In 2019, not including some builder business with which she has some additional help, Marie sold 51 homes in 2019 and has a lot of business in the pipeline and still moving forward. 

Now, enter COVID-19 and in addition to her already heavy demands she is also a homeschool teacher of three young boys. 

The big question I posed to Marie is, “How are you managing?”

Schedule- I used to be up at 4:30 to be at Orange Theory Fitness by 5 am. Now I’m up to get in 2-3 hours of work before everyone wakes up. Then I have breakfast with the family. My workout has shifted to the evening hours. 

Mindset- I find myself at times feeling guilty about all of the things I’d like to be improving upon during this special time and I’m not finding that I actually have extra time. From this, I have to find mentors that help me to fix my mindset and stay positive. For Marie, this is Rachael and Dave Hollis. 

Health- I go crazy if I don’t workout and so again, I’ve shifted my workouts to the evening. 

Homeschool teacher- My oldest two have curriculum from school but I’m finding my oldest gets his done earlier. Both he and I need him to be busy for longer than a couple of hours and so I’ve asked his teacher for more work for him. My second oldest has to be supervised more because he loses focus quickly. My three year-old, on the other hand, is very active and I’ve got to keep my eme on him. 

Business- Things have slowed a little bit, but not enough to really feel it. I’m taking additional precautions for my clients and have found that my sphere really appreciates pop-bys in the form of things for their kids during this time. 

Marriage and relationships- I don’t see my husband a lot right now because it’s tax season. Now that this has been extended, it’s as if more miles were just added to the end of our marathon. I’m having to be intentional to spend time with him. Additionally, I’m having to be intentional with my kids that I’m not just their teacher but that I also have good experiences with them. 

From all of these categories we recognize the need for intentionality, the need for self-awareness when we really are doing all that we can do and to not let guilt step in and rob us of our limited resource of time and energy.