Today’s episode of the Think Bigger Real Estate Show  with Tanya Beeler reminded me of how how much momentum matters. She shared that she’s often struggled to implement the 66-Day Challenge of developing a new habit as taught in Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s book, The ONE Thing, because she often loses momentum during that period of time. She shared how she can hold it together and make great strides in 30 day sprints.

This took me back to my high school basketball days in which our head coach, Coach Craig Rothenberger, would often preach the importance of having “Big Mo on our team.” Big Mo was him name for ‘Momentum’ and he could not have been more accurate. As shot started to fall, the next shots got easier and easier.

As we live a life committed to thinking bigger, we cannot discount the importance of momentum.

I liked Google’s definition of momentum: the impetus gained by a moving object. If you’re like me, the definition of impetus would also be helpful here: the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly.

Referencing again The ONE Thing, the example they give is that of a series of dominoes falling and with each domino, you get more and more momentum and able to tackle bigger and bigger tasks.

It is important that we recognize that with small wins comes the energy for more wins. Our stack of small wins sum into big wins. Be sure that every day you doing whatever it takes to recruit ‘Big Mo’ to be on your team.