Successful businesses AND Significant lives—that is the definition of Thinking Bigger and the message we are sending to all real estate agents.

You can have BOTH.

The only caveat is that you MUST surround yourself with those who value significance.

What is significance, and how does pursuing a significant life drastically increase one’s ability to have a successful business?

These questions are answered in this episode.

Be sure you DO NOT miss our conversation with the one and only Brent Gove, the leader of a 21,000 real estate organization who got to where he’s at by choosing significance.

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Elevating both your business AND your personal life begins with being in the right community of leaders who want to help you and have the ability to help you.

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**Stephanie prioritized her faith, family, fitness and finances while running a relationship-based real estate team that sold 93 homes in 2022 and 87 in 2023.

Full Transcription

On today’s episode of the Think bigger real estate podcast, we go deep on the definition of thinking bigger, which is successful businesses and significant lives. And we have with us a guest who has lived his life in this exact way. We’re giving you a template that you can follow in your life to again, have it all.

So the big question is this. How do you those of us in the real estate industry, who have crazy amounts of ambition? How do we think bigger than the building of our own empires? How do we create success and significance, income and impact? My name is Justin Stoddart. This is my co host, Stephanie Peck. And together, we bring you the big bigger real estate podcast. Alright, welcome back, everybody to this week’s episode of the Think bigger real estate podcast. Thrilled to be with first and foremost, my lovely co host definitely pack Stephanie, are you not excited about today’s guests?

Super excited. I was thinking about it all weekend. You and me

both. So this topic, I don’t know that there’s anybody in the real estate world. That is a better example of what we’re talking about today. The one and only Mr. Brent, go, Brett, thank you so much for joining us on the podcast today.

Great to be here. Pleasure to be with you just in Stephanie.

Yes, it is our It is our pleasure. This topic is one that is needed. I think now more than ever, you and I both know all of us know that there are countless ways to create a successful business. We see him coming in our inboxes. And our text messages on social media of do this, do that do this. And when I feel like and maybe you guys can even relate to this is that it feels like people trying to build their house on a sandy Foundation. And we all know how that pebble lands. Whereas what really what people need to be doing is building their house on a rock building it on a solid foundation. Significance minded. Brett, we brought you on the on the podcast today, not just because you lead an agent organization of over 21,000 agents. But because of a few other. I would say even more important things than that. And some people were like way more important than that. Yes, more important than that, that Stephanie and I both have had the unique opportunity to see Brent, interact with his wife. We’ve seen him interact with his children. We’ve seen how he is a man of faith, not just in Word, but in deed. His closest friends say that he is he personifies being a giver. So we have you here today, Brent, because we really want to go deep on this definition of what it looks like to be significance minded, building a successful business on top of a significant life event. Thank you again for joining us today. Stephanie. Let’s let’s dive in what what fascinates you most about about Brent and the way that he’s built both? What we are what we are offering to agents that that partner with us, right? Both success and significance. Tell me what what are you most enamored with with what’s Branston?

You know, Brian, I, I have admired you from the first time that I saw you on stage because you don’t make it about you. And that’s what I’ve always loved is that you have you have made your story and made your business about how many people you can serve. And I in tell us more about that. Because I always get the feeling that that was never your goal was to put yourself on a pedestal and to say, how can I get my name in lights? But how many people can I serve and serve my family at a really high level and serve the people that I’m responsible for in business? So I want to hear more about your intentions around that?

Sure, you bet. And first of all, so good to be here. Good to see you guys. Yeah, I mean, I think of naturally kind of a loving person. And my whole life, you know, and I think that served me well, the fact that I want to love other people and help them. And so, you know, it sounds trite and true, but it’s true. You know, if you come from contribution, if you really want something for people and not from them, all the rest falls into place. You know, you just you’re a lover and not a fighter and you help and you give and life’s a better place that way.

What can we just highlight that for just a minute? You want something for people, not from people? It has profound, super profound. Brett, you’ve you’ve obviously be the father of eight, right? When people say I’m crazy and a father of six and you’re really crazy to a father of eight. You know, you have this this concept of, of, you know, the way that you’ve set out even your workweek back when we were heavy in production, right? Your Fridays your Saturdays and your Sunday. Stephanie In fact, you you you reminded me of this. What Stephanie what why don’t you share what began being heavy in production? How maybe this has impacted you by kind of sharing What Brent taught you about those three days?

Yeah, well, what Brent said was real estate will always expand in the amount of time that we give it. And Brent talked about the parameters that he put around his time. And I remember him saying that, you know, Friday, Friday was for golf. Saturday was for family and Sunday was for God. And you either have that schedule now, or you’ve told us about some new schedules. But really, I mean, it’s one thing to set a schedule, it’s another thing to stick to it, but to do it with purpose and with intention. So tell us about that. And how did you make sure that you grind real hard and you do the work that needs to be done during the work time so that you can have that freedom on those other days? You

bet. And by the way, I struggled to do this. So if you they go, I just made my schedule, and I never made a mistake. And I was just so perfect, and I don’t have any problems. Oh my gosh, we all struggle I struggle to this day right now put on some outage, right? I hurt my back. And I’ve been about four or five months off the exercise thing. I’m back at it. I’m super pumped. But you know, hey, we all got our stuff. But here’s the deal, put real estate in a box of you. Whether it’s a rectangular shoe box or a square box, if you don’t put it in a box. It’s like a little seven headed snake. And it will consume if you’ll give it 22 hours a day. There is work to be done 22 hours a day it is endless emails, text message, Instagram posters, you know, addendums counteroffers disclosures, prospects, sick calls, sellers buyers, so you must put it in a box. And you get to decide what the parameters of those box that boxes so for me, I was sharing with Justin and Stephanie that every Wednesday night and every Saturday night, my wife and I go out. Now recently, we were in the Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico, and there’s a group of 50 people there. It’s called the dinner table. It’s all about leaving a legacy with your family, not just an inheritance. And when the Bible says a good man leaves the air a woman leaves an inheritance for their children’s children. And of course, you know, estate planning and avoid probate and all that stuff. But this group, this group, they own warehouses, they own crypto, they own hedge funds and furniture stores and they’re not just all real estate 50 super wealthy families. So it’s all about legacy, like what do you want your family to be known for? And they on there they go, okay, who’s been married five or more years stand up, everyone stands up, and few people sit down 15 half the room sits down 20 More 25 Almost 30. My wife and I, we were the last man standing a group of 50 that some people married a second time for 2025 years. They were older than we were. But you know as far as one. During the dance one time we were that was always the youngest guy in the room we were and now we’re the oldest sage couple of the room and like how long have you been married? I’m like 34 years. But one of our secrets of success is that it was the non negotiable during the boom times and bust times. When I say busted oh five, the market corrected in Sacramento, California, northern California. We close 55 homes in June of 2005 55. closings I mean $288,000 net after I paid my splits and I’m not a broker, I’m just an agent with buyer’s agents. They get a split I get a split my net was 20,000 for the month. I’m like man, I got the tiger by the tail. I got the world is my oyster Life is good. And what am Jul hit, it was like a, like a light switch. And we closed 19 Then 17 Then 12 Then December our group that was just knocking down 2030 4050 ago. It was like every single month for years and years and years. Nine sales. We were losing 5060 $70,000 a month. And so that entered a time of real struggle for us. I was 39 I didn’t know about how to do the finances. But I’d say what we did do. We went out every Wednesday night and every Saturday night and we you know go out and whether you get a yogurt or you go get a salad or you go to Taco Bell or you go to El Fernando Italian or Ruth’s Chris, it doesn’t matter where you go, though, what matters is that we spent time together when we hit a real rough patch in 2010. It really I think played a significant role and helping us do that eight months. I wish I could tell you it’s 34 years of wedding bliss is perfect. What’s the matter with the rest of you who’s struggling your marriage? What is your problem? Man we have fought for our marriage. And my everyone’s like how do you do it? I’m like we struggled man. But I could tell you this. I have we’ve had gears I didn’t even know were possible in the last three years. It is so good but We go to marriage couple events, we go to relationships events with Tony Robbins, we go to counseling. So Nuff said, you get the idea. We have put parameters like I would never go on a listing appointment. Sorry babe can’t go dinner tonight. You know? And then of course you ask them with this, you know, golf Friday mornings $10 million Ranch, Phyllis, I’m booked. I don’t tell my golf and say I’m booked I can’t do it them I do this. It’s way more important to me. I need to if you all work and no play makes Stephanie Justin and Brent sad kids, you got to go rock climbing or kite surfing or mountain biking or in my case golfing just to keep your soul every week, do something that just feed your soul keeps you alive. I did that. And of course taking the kids out on Friday nights and all day, Sunday and Sunday. So we just we had a box, and we put wrestle. But now when it was time to work, I worked like a rabid animal. I was like a caveman man is like totally on fire during that period. And you got to get to cut it off and be a dad and be a husband. Right? Nuff said. They’re so different.

I think many people because they don’t work like rabid dogs during the day. They feel like they’ve got to keep working. Right? So I think you’ve said something there that really should help everybody that here that’s looking for both success and significance that if you don’t actually get after it during the hours that you’ve dedicated as the box, then there’s going to be this feeling of I probably should still be working. Right? Have you have you been able to uncover what makes some people actually use that time? Like a rabid dog and actually wildly productive? Like, what’s the difference when you get into someone’s brain who’s kind of maybe just meandering through the day. And so they feel like they’ve got to keep working all these hours so that they don’t so that they can kind of get rid of that guilt of I’m not producing his level. I want to walk us through that. What unlocks for somebody?

I think it if I get the question, right, I’m sorry. I’m at my home in Northern California. My kids came down the stairs are all holler at each other. I’m like, everybody be quiet. I’m gonna record in zoom. I’m trying to be really professional here. So let me mute myself. I was like, anyways, I just wrapped myself out there. But here’s the deal. Yeah, like shut up. I love you. Be quiet. So we’ll see if they heard me. Okay. So I think early on, you know, I’ve been in real estate for 27 years. And early on, I learned about the importance of mastering lead generation. I mean, it’s number one skill. You don’t need to learn about disclosures. You don’t need to learn about the contract. You do not need to learn about a CRM, you do not need to learn about negotiating because you’ll have nothing to negotiate. If you don’t have any clients. I rest my case, you know, slam dunk JAMA, you know, you best figure out if you want to work with buyers, how are you going to get buyers? If you want to have become a listing agent, you ever see those agents, they have eight listings, they have 18 listings just wanna throw up that used to be me. I’m like, how do they do it? Like nobody calls me to list their home like sell homes to buyers every week, sometimes two or three a week. I’m on fire with buyers. So the greatest invention in the world buyers, buyers are not liars, you are not good. But once you get good through failure and struggle, you will it’s so much fun. You can print money with buyers, you’re loving them, you’re giving them a dream home, they’re happy. It’s a win win. Not like you’re making money. Don’t get me wrong, but it is like you need money. You can go show property today write a 10 day close today and be paid 1015 $20,000.10 days from today. But because you haven’t mastered by yourself good day clothes, or you have a cash right now alone. Well who can do alone that best many, many lenders you just gotta go find them. And well my island really does 20 Day closes or 25 or 30 that a new lender anyways, I digress. Anyway so here’s I may have had three cups of coffee this morning getting ready for or

love it have ever love it and keep it coming energy. Yeah, so

So anyways, to answer your question, I became passionate about mastering lead generation. I started first with buyers and I copied a guy in town called John Brooks Realty. You’ve never heard of him because he never helped us. He just kind of had his own little thing and he’s gone today. But back then back in the stone age’s like 20 or five years ago, he would talk to everybody he beat REMAX and Coldwell Banker and the big firm lines Keller Williams didn’t exist. The big companies were REMAX Coldwell Banker and Lion said 1200 local agents, big fat and he just, yes, hold on down. I go, what does that guy do? And success leaves clues. One day I discovered it was like finding a map to build mine. And I copied his open house system. And I went from 40 sales a year to 400 copying this man who none of you have ever heard of. John Brooks Realty I’m like, and I’m doing a new event right now called limitless sales. 2024 I saw an event that was done in Salt Lake City called Live Atlas and I might like that name, but I’m gonna I’m gonna make my own name that can’t copy them. So limitless sales 2024 and I’m doing a bunch of 100 200 person events. Some of them have three or 400 people, they had 10,000 at theirs. They also had, like Mega famous speakers, I’m just coming into places and doing stuff, but copy what you see. Find someone who’s successful find out how they did it and copy them. I did not invent open houses. But this man did it different than everybody else. And he he was yes what everybody think I’m gonna copy John Brooks Realty. And then Jesus changed my life first. But real estate John Brooks real estate drowned RXR Realty was kind of like Jesus is kind of like being born again. Where do you go from 40 to 400 something significant has happened. I understand the importance of mastering lead generation and when you will let go of what’s holding you back which is your narcissistic. I don’t want to look stupid. I don’t want to call people What if I say it wrong? Me, me, me. I don’t want to look stupid. That’s narcissism. Just look in the mirror in the morning and say you love yourself. But when you finally let go and just love people, and they feel it, you can’t fake authenticity, and it comes through I am like this in an open house. All the time you shop on the MLS Oh yeah, I got direct feeds. I got Zillow. I got Redfin, I got it all agree you got nothing? And I gotta tell you what, they’re gonna leave anyways. You’re not gonna be able to reach him. I go, you are shopping leftovers. If you’re not telling people your open houses that you are shopping leftovers in this light inventory market. And they are they’re shopping leftovers. I would call a Tom Dave’s and Paul booty and Kevin McDonald and in Fred Wilcoxon What do you got? What do you got coming on the market and we would trade are coming soon listings like baseball cards. And I said if you work with me, I’m gonna find you your dream home and it’s not coming from Zillow. And it’s not coming from Redfin, or some agent who’s got you on Amaryllis drip feed, because you are shopping leftovers, so it and people respond to that stuff. But I got there to struggle through grit through being on my knees at open houses in antelope, California, begging God to send people because I had groceries to buy and gas to buy for my car and the power bill to pay. I’ve been there. But I got on my knees, I humbled myself, and God blessed me, they just love people. And I didn’t say the same things. Everybody else said that got completely different results. And I work Saturday, Sunday, Saturday, Sunday for like a month or two or three. And then I had 70 or 80 buyers and everyone I’ll end with this. Well, how do you work with 70 or 80? Buyers? You ready? You don’t the cream rises to the top? You find there’s one of my beautiful daughters right there. They’re the cream rises to the top. And then you find motivated buyers who apologize to you because they have to buy a home this weekend. They absolutely have to buy a $900,000 home this weekend. And we’re so sorry, is that okay? Like I got but it’s political this time. You’re not I mean, you have viruses like they’re never gonna buy but you keep working with them. Because you don’t play the principle vacuum which is get rid of what you don’t want to make room for what you do want only have so many buyers and sellers that you pick and choose. Now you’re cooking with gas. Back to you. I don’t know if that was helpful. That’s my daughter going off the final she’s got finals this week. I didn’t prep them. I was doing this up. Sorry. She crushes

it. I hope she crushed it spread that’s what this is all about, buddy. Right? It’s not about just having this this Mirage was a successful business built on sand. This is about a significant life. And this is like living. This is this is it right? That’s what’s most important. I love it. Your kids walk

into your live zoom. I love it. Yeah.

Stephanie, I know you have. I know Stephanie well enough to who has one of the more productive relationship based real estate teams I’ve ever seen. Stephanie, what questions do you have based on what Brett just taught us about lead generation and about just bringing the energy and loving on people? What what stands out to you?

Yeah, the the few things that I really resonated with there that stood out was success leaves clues. Like Brent said, Success leaves clues. So look for that, find the people that are doing it, copy it, make it your own. And I mean, let’s be fair, Brett, you didn’t copy it, you made it better. Right? So you take you take what someone else is doing, you make it better, and you’re extremely efficient with it, and you’re extremely good at it. And then you’re focusing your time on the clients that really matter. So Brent, how did you when you’re in those conversations with people, how did you determine this is the client that is going to get all of my time and attention and this is the one that is not because this client is going to steal from Wednesday night. This client is going to steal from Friday morning and I’m not going to let that happen. How do you Make those separations Well,

two things. Number one, it’s impossible for anyone to steal from Friday night or Wednesday night or Friday morning or Saturday because those are like non negotiables those are etched in eel in cement stone. Okay, so that’s that’s just a non issue that’s that’s you’re not having boundaries. So a I’m not saying you but people so a number two, you said you said something that obviously you’re an expert this you’re really high level blah, blah, blah. Here’s the key, being horrible at it, being willing, willing to be horrible but writing my next book is going to be called fail with velocity. And So Justin, I think you said it I took his model and made it better when I infused it with was energy when I found John Brooks Realty there were two women sitting in the garage here are coats I swear I kid you not remember the roaring 20s When everyone were a big fur coats, it was cold it was like January so I get the forecast where they were both in fur coats chain smoking at a card table with the car lot things across. I’m like what is this and I go what brokerage you at and by the way when I pulled up I could see people upstairs people downstairs. People in the front yard people in the backyard probably 50 cars out front of this nice suburban neighborhood nothing too special. I’m like I’ve never seen anything like this. And I go Who are you guys? We’re Emma and I’m Betty. Like you know what brokerage there were no signs nothing is there were signs but nothing said the brokerage like oh, we’re John Brooks Realty and I swept This is it I found the gold mine. Oh my god they beat I mean I’ve seen the proof is in the results. They beat everybody all the players in town. I’m a cool I found it. I have found the Eldorado man. And so what happened was they put put out like 3040 signs through open houses and they were five feet tall four feet wide they said free list of area homes. Everyone has put Coldwell Banker REMAX you know Aw, Souther B’s who cares? Do you really go to the open house at Lake Tahoe or Monterey or Napa because it has a southerly sign on it. I don’t care if it says platinum Realtors of Napa you’re going in because Oh cute house open house. Let’s go in Lake Tahoe Mountain Home Realty. I don’t really care what it says Berkshire Hathaway or Mountain Home Realty or exp. The bottom line is I’m going to take your dumb name of the sign. And if it’s a RESPA violation, your state put it on there about this big and fine print. It’s not about it’s not about exp. It’s not about compass. It’s not about brandings. Important, good you brand. I’ll get 100 people my open house and we’re swinging the bat swinging the bat swinging the bat. And then I infused it with energy because Tony Robbins says energy is the key to life relationships. My wife, I don’t you show up, baby? Well, you don’t I go. I mean, we’re ridiculous. Yeah, we are hugging and kissing and holding hands all the time. I bring energy. Now maybe over exaggerating a few things right now. But not that much. I bring energy to my open house. They don’t forget me. And I’m hungry. Hunger is your greatest asset. I had one couple. They called me, hey, we want to make an offer. I’m like, awesome. We are in full swing. When can we make a full price offer? I’m like getting the idea where we mean, I’m embarrassed to say this. I don’t recognize your voice. So they don’t have your number. Say, Oh, we’re Ted and Betty ago. i Please forgive me. But have we met? She says, Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Well, Ted, I met you a year ago at an open house. And we kept your card. Because you were totally different from everyone else we met. And we go we buy a house, we’re buying that guy. And they’ve been looking at open houses for a year for whatever reason, I did connect with them. But they never forgot me. Because I’m different. And you can be different too. If you show up, and you just love people and you come from authenticity, game over and then you put the work in massive action creates results. It is not magic, it is motion, get your butt out the door and do something. That’s why Tony Robbins says if you’re in your head, you’re dead. Well, I can’t do it, but out. So don’t allow that where I live, find a way to get it done. And if you literally can’t do open houses, then go door knock well, they don’t allow that either. What do they allow this, they go do that and master it, and you will not be starving and you will be successful. But then you gotta put it in the box. Put it in the box. So you work 24/7 You love being super successful and divorced. And that’s not good or depressed because you got divorced, or are you just a mess? And so you got to put it in the box.

You know what my favorite leadership principles brand is that people. People don’t care so much about what you do or what you say. They care about how you feel about them, and people know how you feel about them. Right. And I think that’s very evident in the way that you go about building your business about you know, leading your 21,000 Agent organization is that people know that you care about them and that you want something for them and that you bring not just that feeling but that energy of hey, this like it’s yours to go wrap. There’s no other country on the planet that has the opportunities that this one does. And there’s no other industry that has the opportunities like this one, does you put those together? Like, what is there not to be excited about? And I think we feel that coming from you. And I think, you know, buyers and sellers in a market where, you know, there’s a little trepidation on their side, right, maybe not enough inventory. Rachel, I heard that they like, people are addicted to hope. They’re addicted to people that can give them hope. Right? We are hope dealers. And when we have that kind of energy that can have authenticity and love towards them. People are attracted to that. And you don’t, you don’t have to do all the stuff that that maybe others have to do. Because once people get around you, they’re like, how do I get around that guy or that gal more often, I see that both in you and Stephanie’s businesses. And it’s it’s super fun to feel that through this call that even though we’re three separate parts of the world, we can feel your energy coming through and your genuine love for humanity. And the fact that you get to deliver that to them through you know, through leadership, and through real estate sales, all those things are, should be such a such a privilege is such a blessing for us that we just want to get up every day and go, go offer that to people. So thank you for sharing it with us. Fantastic. Thank you. Thank you, Stephanie. What What other questions do you have been to the practitioner building a great real estate business one who, again, not is not just success oriented? Right. But one who really is significance oriented, it really wants to, as Brett said, have an incredible business, and an incredible marriage and family at the same time, not one or the other like so you know, all too often we see what what curiosities do you have about how how to do that?

Well, that’s what I’m hearing that is so exciting is that Brett is approaching every relationship with what does this person want? How can I get this person what they want what’s most important to them. So whether it was your open house, they don’t want your brand, they want the information that they can only get from you, right? And the same thing with your family, and your wife doesn’t want all of the things that you can buy her she wants you she wants your love and attention and your kids they want your love and attention. Another thing that I like that you do and I’m in the same thing with your exp business is that I believe that you really approach everyone with how can I get you what you want out of this business. You’re you’re not treating people like they’re a tool to get you what you want. You’re coming to them and saying what’s important to you? And how can I get you there? And in the process, we all win. I mean, what a beautiful brokerage model that you have created for so many an opportunity for so many at exp but also the the giving that you do outside of business and tell us a little bit about sell a home save a child.

Absolutely. Let’s do Ford Edge. It’s a ministry. It’s been around for 40 years. By the way, you said oh Brent, we can feel your love we fill this man that says Jesus in me I just want to say that as a Christian, I love the Lord. I’m a Christian proud of it. And and so anything good you see through me is the Lord loving you through me. It’s him and he loves you. And that’s all in the discussion. If you want to talk about that, get a hold of me I’d be happy to talk to you about is that’s really the most talked about the long game. You know this this life this 8090 100 years somebody’s gonna live to be 140 with the advances of measurement, it’s compared to eternity. So don’t do all this financial planning just for that. What you want to do is think more about the long term eternity part of that she guys so really embrace your faith. Talk to Justin talk to Stephanie talk to me talk to somebody knows kind of got that together because the rest is shallow and, and and hollow. But forward edge is a Christian ministry started by Joseph and few So 40 years ago, he goes all over the world every year they serve about 30,000 men, women and children at risk. They literally rescue children off the largest trash dump in the world, which is in Nicaragua. And if you’re wondering how big this trash dump is, it’s 50 square mile dump like 50 miles of dumping in all directions. That is a big dump. Take your city I don’t care if it’s New York or Dallas. It’s It’s like making Dallas a dunk the entire city of Dallas or Denver. Denver is not 50 square miles across. It is it is amazing and people are so desperate in Nicaragua, they literally will go there drop off their three year old their five year old eight year old they just drive away and it’s unbelievable Miss kids scampering over that thing. So Joseph said there’s I’ve got to do something. So we started the Esperanza house which means hope and Spanish, Esperanza and he’s been rescuing kids off this thing and then giving them medical attention and clothing and cleaning them up and putting them in school and teaching them trades. And they’ve gone on they’ve it’s been going on for 40 years. These kids are now doctors As in lawyers, and teachers, and they were discarded, like refuge like you go to the dump with old mattresses and old broken TVs and whatever you could throw on the back of a friend’s truck, we’ve all done it, and you go dump it. These were children. And so I think for that is awesome. And then specifically, they have a ministry called sell a home save a child designed for real estate agents. And so, you know, you could donate 100 bucks every time you sell a home 200 500, you know, so we’ve raised between two to 3 million I think 2.5 million last I heard for them, and we my wife and I, we leave the chart will get big too. And so here’s the deal. It’s just a great cause at all. I’ll give it back to you. But you can google it forward edge International, but put my name behind them. They’re great. 40 years, no embezzlement, no crazy stuff. But I’ll say this. I forgot what I was gonna say. So I’ll just give it back to you,

you know, something that stands out? I’m so glad that you brought that up. Stephanie, you know, I was having this thought over the weekend. You know, the markets, obviously, isn’t maybe what some people would want. I think it’s, it’s better than in Nicaragua. I think we could all agree with that. And especially for those kids in that in that environment. But I think sometimes when maybe circumstances aren’t quite what we want, it’s almost like Peter taking the step out of the boat, and he starts to look down at the water. And guess what that just assures that you start to sink. And I think, you know, your point Brent of keeping your eyes on for those who who are faith oriented, like the three of us are at a very deep level, keep your eyes on him. And you can actually do some incredible things. Because of him, you can walk on water, right? That That might mean crossing, you know, crossing the, you know, the water, it’s not because of you as Brett describe. So I would just encourage you to stop looking down at how far I might fall. And instead, start getting your eye fixed on something that’s much bigger than you something that’s even eternal. And I think it’d be amazed at what you can actually accomplish. When you start realizing what can be done. And the lives that you can impact. I think the greatest thing that that that good people can do is forget who they are, they can forget who they are. And as a result, so many other lives are impacted. Like for example, Brent, have you forgotten? Had you forgotten who you were, back when times were really tight, and you let that encompass you, you would not have risen to become the leader that you are today. And how many kids would still be living in a garbage dump? Had you not done that. And so my invitation to everybody listen here today is that there is a very bright future, not just comfort and a good life for you. But literally people in horrible circumstances that are counting on you to be your biggest self to think a little bit bigger. Stop focusing on you falling and start focusing on where you could be going, and who needs you. And you’ll actually want to accomplish that. Right? People need us to think bigger. Stephanie, what are your thoughts on this? Yeah,

I mean, what a motivator to get up every day, what a motivator to do that lead gen? And if I if I’m thinking about my, my big why, you know, we always talk about what’s your why, and not not who, but what and if I say who? Who can I impact? And you know, for a lot of us, we might be saying, Okay, well, you know, I’m gonna, I’m going to sell this house so I can put more money in retirement or so that, you know, my, my spoiled kids can just get a little bit more or, I mean, people can tell themselves a story about entitlement. And if I were to have that image in my mind every day, like, This is who I get to impact. I’m going to be motivated like crazy motivated to do the Legion, or even if it’s just, I’m looking forward to Wednesday night, because that’s date night. And that’s a non negotiable, I’m going to be crazy motivated. Even if that is just Taco Bell, or frozen yogurt or dollar movie night with the kids, whatever that looks like. It doesn’t have to be fancy and elaborate. But there’s something to look forward to. And there’s someone that you can impact every day. And when you pick up that phone, and you don’t want to make that call because you know someone’s going to be nasty to me or this isn’t working. Or this is boring. Whatever it is, it’s going to keep you from doing it. What have you said by me picking up this phone and making this lead gen call is going to impact this life. I’m going to pick up that phone man. Yeah, I love it.

What’s What’s the thing also takes for evil to prevail in this world is for good men and good women to do nothing. So my heroes my heroes are Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Oskar Schindler, William Wilberforce who brought it into slavery in Europe, you know, Oskar Schindler save 1200 Jews during World War Two gave up his entire fortune. He was in it for the money at the end, he just bawled like a baby, he had a pen he could have sold and he goes, How many more lives could I have saved. And so there’s value in human souls of all faiths, of all races. And so you, they’re a lover, and I don’t listen to the things that tries to tell you. Otherwise, you’re giving loving person, you’re not a stump, you’re capable of change. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. It’s not a trite saying it’s true, you can become a better friend, a better mom, a better dad, but self loathing. Never serve the world. So quit hating on yourself, there’s no one better than beating you down on yourself, and be graceful with yourself, you’re gonna make it effective. You’re not making mistakes, you sitting on the couch, and you’re a couch potato, congratulations. But if you get out there doing some, you’re gonna pull a muscle work it out. You’re gonna say some stupid open house, you’re gonna do a zoom ago, I’d say that. And you know what, that’s alive, laugh at yourself, love people live with zest, and it’s all gonna work out. If you come from from love and contribution and adding value, it will get better and better. I did not pop out of the box this way. I used to go to Sales at 19, I was a dishwasher. And I used to shake so bad people put their hand on my shoulder, hey, take a breath. It’s okay. They saw me facing my fear. And they had empathy for me. Um, those are at least the ones I remember. And they go Go ahead, just take it, I’m gonna listen to you go ahead. So it wasn’t always easy for me. But it became easier because I’ve done it a lot. And now I’m quote, unquote, whatever people want to say about me that I’m good at whatever. And not everybody loves me. And that’s okay. I’m okay with that. I love people. And I leave it at that. So this has been fun Shea anything you guys want to say as we wrap this up?

And I think for everybody listening here today, this is your invitation to think bigger, right? Think bigger isn’t just putting more dots on the map of you know, real estate agents that you have, it’s really much deeper and much bigger than that, if you want success, yes, that that can be yours. But our invitation for you is to put it on a foundation of significance be around people who believe in you who love you, who want to actually help you have all the things of life, right, including great, great marriages, great relationships with with family, great relationships with God, like, these are the things that will actually create true genuine happiness, that then your business will fund the ability for you to take that light and share it with countless other people. So that’s what we’re about, Brett, it has been such an absolute privilege and pleasure to spend this time with you. Thank you for your contribution to the industry, to the world. And to us and our audience here today. Thank

you Africa. Can I say one quick thing. I forgot to say this. So when you do your calendar, whatever your priorities are, mine is God first. Then my family, which is starts with my wife, I did not marry my children. I married my wife, then the kids. So I put it in God Bible studies, men’s groups, couples retreats, I never I’m busy. I can’t go he can. What’s happening this year, I put the couple of retreating first, I put the men’s camping. First, I put the men’s Bible study in first. You know I put going to church Sunday morning. And those are like non negotiables. So that goes you just go to church group getting men’s campus once a year, Couples Retreat is once a year, you know, Bible studies Wednesday morning at 7am or Tuesday morning at 7am. Or it’s freaky 24 hours a day. But don’t tell me you’re making up stories but so God family, and then I put you know, fitness and then then finances and then fun. So in finances is the business part. It’s like the fourth thing in my calendar, and then what’s left over, that’s what I feed the real estate. Instead of putting finances in business at the top, and then feeding my faith and my family and everything else what’s left over. And so never trust anyone doesn’t walk with a limp. And I’m struggling right now in my in my fitness. I’m heavier than I want to be, but I’m doing something about it. And I know it’s gonna come off because I’m doing the absolute right things with exercise and diet to change that. So you guys have an awesome day. Stephanie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Justin, thank you everyone out there listening in lala land wherever you are. We love you. We want to make a difference. We cannot Stephanie I guarantee Stephanie, just some so we cannot wait to see you at the next event. Whatever that is. Thanks for having me on, guys. Thanks, brother.

Appreciate you very much for being here. Before you go, we’ve got one more invitation for you. We all know that listening to a podcast is not enough. To help you to become a big thinker and high achiever. We must take action. So the very first step think about one Aha, one lesson learned from this podcast you’d like to apply and send it to us in the form of a direct message at Think bigger real estate. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to go think bigger

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