As we begin to think bigger we start to want to put up with less of the life we don’t want. We start to realize that more of the life we do want is actually within reach.

According to Tony Robbins, standards are simply what you’re willing to put up with. Whether it be your standards for your health, for the cleanliness of your home or car, for the amount of money you’re willing to live on and have left to invest, the vacations you’re willing to go on, the way you allow others to treat you, what you’re willing to put up with begins to show up everywhere.

In interviewing Beth Kellan, she set a standard that she had to be done working her real estate business by 5:30 pm and could not work outside of a 10 mile radius from her house. What happened isn’t that her business dried up, but rather her schedule was filled with more of the business that fit within those standards.

All too often our scarcity mentality keeps us thinking that by saying “no” we will suffer and die. The reality is, if we say “no” to the right things, we’re actually creating the space for more of the right things.

Try it out… raise your standards and watch what happens.