As a loyal listener to the Think Bigger Real Estate Show you spend countless resources to grow yourself and your company. You are all about growth because you know that is what you are designed to do and it is what gives you fulfillment. 

Just like cancer is often a silent and sneaky cancer that kills our body, gossip is that to our growth and the growth of our company. In this episode, Amir and I discuss highlights from his book including:

  • How deadly gossip is to our personal growth and to the growth of our company
  • Why we do it anyway
  • Why we often don’t recognize that we are doing it.
  • What to do about it. 

Some additional highlights from our conversation include:

  • Gossip is actually a form of communication.
  • When we gossip, we build a cocoon around ourselves in which we talk about others without giving them the opportunity to participate.
  • Gossiping is cowardly. Rather than confront the person with whom we have an issue, we find it gratifying and easier to talk about them to someone else. 
  • Those with whom we gossip become infected with our unfair and one-sided perspective of others.
  • If we are interested in growth and progress, then we will root out gossip in our lives and in our organizations. 

I can’t recommend Amir’s book enough. I would encourage you to go find it, read it, and share it within your organization.

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