Instagram Real Estate Agent. Shannon Gillette, a top 1% real estate agent out of Arizona closed 70 deals last year as a solo agent. Her only leverage is her videographer and her transaction coordinator. “How does she do that?” you ask. She works hard, and she leverages the power of Instagram.

When I asked Shannon how many of those 70 deals would not have come without her presence on Instagram, she said, “I think all of them were influenced by my IG presence. My own friends wouldn’t even know that I’m a real estate agent if I wasn’t consistently showing up there. 

One of the key things that Shannon says real estate agents do wrong when it comes to their Instagram presence is that they treat it like a commercial rather than a TV show. She recommended rarely talking about your closings and listings and all of the stuff that you would say or do to advertise your business. She even recommended that you not put photos of homes with the words “Sold” or “Just Listed” over the top. 

The key instead, is to just give the play-by-play of your life both inside and outside of work. She recommended at least 10 story segments each day and then to use the posted pictures, or tiles for more highlight pictures. . 

She said one of the biggest things that holds people up is that they don’t feel comfortable right away doing video or speaking on Instagram to a small audience. As a result, they don’t ever start. She recommended that with anything in life, we have anxiety about starting something new and that in order to stay relevant in the world in which we live, we must overcome these anxieties and get comfortable doing it. 

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