When I read the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” years ago, I didn’t realize a couple of things:

  1. How much more relevant the principles would be in an increasingly fast-innovating and highly disruptive industry and world
  2. Once you understand the difference between a red ocean and a blue ocean, it becomes more and more obvious how to trade the common ‘red ocean strategies’ for a much more enjoyable and profitable ‘blue ocean’ strategy

Being in the real estate industry, without being a real estate agent has its definite disadvantages in offering help to agents. On the other hand, it has given me an invaluable perspective on the forest that I don’t think I’d have if I were deep in the trees.

We as people are like sheep and tend to do what everyone else is doing. If we can get the right outside perspective, it only takes a few small tweaks to really stand out in what we say, what we do and the results that we offer to our customers.

My interview with tax expert, Toby Mathis reinforced that small bits of knowledge can have a massive impact in value, thereby making any pricing differentiation between you and your customers irrelevant.