Sharon Drew Morgen is the author of NY Times Best-Selling book Selling with Integrity. She has trained major corporations around the world on a different paradigm and approach to sales, one that is truly servant-based. 

Within the Think Bigger Real Estate Facebook Group, I will be sharing an essay that Sharon Drew Morgen wrote that will continue to help you to take your ability to gain trust to an all new level. 

Her approach, Buying Facilitation® is quite a bit different than ‘sales’ and I know leaders and coaches use it as much as sales folks do. The difference is that we focus on helping them make the decisions that are right for their situation as opposed to trying to get them to do something. It takes all manipulation out of the picture. You’re gaining their trust by helping them to trust their own ability to make the right decision. 

When most sales people work to give them compelling information that would help them understand why they should choose us, we start to identify the problem. Sales has always been based on US uncovering the need for US based on who we are, our reputation, and what we can do for them. 

 Instead, this approach causes the prospect to give the following feedback:

  1. I really trusted you
  2. I never felt pushed, you proactively approached me but were not aggressive in selling at all. 
  3. You really got me to think about how I’d choose you and I found myself trusting you because you put it all back to me.

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