine learning algorithm and bundles them together. And that’s how you get this good buzzword out there that everybody’s talking about, especially in the real estate space. AI. What AI does on our platform is pull in statisticians and all of the brilliant minds that are just way above my paygrade. We said, Guys, how could we create an environment where you know, if Stephanie is the agent in our scenario, and she’s taking Justin and his wife out to go see some properties? Stephanie may be aware that Justin really likes to jog, and he’s looking for like a good running track and a park in town. And, you know, Tressa, if we were allowed to say her name, the lovely bride of Mr. Justin is maybe more into like, I don’t know, organic smoothies, let’s say, right, okay, good. Well, now we know these two attributes. So having built the rapport with her clients, Stephanie on the live pad platform simply checks a couple of radio buttons, because as salespeople we all know that we hate data entry, we hate CRM systems, put me in that category, right. So, the directive for the software developers was to make this as simple, quick, painless, and seamless as possible. I want a couple of lifestyle attributes that an agent in two seconds can say, running track, organic smoothies, that’s it. Now, we can talk a little bit more about the implementation of where that arrives. Because of something that you mentioned on your lead ingestion concerning the device, that life pad is delivered in the incidence of taking clients out on the tour. It’s as simple as the agent’s own cell phone, the buyer’s own cell phone, agnostic of any brands, so I don’t care if it’s iOS or Apple-based or Android or, you know, Google-based or if Elon ever kicks out that ex phone or Starlink phone that he’s been threatening, it could be any instance of a mobile phone, live pad works and plays well, on the mobile phones of agents. Now, back to the geographical location, where this this concept was originally spawned, which is 7200 feet elevation. In the Sierra Nevada hills around Lake Tahoe, data connectivity in the cell networks was sometimes challenging. So we created what we call a live pad off-grid tablet, where we’ve got a live pad on a 10-and-a-half-inch beautiful mobile platform with a little handhold here and a kickstand for your desk when you’re back at the office. And essentially, in that deliverable. What happens is the agent at their office, their home office, wherever they’ve got data connectivity, they curate the tour for their clients. In this instance, Stephanie checked a few boxes for Justin and his wife’s lifestyle attributes. And then they sync that tablet with the iPad servers, and they’re off and running. So, in this instance, I would like your listeners and yourselves to think that it’s just a replacement for the Google binder or folder full of printed listing sheets. It’s all that in a digital 2024 era, technological deliverable, which is, again, either right there on your cell phone or a tablet, and then you’re off and running, and you meet your clients. And if you meet them at a coffee shop, great life will navigate you from A to B to C through each of the homes you’ve curated on tour. But that special component and this is where a lot of our patent pending technology lies around, is how do we possibly help those homebuyers become more acclimated with what may be their new Community, the place that they’re going to live? And that’s where we go with those reference checkboxes, so there’s a lot to unpack there. But that’s, in essence, what we do on the first part of Livepatch, deliverable. Stephanie,

I know your wheels are turning, and you sell and show a lot of property. You’ve got a small but mighty team that does the same. What questions do you have about that? You know, whether it be the product or even just this philosophy of making a remarkable experience that sets you apart.

The things that I’m thinking of here are that my wheels are spinning, and I can’t even pick which one to pull out first. I mean, the first thing I want to say is, this really goes hand in hand with the fact that we don’t sell homes, we are introducing our clients to the lifestyle they want to live. And now we have the technology to do that. And we have the ability to do that in a really heightened way. Because a home, the floor plan, the flooring, the finishes, whatever that is, isn’t necessarily going to get me to move. I’m asking, Where are my kids going to school? What’s the gym, like, what’s my commute to work, all of these things and how it plays into the lifestyle because there could be a perfect, beautiful home on the other side of town, that doesn’t fit into my lifestyle, and I’m going to choose the home that fits into my lifestyle. So what you’re saying here is that I can access all of that information, and really show up as the most valuable, knowledgeable resource to my clients without having to Google and use 17 different apps to get all of that information. Is that what I’m understanding? 100%?

Correct. 100% Correct. We will go further with the experience, both for the agent and the client. But in summary, you nailed it, it’s 100% on par with what we are achieving to deliver to the user base, definitely so perfect. No

One thing that stands out to me is that I’ve heard you guys talking, and again, I’ve got tremendous respect for both of you in your industry. It’s one of the biggest challenges agents face not only during the transaction but also after the transaction; how do we stay in contact with this person when they may not need me? For another seven to 10 years? Right? And if I’m understanding correctly, whether it’s inbuilt into the software now or built into the roadmap into the future, is it this live pad this living pad, right, and I love the term pad because it’s obviously on a tablet, but it’s also someone’s pad is their home? I’m sure that wasn’t a coincidence, or I’m not the first person to come up with that. I’m sure that as you read. But I just made the connection. But I felt like this, this, this living pad, this is where I live. And where I live is what Stephanie pointed out. It’s not necessarily the walls and roof. It’s it’s, it’s the community, it’s the lifestyle. That’s what I’m buying. And this this life pad has the ability to enhance that after the transaction is over with Is that safe to say to clients? Is there anything either in the software now or any plans in the future, to make this continuing to be interactive with people at some level to where the agent can continue to, to offer value to them in the sense of enhancing their lifestyle after the transaction? Yeah, well,

again, your four side, Justin is like an innovator yourself and in real estate property technology. You’re right there with us. So the answer is a yes, there isn’t an element now where it keeps that connectivity between the agent and the homebuyer or even a prospective homebuyer who’s never owned a home before, however, they are in the database of that particular agent. We leave that to the agent, right? The client at the end of their, their experience with their buyer representative agent, will receive a very, very simple link to fetch all of the findings that they had while on tour with that agent from the very first outing. So representing buyers myself over the years you you know, it’s no secret that it’s a substantial decision making process to decide to write an offer and then ultimately go through the steps necessary to own the home. So it may be that there are several instances where that same agent goes out with that same home buyer or buyer or a couple or group of homebuyers multiple times. And yes, life path is with them all the way to kind of go through that mock up scenario again, where we have Stephanie as our agent, Justin, you and your lovely wife are the clients that are looking for a new home and anywhere USA. What would happen in that instance, assuming that you’re in, say, the Colorado Rockies for example, or somewhere where data connectivity is not, you know, the most stable, let’s say, you know, 9000 feet or whatever up near Breckenridge. So, as you’re extremely well prepared, extremely technologically advanced agents. Stephanie hands you and your wife this, you hop in your rental car, she hops in her car, and you’re buzzing up the mountains life Pat is navigating you along the way from where you met at that coffee shop to home number one, and we’re actually calling out on the navigational waypoints, those things that would be commensurate with the lifestyle attributes that she has come to know about you and your and your wife. In the run up for Preparing for this tour. So you’re answering what’s called a geofence. Within, say, a 10 mile radius, oh my gosh, honey, we’re just now passing the highest rated organic smoothie place in all of North Denver on our way up the hill, for example, right? It’s like, Wow, that’s so cool. I mean, Stephanie is so thoughtful to have put that as a waypoint for us. And again, all that Stephanie did in her office was simply check that box, now you’re getting halfway up the hill, you’re within two mile radius of that first home that she wants to show you. Wow, look at that. This is a very highly rated Track and Field facility. I like running, I can’t believe Stephanie thought to put that on our map for us. And we go a little bit deeper in the technology. And because we’re still patent pending on some of our IP, I’ll leave some of that to the imagination for now, as to how we pull in other data that makes things a little bit more apropos for those prospective buyers. But I can tell you, it gets really, really interesting as the plot thickens there. But so if Stephanie has handed you that live, Pat, that’s yours for the duration of the tour, just as would have been that old school folder full of listing sheets, right that who knows what was going on with poor Stephanie and her office before she met you at the coffee shop? If it’s like me, what do you mean, there’s no data network connection to the printer, it was here. Yesterday, when I left the office or somebody forgot to update a driver, I’m not printing from this. The myriad of issues that we face as agents, it’s just there should be some behind the scenes reality shows. The agents are opening their car door and papers are blowing across the street, when they’re trying to meet, they’re a couple of buyers. But imagine if all that was out of the way, and it’s either again, it’s a link that was sent to your clients on their phone. Great, they click through it. I’m now in this this sort of, if you will, a guided rail tour that was prepared for me and my wife, by Stephanie, the great real estate agent, right? Like there’s no noise. There’s not Jake from State Farm trying to sell me an insurance policy before I even set foot in the house. And a lot of the consumer facing property technology, mobile applications out there, bring in a lot of that stuff. And they, they really in my experience as a buyer’s agent, really kind of fogged the the equation for the home buyer to actually take in the moment, I mean, very often people would fly in to northern Nevada. And I’ll take them on a home tour of say, five separate properties. And then at the end of the afternoon, they’re back on a plane back in there, maybe three states away current residence. And then within a few days, they’re calling me and saying, Brad, we think we want to write the offer on this home, based on what based on the technology that I had to provide them at the time, which was a folder of listing sheets, they asked me for a pen, so they could take down a few notes on each property. Maybe they shot a few photos of their own, they were probably facing, if they’re like me way too much storage capacity limits on their phone because they have like dog pictures and you know, God children or whatever else, maybe bogging down that that device, but with live pad, imagine all of that goes out the window, you can capture photos, videos, notes digitally, right there in the moment, it’s zipped off to our servers in the cloud. And at the end of the tour, Stephanie sends you a very nice email, which has a very simple short link that brings you and your wife, or whomever is potentially considering the purchase of their next home under her guidance up to our servers where they can fetch not only the existing MLS data, to your point, Stephanie, the vitals of the home, the square footage, the your built the Bed, Bath mix, all of the media that was there, present and live, the day that that tour was curated. But it’s juxtaposed with the photos and videos and notes that you as the homebuyer captured yourself in that experience, so that you can really make the most informed decision of you know, it’s right, you know, that picture that we took off the balcony of where we thought we were going to set a hot tub on home number three, I don’t like that view. After all, I wonder if we should reach back out to Stephanie and see if she could run over there and take another look from this vantage point and see if the deck is sturdy. And I mean, there’s just the just the almost unlimited number of variables that could potentially come about on any given homebuyer and most importantly, post homebuyer tour without them having to go through the inconvenience of booking another trip up to town, getting on the plane taking more of our agents time to basically retrace steps that otherwise could have been avoided if there was only a better technological tool or an asset that Stephanie could have used when she originally took those clients out. And then then you meld in this concept of what we call pertinent poi or pertinent points of interest that say, oh, man, and that’s right, home number two is within walking distance of that really cool running facility that we saw. Whereas home number three that we were kind of on the fence about and the second 16 minute drive, I’m not sure I want to do that commute. Before the office every morning. I’d rather just get out the front door, my jogging shoes, and get the exercise over with me and get into production. So those types of factors are what we were trying to solve for when we Created live pad initially, and we’ve just been adding really, really more relevant and modern technology to it along the way. Super

cool. Stephanie, how does an agent like you who again, has such a highly curated client experience? What are you seeing as benefits that agents need to consider here, as they think about whether it’d be live Pat, or just their client experience in general, what’s what’s, what are some things that are showing up for you that ought to create a new awareness for agents.

I’m laughing at myself, because I’m thinking back on a time when I had some out of town clients, I’m in my vehicle, they’re in theirs. And they’re following me through town. And I said, Okay, we’re going to take a couple of detours so I can drive you past the school and the things that you’re interested in. So we’re both on the phone with each other at the same time. And while we’re driving, I’m playing tour guide, I felt like you know, the the bus driver that’s giving off facts as you hit different landmarks. And of course, I get lost, trying to find this home. And then I’m trying to tell them, you know, what, what’s over here, and what’s over there, and the dog park and all the things. And I mean, that was even in an in an area that I am a specialist in. But imagine if I were in a town that you know, the next town over, that I don’t have memorized like the back of my hand, and it was just kind of chaotic. It was really chaotic for the client. And then of course, I’m in I’m in the Pacific Northwest. So we get out. And every paper I brought is now soggy we’re trying to write. I’m just thinking man, that this technology could have been very useful during that time. But really, what it makes me think about is, in in an era where consumers have diminished our value in a misperceived Miss perceived way, I guess I can’t think of a better way to say that, that that they can click on a button and get someone to open a door for them. And that’s the value that they see their buyer’s agent, as and maybe they do walk in the door with that perceived value. But if you’re showing up with all of this information, and offering all of this high level value, and creating an unforgettable experience, and it really is unforgettable, because they’ve got it on their phone on their device, now they have all of the information that they can reference back to, it makes me think, the next time they want to see a property, are they just going to click on a button and get any random agent? Are they going to make sure they’re coming back to me, that provided an unforgettable experience? Because now they’re going to say, if someone else shows up? Am I going to get access to the same technology in the same information? Or is it going to be someone that opens the door and sits on his cell phone in the corner while I’m touring the property myself? And asking a lot of questions, and they don’t even know anything about my lifestyle, and what’s important to me. I mean, that’s, that’s huge, that I if I’m showing up with this, I am ensuring that I am now their agent throughout this entire process and for life.

Really well said I think it’s, again, we’re at a time when you as a buyer’s agent, you must be more intentional than you’ve ever said before. And I think you articulated really well, Stephanie of all the different ways that this sets you apart and causes people to want to come back to you and be so glad that they did. Right. You just organizes their own thoughts, the end of the day. As those of us in this industry, we’re leaders, we’re leading people to the outcome that they want. And the best way oftentimes to help people to make good decisions is to simplify those decisions. The best way to simplify those decisions is to put all the information in front of them and make it really, really easy to do that. And I feel like this technology is doing a great, great job of making that really easy for agents. So, Brad, what else would you add to that based on here and Stephanie’s kind of initial review of what you guys are building?

Yeah, no, I again, I mean, Stephanie is seeing there’s there’s a forest there’s trees, and she’s she’s seeing it all. Obviously it’s speaking through experience. You know, we are in a paradigm shift in the industry, whether we like it or not. You’re one of your previous podcasts. Your your repeat guest the great Jim Remley had a really, really good segment on Think bigger real estate recently, where you talked more in depth about the buyer broker representation agreement, these new mandates that are being handed down, which is a nice way to say forced upon us as an AR members in by way of a settlement agreement. And you know, there’s, there’s I personally believe there’s apps salutely a concerted effort to ostracize the human element in the real estate space. So Stephanie, you made reference to, you know, somebody clicking an app and a door opening, I think there’s, there’s an Uber and Uber isation or a Carvana ask consideration out there that we could just do that with real estate as well. You know, we just went out there’s robots, there’s algorithms, there’s things that we can do to just, oh my gosh, God, even so much less expensive for the for the poor home buyer and home seller to, you know, acquire and transact in real estate. And I take great offense to that sentiment, honestly, I don’t, I don’t agree with it. In fact, I staunchly disagree with any idea that you can take a trained professional, such as a licensed real estate agent out of the equation and deliver the same or even similar value proposition to somebody who’s going to make a purchase on a home. I mean, a home buying experience is a crystal moment in history. So we think, you know, what’s a crystal moment, it’s the birth of your first child, it’s your 10 year anniversary, it’s graduation for a loved one from some great institutions somewhere. And, you know, most people who own homes in in anywhere in the world, frankly, but certainly here in the US, it’s a one, maybe two or three time event in one’s lifetime. So I would say that certainly, you know, it qualifies as a critical moments, right? So when when I had a client approach, you know, my my services in incline village, there’s a woman who actually flew in from out of town and said, Hey, I’ve got X number of dollars, I’ve got X number of days, I want to see every home listed in the incline Village Market in that meets this criteria, I said, Great. The only problem we have is that number of days you mentioned, there are 22 of these homes, we have not nearly enough time for you to actually genuinely go visit these properties and take in all of the percepts that will be needed for you to make an informed decision to buy that house. So she’s like, Well, look, don’t challenge me, she was boss woman. I said, Okay, let’s go, Danielle, let’s do it. So we jumped in, we had literally two days to see 22 properties, all of them priced in the seven figure range. And there’s a certain point of responsibility and fiduciary to your clients where you actually feel like as a buyer’s agent, I’m not, I’m really not sure I’m doing my best service by allowing this buyer to drive that equation. You know, it’s almost like, you know, I know what she wants, but what I actually feel ethically in line that I’ve delivered to her the very best experience, if I actually perform on this criteria that she’s laid before me, I want to see 22 homes in less than 48 hours, it’s like that’s going to be very, very challenging, you know, especially homes of those square footage, sizes, etc. So this is literally the precipice this was the catalyst, if you will, the the trigger moment that created this concept of life for me. So we did in fact, in that story we did, we went out we saw the first 12 homes on the first afternoon in the Saturday afternoon. And no surprise by and by the way, I was using the then current and available technology, which was the old school folder with a nice foil print on that folder. And, you know, I don’t know whatever my broker at the time was charging me 15 cents per sheet. That’s a printout listing sheets, these silly nuances we deal with in the space, right? So I stuffed this folder with like 12 listings, we went out and we were on our on our way from home number six to home number seven, and Danielle pulls out home number four and she’s like Brad, I really wanted to see this house. I wanted to see this this property and I said, you know, we actually we did see that home, you walked in and you hated the kitchen, you do right back out. And she’s like, really this little rectangle. You know, monologue photo is what is supposed to resemble that home, it looks nothing like the home. How am I supposed to remember off of this listing sheet. So I literally I woke my wife up that that same evening, or the very next morning, I really refer to it at like 3am And I was like, Honey, I got this I got this idea. So that that that is the backstory of how we came to be an actual property technology. I mean, there’s years of patent Research and Technology programming and everything, but now we’re there and we’re delivering to very, very happy and, and enthused agents, and we’re, we’re adding technologies to it. So a couple of roads to go down there on on that concept, if you will. One, as an active real estate professional, I do take offense to the notion that you can just take the brat out of that equation have Danielle fly in, tell her that’s just fine. You want to see 22 They’ll see 22 Click, click the link as you arrive at each home and magically the door will open. You make your decision and our robots will help you I don’t know what fill out, you know form letter offers so you can submit them for me It’s just not realistic. And it would not be a good service to Daniel in that equation. So we were very, very careful in the creation of of the live pad platform to allow the real estate agent to remain the hero in the story, if you will. Okay, so we have a fiduciary duty to our clients, my background prior to real estate, was like in the financial advisory field, and I had all these blue sky laws to adhere to series SIX series 63, all these licensures, where if I outperformed, or I, there was an outpoint, in my delivery to the client, I could be severely fined and sanctioned. And I take that same degree of seriousness to every single interaction with clients. And I think most of our colleagues by and large, as real estate agents, we do the same. So thinking that having, you know, the presence of a licensed individual removed from that equation, and still getting the same end result for Danielle in that scenario, would add all be fair to her is an insult. Firstly, I mean, there’s a certain amount of compassion, there’s an expertise that is earned in this space through experience and the hustle. And that, in my opinion, my friends, is what the revenue that ultimately is derived to the agent is all about, that’s our value proposition is that expertise that we deliver, and a tool of any type, I don’t care what technology we’re using, be it live pad, be it you know, any name, the AI, you know, device that’s that’s being marketed, really ought to just elevate the level of professionalism for that agent. And it really ought to make things easier, ideally, first for the home owner or home buyer. And then for the professional that’s representing that individual. So that’s how we remain true to what we do in the development of innovation with live pad is that we’re not at all trying to replace the real estate agent, involvement in the equation quite to the contrary, life hat is only available to licensed professionals. So I should say that if you’re in Google Play Store, right now, as you’re listening to think bigger, and you’re like, I’m just gonna grab this app, this thing sounds pretty cool. I’m, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re not going to find it publicly, you will have to talk to a licensed professional to use this technology because I didn’t again, we didn’t want there to be an ability for the general public to say, you know, this guy, Justin, he’s, he’s got all these reviews, his clients seem to love him, but I can do this without him. It’s just not in our wheelhouse. You know? Yes, definitely seems great. But, you know, I just, I think I could just go about this and use that little algorithm that these other guys are talking about. And then so piling onto that further, I do want to touch further on that that component that we were talking about with with Jim’s commentary on the buyer broker representation, but without overbearing the conversation and still stealing too much, Mike time from you both who I know probably have some really, really intelligent questions on the lead up to that. I’ll pause there. And then I if time permits, I would really love to share with you our latest innovation, as we address the buyer broker representation. I’m

enjoying Stephanie Woodard, do you have any questions? You want to interject right here? Should we have Brad get into the buyer broker agreement?

Yeah, I just wanted to say that I feel like this checks. So many boxes that real estate agents are looking for one being I love anything that is created by a real estate agent based on the the gap that they’ve seen in the industry in their own experience. So I love that I love knowing that that is this is coming from a boots on the ground experience. And anything that as a real estate agent that I can say, Is this going to save me time, which saves me money, and enhance the client experience to make sure that they’re gonna be stuck with me for life. It checks all of those boxes. And so so for me, I mean, it covered everything that I was looking for and excited to learn about. And so if you’ve got another component that you want to share with us, let’s hear it.

Sure, sure. I want to, if you don’t mind, just in retreading, one of the previous statements you had made I missed I didn’t comment on Stephanie, but with regard to whether your client is going to be inclined to, you know, click a button to call a different agent in the future or if they’re going to be quote, unquote, you know, stuck stuck with you for life. What we’re looking to deliver as agents as buyer’s agents is to overwhelm our clients especially, you know, probably now more than ever on the buyer side because you know, the, the value proposition is being sort of attacked from different angles there on a buyer’s agent representation. But if we can overwhelmingly outperform the expectations of our clients, be it with, you know, a tool such as live pad that that helps that client have a better experience. or just our overall our overall conductivity and rapport. And sometimes you just really click with with your clients. I mean, I’m sure the three of us can just cite laundry lists of people who started out as clients of ours who are now just like lifelong friends. I mean, we like celebrate holidays together and do barbecues and things with with folks that we genuinely formed relationships and friendships with live, Pat is meant to be one more arrow in your quiver to attain that level of success. So it’s not, we don’t, we don’t try to pin the homebuyer with that agent, by necessity of some, you know, password or subscription fee or something like that. It’s really just, if we can help the agent attain a higher level of success in building that rapport with their clients right out of the gate, and they just fall in love with their agent. You know, that’s how we get our referral and repeat business or in the, in the, in the long term buyer cycle, where they keep coming back to us and saying, Stephanie, you are so amazing, and you know, all these, these really cool technologies and tools you brought out for us to use while we were on tour with you. I mean, it’s all great, let’s just go find find the next one, let’s none of those three works. And that’s not your fault, the houses just didn’t fit us, let’s go see something else. That’s the experience, overwhelmingly we’re finding life path agents come back to us with with their success stories. Now, so to the more of paradigm-shifting even more current challenge that we’re facing, as licensed professionals in the space, we have this amazing set of new rules at the playground. The NAR mandate, specifically with respect to as NAR Chief Legal Counsel put out there for us in her announcement, I believe three Fridays ago, is that even in the advance of going on a virtual tour on behalf of your home buyer, you must as a real estate licensed professional or an AR member have entered into a mutual agreement to represent that client. So that means your client calls you from Cincinnati, Ohio, and says Stephanie, in the Pacific Northwest, I need you to go out and preview this home that we came across on the internet for me; we need you to go see that you can’t even enter that home with the anticipation that you’re going to share notes with those folks from Cincinnati until you’ve got a written agreement in place. And we thought, well, that’s a little bit of a change of pace for us. How are we possibly going to do that? Most importantly, how will we protect the realtor community to ensure that we’re not being sanctioned or threatened with our licensure, and maybe that will run all the way up to associations or broker-level penalties? So, with Live Pad, we created a document repository. Okay, so on our platform, and Justin again, sorry, on your lead, you mentioned live Pat is a device you can take out on a tour. But just a fine tune on that, if you will, is live pad is really, it’s a cloud-based platform that allows the agents to do home searches, curate the tours, set the time and schedule with the tours. At that point, they can either take their mobile phone or send a link to their client’s mobile phones on the road. Or if it’s an off-grid scenario, where data is a little more challenging to grab a live pad off-grid tablet, and they’re rolling. So there’s sort of an omnibus method of accessing this data, I love. Thank you. So, in the cloud environment, think of it as you’re logging into your local association MLS, right? And you’re like, Okay, I’m gonna click through the dashboard and click into the MLS search. Great. Well, from that point of the journey in preparing a tour for your clients, your home searching on life, at your scheduling tours on life pad, you’re in two-way communication with those listing agents, which means we’re sending SMS messages and emails real-time to every listing agent in your MLS database as they’re paired with that particular property listing. And they’re going to let you know, okay, well, either that time works were confirmed, or I’m gonna suggest a better time sellers are in town or whatever you may need to do once that tour is confirmed. Now it’s the run up for a great, I’m gonna go meet these people. It’s currently Friday afternoon, we’re going to see them Sunday morning, in compliance with Na ARS new mandate, I’ve got to get this uncomfortable buyer broker representation document out of the way. Okay, so there are many ways for an agent to address that in the current world of technology, right? I mean, you could literally hold down the document from some form of library, email it to your client, you can put it up into a digital signature platform and email it to them that way. The thing is that we’re actually asking homebuyers to change their behavior, and we’re also augmenting the behavior of licensed real estate professionals. So we thought, how will it be least the least painful route to attaining compliance with this new mandate? And we’ve got what the client wants: to go out and see homes like Stephanie. Are you serious? You need me to sign this thing. I wait, there’s these three houses. I’d love to see him. Can you take us out? And our responses as professionals now have to be I do, I want to do the same. But we’ve got this new rule and regulation, and we have to get past this paperwork. So we thought it was absolutely the most appropriate time. In the lead-up to the tour, just as we’ve got preview links that say, these are the three homes we will see on Sunday morning. But we must get through this compliance component to get in the door. So what life pad did was we actually created a repository on our cloud system. So, back through that journey of preparing for the tour, you logged into life, searched for the homes, confirmed your times, got your tour ready to go, and now pulled down the buyer-broker representation agreement commensurate with your office. So whether it’s team-mandated broker franchise locally associated or local association-mandated, however, it may be that that document is the one that you, as the buyer’s agent or are meant to us, pull that down, you complete on our platform, the data necessary. That is our the fillable editable fields in there, probably most importantly, you know, your contact information, your broker’s name and the agreed upon commission amount that your buyers are going to compensate you for your time and your professionalism, then you send that out all through our platform, there’s no pull it down from one database that has its own separate set of login credentials. Fill it in on this other thing over here with its own logins. You leave that platform, review it here, and then send it in some envelopes. It’s it’s all in one environment. So, to your point earlier, Stephanie is like, how can we be more efficient and not have to be bouncing around all of these? So we said, let’s forge alliances with other software providers that are the best in class at what they’ve done in various spaces. So we have I mean, we have even on our on our tablet platform, the largest manufacturer of mobile tablets on Earth is Samsung. So we have a corporate buying agreement where we can actually drop ship. These beautiful tablets can be sent to any agent anywhere in the world for less than $200. And they own the thing that gets theirs. Think of it like a lockbox, you go to your association you bought the lockbox is yours, where what are you going to do with it, I’ll put it on a door. And when I retire from real estate one day, I’ll have a bunch of paper weights and doorstops. Awesome. Well, I’ve had like here, you bought the tablet, we’re going to preload it with our APK and mobile solution on there. You can also download Netflix and chill with this thing, like whatever you want on your tablet. But we have such an amazing buy rate on it that the clients are able to attain this life where users can own this thing for far less than they could go buy it at Costco. Now.

Once they’ve sent the document to their clients, we have a compliance component in there that says, “Okay, Justin, your appointments are coming up; you sent this out on Friday afternoon. Here’s a dashboard update for you. It’s now Saturday evening, and your tour is tomorrow morning or Sunday morning. This thing’s not signed yet. So you can send with a single click from your cell phone from your laptop, whatever you can send a nudge to those homebuyers to say, Hey, guys, here’s our preview of the homes, we’re gonna go see the shiny object, right, you want to go see him, I want to go show him. But we’ve still got this compliance thing to go through. So life pad delivers that all through our space on kind of a linear bread clump, bread crumb plateau, from the tour’s origination to off to your homebuyers so that they can digitally sign the thing. And we’ve partnered in that instance with the world’s largest software creator for digital signature and authentication and securitization of digital documents. Then, it drops back onto the platform-specific to those buyers. And it’s dropped into that same profile, where Stephanie clicked the likes and dislikes of lifestyle attributes. So it’s all in one place; there’s a single solution sign-on, which means you’re not logging out of different platforms and into others; you’ve got your MLS search, scheduling, and document repository. And then, when the tour is completed, you’re back at your office or grab a data signal on your cell phone. And you say, Justin, it was fabulous to have taken you and your wife out. I know you’re heading to the airport, now you’ve got a run, I just sent you a tour summary for everything that we’ve seen today to include all of those beautiful points of interest that we drove around town that are commensurate with your lifestyle, you can have a closer look at those. Please call me when you get home, and you’ve had time to digest this. Now, before your clients get through the TSA line. They’ve already got every single photo video note and a copy of that fully executed buyer broker representation agreement via the link stored on our server, not their phone, not your phone. It’s just sitting in the palm of their hands. So we feel that we’ve solved many pain points and, most importantly, improved many of the efficiencies that could have been improved upon in that homebuyer cycle

for any thought of everything. Yeah,

sure, there’s more out there. Thank you. I’m sure there’s more to come, my friend, and that’s what the brilliance of this industry was: so many bright minds and, you know, is it NAR legislate A couple of months ago in DC, and we’re in Maine, and we’re, you know, all these, there’s a lot happening in the real estate space, especially with regard to technology lately, and honestly, you know, humbly, we’re just we’re grateful to be playing whatever small role in it, our peers and colleagues will have a sense. So it’s been a tremendous amount of fun. And we continue to innovate. And as paradigm shifts come in, you know, and forces are acting against us as the licensed professionals that we are, I say, you know, what, we rise to the challenge all of us, and we sent this, and we’re not going anywhere, you’re not going to send an algorithm in place of a Stephanie or a Justin or, or a Brad and say, you know, you can do this as you would on Carvana. And it’ll show up at your front door. I mean, it’s a crystal moment. Our clients deserve the level of professionalism that we can provide to them. I believe that compassionately and wholeheartedly. And yeah, this is life, Pat is one more tool to keep us in the game, keep us relevant, and most importantly, as needed now, maybe more than ever elevate that value proposition.

Brad, it’s been such a pleasure. I appreciate you taking the time to educate our audience on this. It’s really been eye-opening for people to think intentionally about how they can elevate their client experience. Obviously, LivePads make that easy. Stephanie, do you have any final comments?

Man, everything was covered. I think I can come up with another question. But I will bet next time I’m out showing property, and I’m thinking about this, I might be sending Brad a message saying, Hey, can we add this component? And I’ll be thinking of many new ways to put all of this into practice. We

absolutely love that we always, always welcome feedback from our users. We will send both of you a live pad off-grid so that you can have it and have something tangible to play with and take out with your clients. And anybody who wants to learn more. We’re at live pad, dot app, which is a PP, or live It will probably be the best two domains to have a look deeper. And we’ll get back to your viewers for a special promotional code that will be unique to the Think Bigger Real Estate Team face. So let’s make it happen. Read

such, and start using it. And I’ll be sharing, and I mean, if anyone follows my Instagram, I’ll share my experiences with it. Fantastic.

Thank you both so much. I really appreciate the platform and the time you took to chat with me today.

Brad, it is our pleasure to all of our listeners out there. Thank you for tuning in today. And don’t forget these three simple words which are, go think bigger, Brad; thanks for having us do that today, my

friend. My pleasure. Thank you both.

Before you go, we’ve got one more invitation for you. We all know that listening to a podcast is not enough. To help you become a big thinker and a high achiever. We must take action. So the very first step think about one Aha, one lesson learned from this podcast you’d like to apply and send it to us in the form of a direct message @ThinkBiggerRealEstate