Podcast Overview:

The value proposition of real estate agents is under attack. Consumers are being bombarded with “expert pundit opinions” about what they should or should not pay a real estate agent in the future.

The reality is that mere transactional agents who do not have a clear value proposition will be deeply impacted by the impact of the industry’s pending changes. The good news is that relationship-based agents with a clear value proposition can thrive like never before.

One of the ways this will be true for you is by finding the more significant meaning in selling real estate. Join us for this special episode in which we interview an author, a coach and a top-producing real estate agent out of Flagstaff, Arizona, as she helps us connect additional dots of the more significant meaning of selling real estate.


Podcast Show Notes:

Working by relationship…

Isn’t that a great phrase?

We’ve all heard: “I work by referral.”

But it’s less common to say, “I work by relationship.”

Jacki Semerau Tait shared that phrase during this episode.

And my co-host Stephanie Peck and I were eating it up.

She was saying everything we believe about relationship-based professionals.

Finding Bigger Meaning…

Many real estate agents miss the mark.

They make themselves the hero of the story.

And they work tirelessly to grow mindshare in the minds of their clients.

Meanwhile, others sell more without working nearly as hard.

What is the difference? They hit the mark by making their clients the hero of the story.

They ditch the canned scripts and lists of things to say about themselves.

Instead, they bring curiosity and a list of questions to help them learn about the client.

They make the client the hero of the story.

And when they do this, they find a deeper meaning in selling real estate.

Avoiding burnout…

Many highly talented agents never reach their full potential because they burn out.

And why do they burn out?

Because they absorb the stress of their clients and transactions.

While that seems noble, it limits how well you can show up for those very clients.

It also limits how well you can show up for other clients.

And most important, it limits how well you show up for those who matter most in life.

Jacki shared a great phrase that we had her repeat it was so good.

It centered around helping you separate yourself from the decisions of your clients.

It allows you to truly be the advisor.

Her phrase went something like this:

Based on my years of experience, I would recommend you do this. But if you want to choose a different path, that is your choice and I support you 100%.

You can access Jacki’s Digital – 4 Steps to Sphere of Influence Mastery guide here: www.byrelationship.com

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**Stephanie prioritized her faith, family, fitness and finances while running a relationship-based real estate team that sold 93 homes in 2022 and 87 in 2023.