Justin Bosak is out of Wall Township, New Jersey, which is considered a suburb of New York City. NYC, as many know, is considered the US epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. New York City has  banned all real estate showings and new listings, causing the real estate market to slam on its brakes. With the NYC and NJ economies being deeply connected, there is no doubt that Justin Bosak finds himself and his family in a difficult situation.

In challenging times, we have to manage our mind and do what the great leaders and success stories have always done. We have to maintain a strong mindset and do everything that does lie within our powers now. 

That is exactly what Justin Bosak is doing and it’s giving him the confidence to realize that once this storm passes, he is going to be positioned for massive success. While many are using this time to hibernate or spend endless hours following the tragic news stories of our world today, others like Justin are going out and doing everything they can now to prepare for brighter days ahead. 

Some of the things that Justin is doing now include:

  • Embracing and leading with technology. He recognizes that the more visibility he can give his listings now, the higher the likelihood that they’ll sell and the more people will see him as the right resource when it comes time for them to sell. While others are avoiding this new world or slowly dipping their toe in the water, Justin is sprinting forward. 
  • He’s up, dressed, and in the office working. He’s respecting social distancing of course, but also putting in the work now that his teammates, clients, and community need. 
  • He’s getting essential information out to his clients, including details of the government stimulus package. 
  • He’s cutting expenses and renegotiating contracts. Zillow is offering leads for half price and so he’s looking at all of his expenditures to see what needs to go, what needs to be renegotiated and what should stay. 

How Justin continues to Think Bigger and expand his possibilities, even amidst perceived shrinking possibilities, Justin is looking to other leaders to see what they are doing. He is listening to podcasts and finding others that are winning in this environment and immediately implementing their activities.