This episode will give you insight around:

  • The signs of the impending housing crisis
    • The number of people not paying their rent/mortgage
    • There are 22M people unemployed in our country
  • What’s driving the crisis
    • Global pandemic
    • Social unrest
    • Nesting- the need for people’s homes to accommodate more than just a place to sleep
    • Housing shortage
    • Low interest rates causing everyone who can buy a home to buy a home
  • Who will win and who will lose
    • Those that will win are those that live in coveted suburban areas outside of major cities, those that are knowledge workers whose jobs have not been affected and can live somewhere else while still performing their work
    • Those who will lose are those in the food and hospitality industries who are not able to escape big cities
    • Those who are able to offer lower-cost housing options to those looking to buy

… and so much more including:

  • How to position your mindset amidst these changes
  • How to position your business amidst these changes
  • Key skillsets of a successful entrepreneur
  • Two key principles to continuing to expand your possibilities. 

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