What does perseverance in business require?

  • Skillset
  • Habit-set
  • Mindset

Ben Andrews, author of The Long Run, sold homes though 2008, and sold 72 homes this past year…he came on with me to share on perseverance. Here is what he learned.

Not feeling like he could provide, several months behind on his Mortgage and HOA dues, he had to grow beyond buying internet leads. He was worth $26,000 to the market in 2008…before taxes. When the market turned, internet leads followed suit.

Today his mission is “I am going to out-care my competition.” Now he serves a warm market and that was his first lesson.

Skillset: Focus on referral systems and move to serving a warm market

“I flew back to NY to meet with Barbara Corcoran…and got her assistant. He taught me this: if you’re running your team right, you know the assistant knows more about the operation than the team lead.”

  • In a good market, people don’t need information
  • In a bad market, people want information
  • In an in-between market, people need information

You’ll need to care enough to learn the market and your fear will go away. If you want to be in business for the Long Run, treat the business as a rookie this year, and learn what is really going on. When you take the time, care and concern to draw out what is really happening and what is to come you, you take the position of expert, making the complex simple.

Tip: Don’t use “inside” terms on the “outside” – keep it simple!

Mindset: Make a list of and focus only on what you can control. It’s all in your self-talk!

Right now you’re likely carrying the weight of deals that were moving toward closing have blown up, and heavy client conversations about changing interest rates rising quickly that have caused grief and interruption. Ben shares advice from his record breaking sub-4-minute mile where he also had to master his mind. Here are some ways to insulate your mindset to rig your thoughts and prepare to WIN:

  1. Read the book “What to Say When You Talk To Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter to master your self-talk!
  2. Book end your day with positivity with the 5-Minute-Journal
  3. When you face fear, ask “Is that real right now?” and look for what is the best case scenario instead of the worst


  1. Morning Routine

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