Create your own real estate reality TV show. Your ability to build the business that funds the life you really want is contingent upon your ability to get and keep the attention of those you wish to serve. HGTV has created a powerful model of merging entertainment with education. Today’s guest, Brent Silberbauer discusses how he has created his own HGTV-like following in Chico, CA and you should do the same.

Four years ago, Brent was selling cell phones to businesses to take care of his family because the church where he had served as a youth pastor and media director had blown up. This job put him in front of an investor group that had hired him to do new business acquisition. Eventually, Brent left to start his own commercial firm. Excited about his new opportunity, he didn’t realize the commercial real estate cliff that his industry would go over as the pandemic and subsequent shut-down took effect.

Brent knew he had to do something fast. Despite his reluctance, Brent pivoted into residential real estate and his vision for what he could do for his community began to take hold. Troubled by the number of people leaving California for a number of reasons, Brent began to see that following in the footsteps of what Chip and Jojo did for Waco, TX, would allow him to impact the city of Chico in important ways.

Fast forward to today, Brent has a booming residential real estate business, some of the best listing videos you’ll find and is about ready to release his version of Fixer Upper in Chico. 

Some of the things you’ll learn from this episode:

  • the mindset of moving forward when difficulty strikes
  • the vision to want to do something bigger than just build your own real estate business
  • how to negotiate deals with labor and material providers as a form of investment into a local TV show of which you become the producer
  • the importance of attention and how to get it
  • the importance of the Hook, Story, Offer framework for building business
  • how to use people you’ve never met as your mentors, boosting the sum average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

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