Leverage for real estate agents include people, systems, and tools. One tool that most agents might not consider to add leverage and to differentiate in the marketplace so that you can grow your business is a micro-book. While the process of writing a traditional book typically takes several years, a micro-book can be completed in just a few weeks. Today’s guest, Ben Allen who owns a publishing house and has helped hundreds of professionals grow their business through writing a book gives us great insight.

Ben and I discussed several additional reasons why a professional would write a book, chich included:

  • Generating leads
  • Building brand in advance of people actually meeting you
  • Insulating your margins as you are recognized as the expert
  • Being able to be in more places at more times
  • Helping you rise above the threats of artificial intelligence (BTW- they are currently writing algorithms that would allow artificial intelligence to take the place of a traditional CEO. If they can do that with a CEO, the likelihood of them doing the same for our jobs is high)

Beyond just the time commitment, Ben also highlighted some of the reasons why it doesn’t make sense to write a long book, which include:

  • Research shows that most people only read the first 20 pages of books
  • No other industry spends that much time creating a product without market-testing it

Ben closed out by sharing his secrets to being a big thinker, which included a charge to follow the energy in your life. If you feel energetic about a particular cause, it’s because that’s what the world needs from you and  you should run towards that, even if that entails spending a few minutes each day discovering how you can dedicate yourself to that. 

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