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Justin Stoddart 0:01
So the big question is this. How do we those of us in the real estate industry with crazy amounts of ambition? How do we think bigger than the building of our own empires? How do we simultaneously see success and significance, income and impact? My name is Justin Stoddard. And this is the Think bigger real estate show. Today’s episode is all about how to create seven figure freedom, not just how to create a seven figure business, but one that you don’t feel a slave to. I’m excited to introduce today’s guest, today’s gonna be amazing episode. Thanks for joining us today. Stay tuned. Again, thrilled to be back. We’re excited about today’s episode. There are countless ways to build a successful business. But there are few ways to build it in a way in which you still feel like you have freedom the freedom that you hope that a seven figure business will produce for you today’s Yes, is a millionaire maker. She helps people to do exactly that. She’s actually streaming today from her home in the Bahamas. If that gives you any idea of what life could look like, well, business, Jess Lyndonville, super excited to have you back on the show. Thanks for joining us today.

Jess Lenouval 1:11
I am so. Thanks so much for having me, Justin.

Justin Stoddart 1:14
Now you created the listings lab. So there’s a queue right for everybody that wants freedom that listings is going to be a part of that in case you didn’t realize that. Talk to us a little bit about about your story about how you got from being a top producing agent to now living life in the Bahamas, please do tell

Jess Lenouval 1:30
Yes . So, you know, I always tell people and I know what we’ll get into this more. The first time I hit seven figures, I did it alone without any leverage, just me and it was horrible. I was pretty my phone would ring and I would hand my phone to my husband in tears. And say I need you to answer this phone because I genuine more conversation and me today. And it got to a point where I was so burnt out. And I started to hate my business, which is crazy. Because outside everybody was thinking sucessful she’s doing so well look at her production side, like inside the actual business, I was horrible. So I had to figure out how to do a and so I my small lean team. And our business grew and grew and tripling what I was doing on my own in a really, really have the freedom have the you know, the finding not only the financial, you know, with cut, which comes with a business of that size, but also the time freedom I was able to take my business would keep running, I was able to take time off, not answer my phone while I was having dinner, you know, all that sometimes feel impossible when you’re running a busy real estate business. So I built minus my real estate team. And I think it was 2017 I was in Bali, there with a friend. And I was sitting and journaling and I called husband I think it was like the middle of the night for him. I said I think are done. And I was like I think that I did now that we’ve cracked the code. I felt like it was my obligation to show him how to do it and not let there be so many unhappy people. Or, and a lot of it started with I read I read an article that was about you know, the Five Regrets of the Dying. And it hit me really really hard. Because it you know, hospice nurses and things like they talk all the time about lives. And it’s always that people work to my time, on, on, on on, you know, the things that they loved with their friends and their family, like things like that, that really should be the focus of our lives, but we get our money and nothing else. So that’s why I teach what I teach. It’s a little heavy, but I you know if I 1000s of agents not have that regret at the end of the day, I had to do have and our seven figure agent program, it’s where my book came out of. It’s it’s it’s the fundamental principle of what we teach and why we teach it.

Justin Stoddart 4:04
Just I had an experience last night that’s gonna be a little bit raw. I think I’ll be able to hold it together. But I’m, I have I have six children. For those that know me. Well. My oldest will be a sophomore in high school, she and I are pretty close. Really close, actually. And then my next son for some reason, he and I, we just butt heads all too often. He’s my oldest son. And and we have a hard time, at times, like really seeing eye to eye. And last night we just had a really heart to heart. He thought I was I was accusing him of some things. And and I wasn’t. But it just gave us a chance to like really kind of talk it out. I could tell he wanted to cry. So whenever I sat beside him, I said can I give you a hug? And then we just sat there I sucked. I said, I said Corbin we have four years left before you’re out of the house. Lets you and I really work on our relationship. Because when four years come and go, it’ll never be quite the Same, you will not live here full time. And, and it was, he started to really cry at that point. And then I started to cry more. And I had one of those moments you just described where you get to a certain milestone in life and you look back, and thankfully I’m having it with four years ago and not looking back, being like, I only have a certain amount of time to have these kids in my house. And if we don’t take advantage of the amazing opportunity to influence them for good, number one, and number two to enjoy them. Like, I’m going to have some real regrets here. Yep. And I think all too often, some of the reasons why we do that is because we’re stressed, we’ve got a lot of demands on us. We have big goals that sometimes maybe are, we have our ladder up against the wrong structure, right, we’re climbing the wrong ladder. And we don’t actually haven’t built our businesses such a way to put first things. First things that matter the most, I love this topic for all kinds of reasons. For those that know me know that Think bigger doesn’t mean just building a bigger real estate empire. It means success and significance, right income and impact, you can have both. And so I’m thrilled to get into the details of what you do to teach people to do exactly that. To not look back and have built a great business and look back on an empty life saying, dang it. I kind of missed the most important thing I miss being here.

Jess Lenouval 6:24
I missed the point. Yeah, right. I have a friend who said to me day with words, he said, I was so great man that I forgot to become a and it just made me it like he was focused on the business. And the you know, the thing that people would look back at, but he was missing out on this. And Don, it’s what we like in the in the listings lab well, is scalable automation, and more with less, and that happen, they’re not sexy. They’re automation, they’re, they’re, you know, standard off their retargeting campaigns, they’re not things that you’re gonna think, oh, like, I feel so deeply connected to these pieces of technology. But we have the ability to scalable, more automated businesses than we ever have in the past. You know, I grew up in real estate, my mom has been an agent for, you know, 35 plus years. And I think back to when she was in her real estate business, she can automate and scale because the technology just wasn’t there. And so I also think that we have this gift that so many agents aren’t using effect that we get to use in order to buy back time precious time with our kids and our families and our aging parents. And you know, the things that do we don’t if we don’t end this out properly?

Justin Stoddart 7:52
Yeah, let’s let’s start with it’s hard to build freedom if you don’t actually have good income, right, a great income. So let me ask you a question. What is the biggest reason why people don’t scale up? What keeps them from seven figures? Now, I’m not saying that everybody needs to make seven figures, right. But when you do the math, when you do the math of taxes, when you do the math of what it actually takes to run a business, you would have to make a case to me that you should have a goal far below that. I agree. Because I think in reality, if we were looking at our working years, is that we have to take care of ourselves, not just during these working years, but for the rest of our lives. And there’s going to be people around us that we’re going to have the ability to help. I think you might need to revisit and say Why Why am I not striving to build a seven figure business? That’s my take? Right? So let’s start with that. And then whoever’s listening to this, you could adjust it to be your specific goal. But talk to me, Jess, about what is it that keeps people from doing from from from ever achieving that kind of success?

Jess Lenouval 8:59
There’s layers here, right. So I think the first layer sometimes is worthiness? Who am I to have a business like that? You know, expanding your I think this expanding the people who are around you, if you are in circles, and you know, the cliche of the five people you spend the most time with, if those people are, you know, not high achieving people, then that won’t even be on your radar. Step is I had a conversation with someone a couple of weeks ago, and he said, I was building a bigger business I was doing about, you know, for a year, and I made the decision to cut back and only do 150 A year so I could spend time with my kids. And in my head the first thing I thought that’s backwards. It’s backwards because what you’re doing is you’re limiting your potential to buy back time, but at 150,000 a year you’re still spending two time doing things that you shouldn’t do, because you don’t have the resources to outsource them. So it’s the opposite of how things should be more time spent to get to four firms than it takes to get to a million dollars or to get to $2 million, or $3 million. Because once you have those systems built in, become scalable in a way that doesn’t require more and more and more time, energy bandwidth, from the person who, quote unquote, owns the business, that that idea of freedom, freedom means different things to different people, my definite freedom is being able to do what you want, when you want. And you don’t get to do any of those things a world where, you know, whether it’s it’s for you don’t get to do those things if you don’t have money. And sources. Yeah, resources, right. And and I think that it comes down to who do you like, you know, who are you serving? And also, what do you want to be able to do with, it’s not only about you having more money about you being able to create change in your community in the world, like, you know, it’s a leg all connected to each other. And I think a lot of people don’t go after that big, hairy, scary goal, know how, and if every single ever did anything that they didn’t know how to do. Nothing would ever change, right. And I say this to pique the changes. And so you have to be able to go after that thing. Even if you don’t just know, it starts with just knowing that that’s the end result that you’re going towards.

Justin Stoddart 11:43
And love it. So a lot of it’s mindset, right of having this totally some for some reason, for some reason, we’re driving with the brake on the emergency brake, pulling up pulling up. I love that

Jess Lenouval 11:53
let’s it’s safer, it feels safer.

Justin Stoddart 11:56
Let’s talk about, again, we only have about 10 minutes left, and there’s so much more I want to cover. But let’s let’s get to that really quickly. If people want to learn more about how you help people, just let’s hit that really quickly. What’s the best way for them to do that?

Jess Lenouval 12:09
I think so there’s a couple of different ways one would be read my book. So it’s available on Amazon, it’s best hustle. So very ingrained in what we’re talking about today. The second place would be my Facebook group. So I have a Facebook group with about 30,000 agents and slab method for real estate agents. It’s 100% value, and I give away a ton of free training in there trainings, resources, you know, all the things.

Justin Stoddart 12:36
Love it. Okay, great. Let’s talk now as people are, because there are a lot of a lot of ways that can get you to seven figures. What do you what would you say are a couple of the reasons that keep people from having that, excuse me having, like, the production at that level and freedom, like what, like what’s the missing link to where people who are either could do that, or will do that. But what do they need to know now that will give them freedom as well,

Jess Lenouval 13:04
that client generation there and manual conversion of business. And when you do that, as you grow, and more manual, I like I call so a lot of what we teach in the foundational aspects of the listings lab are marketing, I want you to be able to have a tap that you can essentially turn on and off and I hate talking about or not people but a lot of it being able to predictably stranger to client in an automated systematized way and when you can do that and you have the ability to do that at scale it allows you to essentially build something cool so it doesn’t matter has and this is the foundation of all this is digital marketing knock your way to multi seven figures with freedom it’s just got you here won’t get you there. So it’s really that you’re taking on a daily basis the things that you’re doing in order to do take yourself your your time automation create more scalability and and have people coming to you as opposed to it requiring more scale in order to get those people to talk to you. Which is you know, I think the old doing that says whole bunch of people calling them well, you know, those leads that the quality of those conference was going to be relatively bad, and it ruinous amount of manpower and hours and cushions in order to actually make make from those lemons out of it really that we teach comes down to how can we remove the resistance and to know you and we call it building relationship. So we use different online methods different online platform that is rooted in the client and then the business inbound. And not only does your audience grow, your influence grows, your and you attract people on a larger scale quickly grows

Justin Stoddart 15:02
So the question we should be asking ourselves is, is the activities that I’m doing? Can they are they scalable? Right, they might get you to a certain point. But if you want to get to that point beyond that, it’s is there some way for me to, to scale that? And if the answer is no, then you may very well have your answer of like, okay, this will get me to a point. And am I happy with that point? Yeah. And if I’m not, then at least at that point, and did I need to say, Okay, what, like, how do we need to pivot from here, because, again, I believe strongly in a referral base relationship based business. However, I also believe that you can make relationships with certain people, certain professionals, certain industry, influencers that have the ability to send a lot of business your way, right. And even that may take you to a certain point where you’re like, Okay, I can get to seven figures at that. But if I want to, if I want to go beyond that, at some point, I need to make a pivot, at some point, I need to add in something else that layers on top of the bread and butter of my business, that allows me to then go to another level, right.

Jess Lenouval 16:03
And all of this compounds, media attention compounds, like the round, like there’s a compounding effect, and a spiral upwards from each and every piece of what we’re talking. And that’s where that’s where a lot of the ease comes in, create that compounding effect, it takes a lot less energy, and those spirals moving upwards as opposed restart it every day.

Justin Stoddart 16:31
Give us an example of that, just give us an example of a strategy or a method that would fit your description right there.

Jess Lenouval 16:38
So let’s say I’m probably one of the most underutilized in the real estate, like a local newspaper that everybody reads everywhere and a low online forum or whatever, that everybody that person, you know, journalists are just content creators. And I think that’s also something that people forget, they think that they sit back and they went to like, come to them and say, Hey, for this, this, this such and such a thing, instead of just doing really basic, you know, speech, but also after time, when you can more notoriety, certain things, your audience becomes like a larger sphere of influence. And you will have more and more people reaching out to you, then let’s say that you have your article written about you in such and such up. Then not then able to use that interview, or use that article in front of your own audience to create more credibility, more authority, all of those things. You’re also now entirely new one we’re not in front of before. So that learning effect that like almost immediately, your audience grows, it wasn’t done. So about exponential growth of a real estate business, we’re talking about leveraging a lot of different people, right? My friend Justin, who has been in listless they did authority Magazine did a whole article on him all about like, Article than it was a business article, his audience grew, he got business from the authority magazine or like audience, but then also he was able to print audience, and people learned about them, people thought he was more credible, because there was this PR button, and all of it jumping in an upward

Justin Stoddart 18:24
I love it sounds like there’s there’s tons of things that that we haven’t gotten to right that you help agents to really do encourage you to again, visit Jess inside of our Facebook group, listings lab method for real estate agents. Good stuff, everybody. Hopefully you’ve everybody that’s joined in here today has learned something about how to how to think bigger, and how to take not just your business to a certain level, but be sure that that’s also in alignment with the life that you want. I think that’s a big takeaway for all of us, is to be able to say, is this actually going to create the life that I want how to create a business that doesn’t just give me income, but also gives me impact? One final question, Jess, and then we’ll wrap up. What do you do to continue to be a big thinker? What do you do to continue to expand your possibilities?

Jess Lenouval 19:04
I consistently make sure that I bigger things than I am.

Justin Stoddart 19:12
I love it. I love it. Super simple answer. And it’s a powerful one, right? Be in rooms where people are doing bigger stuff than you’re doing. Jess, I appreciate you so much for coming on the show for sharing your wisdom. Thinking about really the possibilities of having big success, but big success. It’s in alignment with significance. Again, that’s what we’re about here to think bigger real estate show. So appreciate you. Keeping our minds on that big goal. And enjoy the Bahamas. We’re not jealous at all. I promise. Thank you. And thanks, everybody, for coming today. My final request is this go think bigger. Thanks again Jess. If you enjoy this episode that I have a very special invitation for you. I have created a private Facebook community called successful real estate agents where the focus is going beyond success having both a success Small Business and a significant life if you’re not yet a member go sign up now