Jordan Adler is the Author of Beach Money, of which millions of copies have sold around the world.

In this episode, we delve into how Jordan has built a life that few only dream of by creating incredible partnerships.

We’ll share the psychology and heart behind these partnerships and some of the strategies and tools he uses (which will also work great in your business) to get and keep the attention of these key partners.

How to create an Impact to create Partnerships

Jordan Adler, author of “Beach Money”, has a team of over 600,000 people around the world, over one million customers, and has shared a stage with Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and more great minds. 

I continue to receive personal and thoughtful gifts in the mail! He sent me the book “The Bucket List” with its matching journal to document our family’s biggest dreams and it has made such an impact on me. He has developed marketing strategies that impact key people, and the episode here is his best tips and how to do this. 


Jordan grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago in a lower-middle income family. He says the seed was planted for him when he picked up a book at a garage sale called “Ten Napkin Presentations” which taught him two simple financial principles: Residual Income & Leverage.

He knew the answer to long-term success wasn’t going to come in trading time for money and going the traditional route. He wanted to create income streams and design his life by his dreams, and he has more than succeeded in doing so! 

Don’t quit on a bad day

It didn’t happen overnight. He shares the 13-year journey he experienced before landing on the “thing that did it for me”. After 11 employee and entrepreneurial failures, the 12th run was a “hit”. He has been a successful self-employed entrepreneur now for 30 years now.

As you’re making your way from transaction-based strategies in the Real Estate industry, Jordan reminds us that doubt is a human condition. The decision that solidified his twelfth endeavor was a conscious shift to never quit on a bad day. After 3 years in this mindset shift, he was making $180/month. He experienced two major “bad days” that would have provided justifiable setbacks, but by hanging on he went on to make $8M in a month. 

Find a way to get paid when you’re not working for it anymore 

Every time you sell a home in real estate you’re unemployed. What you do with the money for a long term strategy is the key if you’re going to successfully give yourself an exit strategy. 

Jordan shares the mistakes he made on his first “big hit”. He split his millions among taxes and friends’ business opportunities, thinking he was the next Shark Tank Investor. He poured tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars into movie deals, restaurants, and potential big hits, and found he had lost almost all of his discretionary income.

Here is the advice he shares he wishes he had followed then (and for certain follows now!): 

No matter how much money you’re making, set aside 10% of it that you never touch. This will be there to help you through the seasons of down times. Whether you’re making $1000 or $1 million in a month, that money is set aside and becomes a launching pad for a new passive income stream later on. 

Sometimes in Real Estate, the market leads us to believe we’re better than we are and the market shift is what takes us down because we aren’t prepared. By following this simple advice, you can set yourself up to not quit because of a bad day! 

Build great partnerships that can open up big doors for you

Jordan has invested a quarter million dollars to go to space with Richard Branson to experience something less than 1000 people have ever done. Why? Not only is it part of his personal dream, his mindset is that $250,000 is a small amount to access one of the most iconic billionaires and the people in his circle. Because of his decision to jump on board with this small group of thinkers, he has since been invited into his most personal circles, even Richard Branson’s personal birthday party. Where it would cost the average person over $100,000 for one hour on Zoom with him, he has now spent several hours with him personally, and has earned a genuine relationship with one of the most iconic minds in our history. 

Jordan’s philosophy, likely the same as yours, is relationship marketing. The following is another example of how he has taken this to the next level. He shares the story of how he was invited to a small BNI (Business Networking International) meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. The BNI model had 4000 chapters in the US and 7000 chapters worldwide, meeting every week, matching the minds of entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses. Jordan could get behind the “Givers Gain” mentality, but he took it a step further. Instead of attending BNI, he promoted BNI. Within one year, his organization became the number one customer in the 30 year run of the organization, and he got the attention of their founder, Dr. Ivan Misner. Jordan would send him gifts and they became friends. He has spoken on BNI stages all over the world, and has even been invited to spend a week on Necker Island with he and his wife and Richard Branson himself.

How do you do this

Consider the philosophy of Joe Girard, author of “How to Sell Anything to Anyone” and Guinness Book of World Record holder for 8 years as the greatest car salesman in the world. “Joe’s Rule of 250” is that everyone knows 250 people that would come to their wedding or go to their funeral. He built a record breaking business on the philosophy that if he took great care of his closest 250 relationships, word would get out. And it did. 

Consider next the worlds of Harvey McKay: “If you want to predict the future of someone’s income, look at the size of their Rolodex.” Similarly, he knew he needed to make sure everyone on this rolodex knew how much he appreciated them! 

How are you going to show your closest 250 relationships that you care deeply for them, and know them personally?

There has never been a time where people receive more digital communication. If you’re going to create true impact in key strategic partnerships, Jordan and I suggest you take the time to send a personal card or gift, not branded for mass marketing, but one that will leave an impact and not land in the recycling bin before it makes its way out of the mailbox. 

We have been using the system “SendOutCards”. Our team here at Think Bigger, like Jordan’s team, use it in an uncommon way to send gifts. It can be used to follow up on a key conversation, share best wishes on a life event, encouragement, or bereavement. Because it aligns first with his philosophy to serve his closest relationships personally, Jordan and his team have used it to send over 300 Million cards! This is one way we can leverage technology to make a meaningful impact on our “Rolodex”. 

If this is a system or philosophy you’d like to learn more about, schedule some time with me and let’s chat more about how you can take today’s advice and turn it into a long-term success strategy in serving your Real Estate business. 

For now, go CARE bigger! 

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