In a tight inventory and high demand housing market, agents that struggle getting listings are finding it a struggle to close business. With multiple offer situations abounding, the only agent in the transaction that is sure to get paid is the one listing the home.

So, the obvious question becomes, how do you position yourself to get more listings? Although that’s always the question, it may be more critical now than ever before.

Enter Kevin Owens, a top 1% real estate agent out of Phoenix, Arizona who has closed over 60 transactions from his geographical farm. What are his secrets? What does he do to create all of that? This episode is rich with his template for what it takes to be successful with your geographic farm.

His secrets include:
Choosing a farm that is big enough
How to be consistent with your farm
Why your marketing is critical
Why you must be IN your marketing
Why direct marketing is critical
Why digital marketing is also marketing

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