If you’ve found yourself asking, “Do I really want to go through the ups and downs in a Real Estate market where my income is tied to how much I can buy or sell?” you may be interested to learn about another perspective from the Rental/Property Management side of the business!

Tune in to this podcast as Justin Stoddart interviews Darryl and Sonia Jenkins of Orange Vacation Homes, and hear how they started their real Estate and Property Management company in Orlando just 4 years ago. This young business now has over 150 homes, and is on the grow in a big way!


Darryl and Sonia pivoted with an opportunity for consistent income when many of their clients had a greater need to manage property well than to sell it. They built a foundation in Property Management and Luxury Vacation Rentals that served the needs they saw repeatedly while securing their clients’ future sales when the timing was better.

These two models work hand in hand and provide several additional income opportunities:

  • Own the cleaning company that guests pay a fee for
  • Pest control business
  • Swimming Pool business
  • Subsidiary Contractor business

They have become their OWN UPSTREAM PARTNER! They are at the center of all things Real Estate for their sphere.

Overcoming Challenges

The foundation for Darryl and Sonia’s business was built over challenges most of us will not have to face: they had to start off by getting E2 Visas to even be an entrepreneur in the U.S.! They laid a foundation that now others can take advantage of, and business owners can open a franchise (licensed under their brokerage) with this groundwork in place. 

Their foundation started with a unified dream placed visually in front of them, and baby steps forward, one challenge at a time, led to the momentum they have now. They have special experience in learning to scale and hire with their fast growth, and they are open to mentorship from their example! Their example is powerful in any condition you may also face!

Opportunity for Agents with Luxury Vacation Rentals

Luxury Vacation Homes in Destin, FL and Tampa, FL are ready to be managed with their systems and partners! There is an influx of people moving to and investing in Real Estate in Florida at this time, so there is a steady stream of potential buyers.

There is familiarity with this model in Colorado, Nevada and Oregon and they are excited to grow! If partnering with Darryl and Sonia from a different geographic area appeals to you, feel free to reach out!

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