In 2008, Darin Dawson, now the Co-Founder and CEO of BombBomb, had no idea how relevant and timely and important his service would be amidst a global pandemic. Across the world, relationship-based businesses were told that being face to face with their clients would no longer be safe and advisable. Thank goodness for BombBomb, which allows professionals to rehumanize their brand and keep their most valuable asset, their face, in front of their clients.

On this episode, Darin and I discuss
How BombBomb came to be–the startup story
The difference between a product and an offer and why you must have offers to win
The perils of automation
What to do to blend in and have a mediocre business
The definition of marketing
What to do to stand out and be remembered
A great way to start your BombBomb video of an unsolicited CMA
The importance of the Google Chrome Extension
Ideas for the screen recording function
What Darin does to continue to be a big thinker

Learning from someone like Darin will not only make you smarter, but will help you to better appreciate the timeliness and relevance of the problem that they are positioned to solve as well as any product on the market.

Additionally, Darin sent some valuable PDFs that will help you to get the most out of your BombBomb service.

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