As we come through one of the most divided times in the history of our nation, strong leaders are needed to stand up and bring us together. Real estate agents are well-situated to play an integral part in this effort. It is essential that we focus on building community.

There’s nobody better in the real estate industry to teach us how to do this than Tristan Ahumada, Founder of Lab Coat Agents, the largest online community of real estate agents in the world with over almost 140k members.

[00:00:00] Start
[00:00:31] Introducing Tristan Ahumada
[00:01:03] From Online Leads to Building Communities: A Real Estate Marketing Journey
[00:04:52] Building Community: How It Can Benefit Your Business and Family
[00:05:54] The Value of Giving: Building a Community Without Expecting Immediate Profit
[00:07:48] The Power of Community Building: Lessons and Strategies for Any Industry or Sphere
[00:09:12] Creating a Collaborative Community: Strategies to Empower Active Participation and Contribution
[00:10:58] Building a Successful Community: The Power of a Strong Moderation Team and Clear Guidelines
[00:14:01] The Power of Significance and Collaboration
[00:16:48] Building a Platform for Growth and Collaboration
[00:18:46] Why relying solely on one platform is a danger and how to create a blueprint for community growth
[00:24:13] Expanding Your Possibilities: Strategies for Continuous Growth and Learning


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