The luxury home market update for Portland, Oregon that Emile Bonfiglio gave to us wasn’t even the main topic of the show, but it was deeply insightful. What was even more valuable for your business was Emile’s perspective on the definition of good marketing, a case for print, a case for telling powerful stories in your marketing, and how he’s really gotten ahead in life and business.  

As the Publisher and Owner of Luxury Home Magazine for Oregon and SW Washington he’s got a lot to offer on all of these topics. Some of the most valuable takeaways from my conversation with Emile were:

  • His favorite part about being a dad
  • Is print marketing dead
  • Luxury home market update for Portland, Oregon
  • Where people are moving and why
  • What he does to think bigger and expand his possibilities: put in the work even when it’s not fun and others want to quit. You have to have the staying power to stay with it and you will get ahead. 

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