Purposeful businesses are powerful businesses. Join me as I interview Randy Molland.

Randy is a Co-Founder of a real estate investment, and an educational company called The REINVESTORS, which helps investors connect to incredible investment opportunities. He also co-leads Synergy Mastermind, a mastermind for high-level investors in Canada, where they all work together to create bigger opportunities and support each other to achieve more.

Although real estate is where his entrepreneurial journey started, His true passion lies in the bigger mission of wanting to inspire people with their #GoBigToGiveBig movement, where they encourage others to go bigger with their dreams and goals so that they can give bigger with their profits.

Randy is leading the charge of the mission by running a mastermind, creating an online community, and hosting a podcast called GoBigToGiveBig, where he is making others aware of how easy it is to start giving back from the beginning of building a company and inspiring 6 figure earners to become 7 figure givers!

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