Diana McCredie has been a top-producing real estate agent for 34 years. In that time she has developed the ability to lead her clients in a way that few others have and can. The secret to her success includes some of the following:

Self-leadership- Diana talk about the power of her morning journaling routine and how that grounds her physically and emotionally. This routine also causes her to ask the question of what is going to be her primary focus that day and why. She also shares that she avoids the traditional news because of the political nature of those sources and focuses more on medical and financial data that she can then run through her own filters.

Real estate leadership- “Real estate happens at the corner of life and change.” With change now being commonplace, Diana shared how her monthly emails have now become weekly emails. Additionally, these emails include much more than they used to include. Specifically, she includes in the past 7 days, how many homes went pending vs listed. This paints a picture as to what’s happening in the market.

Client leadership- Beyond just real estate data, Diana is sharing lifestyles tools and tips that are giving her client base help on everything from homeschooling tips to health and wellness tips.

Network leadership- Diana set the intention two years ago to build a network of influential women in the financial and professional sectors. This is not only good for her own business, but it allows her to add value to her clients far beyond what one would expect from their real estate agent.

Diana is leading by example what it looks like to lead through a crisis.

What you’ll get by tuning in:
A specific journal that has brought great strength and grounding to Diana
Key elements that should be a part of your morning routine
The one real estate market stat Diana believes tells the tale of the market
How often to communicate with clients now
Ways to build your outside network

Additional Resources:
Link to Diana’s journal: https://5secondjournal.com/