Overcoming adversity as a real estate agent can be challenging. Terry Lajoie, a real estate agent out of New Hampshire was plugging along in her business, selling $3M/yr when everything changed. While sitting stopped at an intersection, she was rear-ended by a car going 45 miles per hour. The impact causes her head to separate from her spine, leaving her skull resting on top of C3 as opposed to aligned with it. Not knowing that this misaligned skull was the problem for over 9 months she suffered through the inability to hold a water bottle, walking with one leg dragging behind her, not being able to turn her head, and suffering severe migraines every day. 

Fast forward to now, she closed over $10M this past year and is set to double that in our current year, even amidst a global pandemic and social unrest. How does one do this? 

Terry gives specific examples that teach these three principles that she now fully embraces:

1) I never give up, even when the odds are stacked against me

2) I focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on the problem

3) I’m learning based and focused on implementing what I learn

From an unfortunate comment that she overheard her mom say about her, Terry and I discussed how one person’s opinion of us is more a reflection of themselves than it our own reality and how to get to that conclusion.

We also discussed how one mistake or tragic or unfortunate event does not have to define us and our future. We are the captains of our own ships and we get to choose our own destiny. 

Additional Resources: 
Article Highlighting Terry’s Story: https://outfront.kw.com/agents/from-broken-to-bold-a-story-that-proves-anything-is-possible/
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