Do real estate agents actually get business from Instagram or is it just a distraction from real work? If you’ve ever sputtered in your Instagram efforts, or not seen any direct results, you’ve likely had that thought. 

The reality is that anything that we do inconsistently or without using proper methods will offer us lackluster results. Enter top Instagram coach, Michelle Berman, offering an easy to understand philosophy and framework and it now becomes much easier to show up on Instagram consistently and effectively.  

Michelle and I discussed: 

  • The Power Instagram Method has now replaced traditional grassroots marketing and Zillow leads
  • How to create a niche, identify your target audience and CRUSH the 4 types of content you need to make
  • A close friends list and why it is the secret to staying top of mind
  • Using Instagram to get leads that are on FIRE for you!
  • How to sell in your Dm’s without being salesey

Within the Think Bigger Real Estate Facebook Group, we have posted Michelle’s Instagram Power Method which will give you a framework from which you can begin to get real benefits from Instagram. 

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