Real Estate Market Predictions with Justin Harnish offered way more than just market predictions. The topics covered included:

  • work-life balance- 
    • Justin has a habit of proactively communicating with his clients to try and protect his time with his family
    • He purposely commits himself to coaching soccer teams, boating, and skiing with his family so that he can focus on them.
  • market predictions-
    • Portland has lost more generational wealth in the past few months than in any other time that he remembers. He attributes that to Oregon’s politics. However, what has replaced that money has been even more money with people fleeing California and the heavy tax situation, coupled with the potential of more tax increases under a new Administration.
    • This has created additional demand, which continues to drive up the price of our real estate in certain segments. 
    • Overall, the Portland market has an optimistic outlook for the coming year. 
    • The segment to watch would be the lower segments that are most closely tied to service professions more deeply impacted by the pandemic. 
    • In other words, not all market segments are going to have the same outlook moving forward, so watch your market segment as it may be impacted differently. 
  • the numbers of real estate
    • Justin taught to go into the RMLS system and try and break the system, meaning, go in and pull reports and numbers that no else is pulling in order to identify trends, forecasts and insights that wil help your clients. 
    • As you do this, you’ll find that you stand out from Tech Giants competitors and the average Joe Realtor.

Justin also spoke about his mentors, the people that have shaped him into the broker that he is today. Being the agent that has sold more real estate than any other agent for the past 10-years, he spoke about what it takes to build sustainable success, and what he does to continue to be a big thinker and expand his possibilities. 

You’re going to love this interview with Justin. He has tons to offer all of us. 

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